I have been seeing Dr.A for years now for my needs, he and the staff is always as helpful as possible and always wants the best!


Dr. A was a breath of fresh air. His office was very inviting and he helped me tremendously. No judgement. He not only treated me for my pain but he treats my overall health and weight. I am so happy to be here. Iím glad I found a doctor that cares.


I see dr a for issues with hormones and endometriosis... one of the things Iíve started is peptides and they have made a world of difference with my overall health. He s one of the few doctors that can manage my asthma well. I have a hard time finding doctors who are patient and take the time to really explore symptoms and find cures and solutions like he does and Iím grateful to have found him and to have him managing my care.


Very good doctor.


Right when I met Dr. Dave I knew he would be the caring doctor I needed. So often you get doctors that arenít really listening and they seem very un professional. He was super helpful and generally concerned about my ailments. He is a great doctor and I will provide his info to whom ever needs a great doctor. To be honest the whole office was interested in helping me and very kind in doing that!


Great experience.


Great dr excellent staff.


Good plus great staff I would recommend this office to friends and family they do listen to you.

Daniel Stufflet

Absolutely loved everything about this place! The doctor and staff are amazing and very personable. I felt very welcome and comfortable and know I will be taken care of! Highly recommend!!


This my second time, Iím a returning patient. David, Caity and Marishca make a wonderful team.


Dr.Allingham is a very knowledgeable doctor. Glad he was open during the covid19 crisis. I highly recommend him to anyone that really needs honest care. This is the best doctor in the Northern Virginia area. You will always receive the best treatment here!


My experience with Dr. Allingham and his staff is always beyond exceptional. Everyone is extremely friendly and attentive. It is clear that his patients health and well being is their number one concern! I would highly recommend Dr. Allingham and his staff to anyone looking for a Dr. that truly cares.


Dr A is a life saver. Thanks to his care and interest in my health I feel better than I have in years. There should be more doctors like him.


Great experience. Very professional and quick service.


Great experience very informative and knowledgeable wants patients to be aware of the treatment, plan for care and what medications will or will not work based on the patientís health Great process and staff.


Very good front staff very professional,doctor allingham explain everything to me fully was very knowledgeable and made me feel comfortable and welcomed me to the practice,I highly recommend him to anyone thank you,.


Dr was great very professional and knowledgeable great staff.


Dr. Allingham is a very knowledgeable and respectable doctor. Along with him, his staff is WONDERFUL and I would recommend this office to others.


Dr. Allingham was excellent. He listened to me and answered all my questions until I was satisfied. Came in on my lunch break and was seen very quickly....30 mins in and out. Will definitely be back!


Always professional, caring and supportive.


Dr. Allingham is a great doctor, always here for me when I need his help with anything.


I would recommend dr allingham to anyone!!!!! He is definitely one of the most knowledgeable and helpful doctors out there. Having muscular dystrophy Iíve seen countless doctors and Dr allingham is top notch!


Dr. A is very professional and empathetic. He asks a lot of questions to make sure he comes up with a good treatment plan. The office staff are great as well! Would recommended Oakton Urgent Care!


My experience was absolutely wonderful the doctor took care of all my needs and concerns!!!!!


Very good experience. The doctor was very easy to talk to.


Dr. Allingham is a very knowledgeable Dr. He encourages you as his patient to be as healthy as possible. He wants the best for you. I really appreciated his candor and helping look at my life for long term of Healthiness.


Dr Allingham was amazing. I am really happy we found him. He has met all my needs and more. Dr allingham sat and listened to all my concerns and did not treat me like a paranoid hypochondriac like other doctors have treated me. He is very kind, considerate towards his patients. Dr Allingham has amazing bedside manner. He has made me more than comfortable. He has changed and added medications and I am on the road to recovery.


Dr. A and his staff are very professional and passionate about their patients and their work. Always feel my best interests are being looked after.


Dr A is amazing always takes his time and help in more Ways then more. Even helps me understand that healthier is better for not only myself but for my health. I would recommend Dr A to everyone!


Dr. Allingham was extremely caring and attentive. Most doctors are in a hurry to get you in and out. He sat and listened and spent as much time as was needed. I felt very comfortable with him. For the first time in awhile, I feel like I have a doctor who really wants to help me get better.


Second session done and 5 inches gone for good!!! CryoSkin is the way to go and the team is even more enjoyable!


OMG where have you been all my life??? Years of dealing with multiple chronic conditions, hundreds of drs that just push you through, donít understand or more often recently have no knowledge in an area and miss diagnosisís or misdiagnoses the problems have lead me here and those years of frustrating care have honestly been worth it like finding the elusive unicorn haha.He listens, communicates, and converses. The first 2 minutes I knew this was the dr for me. I canít wait to continue to work together more and get some of these issues under control. I honestly couldnít give any higher of a recommendation, (heís the ONLY Dr out of the hundreds Iíve seen Iíve ever recommended .... GO SEE HIM!! Itís more than worth it!


Dr. Allingham is a wonderful doctor, very concerned with my overall health and very easy to get along with as all the staff are. I would recommend nHim to anyone looking for a great caring dr.


Dr. Allingham is a great doctor. My husband came in with a whole lot of problems. From weight issues,diabetes depression and much more. Dr Allingham treated him as a whole. We are really happy with his care. He met all of our needs.


This office is AMAZING and this Doctor is the best! He takes his time and really explains everything to me. He doesnít do what other doctors do and just throw same antibiotic to you for everything... he chooses the specific one that works best for it. I LOVE them all, they are truly like family- like I seriously miss them if I havenít seen them in awhile! He is so kind and caring that he will talk to you after hours for emergencies. 5 STARS.


My mother and I are Concierges patients of Dr. Allingham and have been the last 3 years. We always receive the highest in patient care. We highly recommend Dr. Allingham and staff.


Dr was very nice and honest receptionist was very friendly. If you need help come here. you donít just see him for one problem heís your doctor for everything 24/7 u need him heís there no matter time or day. You donít see that anymore except here.


I had a very good experience. Staff was informative and very patient with us. Iíd highly recommend this facility to anyone in need of a good doctor.


Very prompt treatments, easy to schedule appointments.


Great staff! Very attentive and patient oriented. State of the art equipment and procedures. Wonderful experience. Very pleased!


Dr Allingham was a great doctor. He looked at me as a whole. He treated all my issues. Not just pain. He addressed every medical condition I have. He is very proactive in treating for blood pressure and every other symptom I had. I would definitely recommend you come to Dr allingham for any conditions you have. If he canít treat it he will address all your immediate needs then will refer you to a specialist. I was down and out and had no hope. The pain was outrageous and under his care, I can live my life normally now. I am and will be forever grateful. His office staff is more than helpful.


My son broke his arm and the care was excellent, timely, understanding, and informative.


Xrays taken, then doctor explained my condition and recommendations.


Iím down 10lbs havenít been this weight since in 14 years feel great. Come see Dr allingham save your life. Come see his band great singer,,,,.


Every office visit is very pleasant, Dr. Allingham is very professional and extremely caring about my overall health. In my opinion he has been the best Dr I have had. I would recommend him to anyone.


The best Dr in the DMV. Very knowledgeable and respectful of time.


Todayís visit was typical of all others. Prompt, courteous and very professional staff. Wait time very short and was out the door in under an hour.


Nilu, Thank you so much for going out of your way this evening to help me. Oakton Urgent Care , Dr.David Allingham and youíre truly the best and I just want you to know that I truly appreciate you and how hard you work.



Timothy Carll

I have worked with Oakton Urgent Care for many years, and am always completely satisfied by their warm and friendly customer care, and medical expertise. The staff make me feel like one of the family, are highly skilled and knowledgeable in their work. Dr Allingham is caring and his diagnoses and treatment plan strongly reflect an expertise and confidence stemming from many years of experience and ongoing continuing education. He is always gaining new skills and knowledge about new and highly effective medical treatment possibilities. I have started on his peptide therapy, and I can now breathe again. So grateful for this new totally natural daily therapy, and itís only been three weeks. When you visit Oakton Urgent Care, be prepared to be warmly welcomed, and ready to receive the highest quality medical care around. You owe it to yourself and your family.


Very happy after meeting an talking with doctor I see that he actually cares about his patient your not just a number your a person how is looking for help an the doctor helps you. Thank you Dr.Allingham.


I have been coming here for six years and I have always felt I have treated with great care for my health. I highly recommend anyone that wants good care to come here.

Joseph Smith

I love this office. The staff is always friendly and helpful. Dr Allingham is so knowledgeable and ahead of his time. Dr A has the latest technology for all of your healthcare needs. I will recommend this office to all of my friends and family.


Dr allingham and his staff are wonderful. They treat every patient with dignity and respect. Iíll definitely be coming back.


Always a pleasure to visit Dr Allinghamís office. Staff is courteous and professional. Dr Allington is wonderful. He spends whatever time you need with him to discuss your concerns. I would highly recommend this Dr. office.


Always enjoy my visit with Dr allingham & his kind staff. Always very professional and knowledgeable in his field of expertise - Iím always excited to learn of the new treatments concerning skin and body - love how this office is always growing and working so hard bringing in new treatments- Iím thankful to be a part of living better ó.


The staff at this office is amazing and courteous. Dr. Allingham is always professional and knowledgeable. Thank you ????


My overall experience was excellent! Dr Allingham is one of the best doctors here in Northern VA. If u are need of medical treatment and are in the area, I recommend u find your way to Oakton Urgent Care. My daughter and I were both seen in a timely fashion and we were treated with respect. Staff did not dismiss my concerns, instead they made sure I was comfortable and took my opinions into consideration.


Dr. Allingham is very knowledgeable and his staff are always pleasant and very considerate of my time. I highly recommend to anyone looking for a good doctor.


Dr. Allingham and his staff are wonderful. Would recommend for all primary needs.


I am very pleased and comfortable with my experience. Very understanding and considerate,I will be back.


Great customer service. Doctor explained the procedure and answered questions. Will definitely comeback to try out the alternative treatments he offers.


Dr. Allingham was excellent at listening to my need of medicine treating numerous body parts. Failed rotator cuff surgery, 2 major back surgeries, sprained ankle and broken arm last night. He was professional and courteous and knowledgeable about how to treat me in the future.


The clinic was very helpful! I was desperate for help with prescription medication dependency. I finally feel like I have found a solution.


I had a wonderful experience in this place, I first called them and they were really helpful and unbelievably patient with me, explaining every step and even guided me how to do all the process with less cost! They always were very kind and understanding and made everything easy for me.They are very responsive, and all the days answer your questions and help you even on weekends!


Dr. Allingham and his staff are wonderful. They are always very knowledgeable, patient, and understanding. I have been coming here over 2 years now and refuse to go anywhere else.


Iíve been seeing Dr.Allingham for about 13 years. Came today for a routine check up but was reminded that I began seeing him to get off opioids that were legally prescribed by a pain doctor. After a period of time I began to recognize opioids were terrible medications but no pain doctor would work to get me off them and find a safer medication. Dr.A. prescribed suboxone and my life changed. I became pain free and medication free. Heís a very thorough doctor and always has his patients well being in mind when deciding a course of treatment. Iíve not taken an opioid in over 10 years and will be eternally grateful to Dr.A.!


Great service friendly staff and knowledgeable staff.


Dr. Allingham is one of the most compassionate and patient doctors I have ever had. He always takes the time to listen to my concerns and not just rush me out the door like most practices. I actually feel like a human here and not just a number towards an insurance companies quotas.


The staff is very nice.Dr.Allingham is very professional and care. I been here almost 1 and half years . I would like to recommend to my friends.


More then a urgent care I prefer Dr Dave over kaiser all day long so I pay willingly out of pocket each visit.... still find it affordable and his expertise are on point. Very knowledgeable and patient doctor who truly hears my concerns and offers quality care.


Always impressed with the detail and time the doc offers and he really hears my concerns. I am working with pain management and symptom control and have had the best results since being a patient here.


Love Dr. A. Heís changed my life:).


Thank you, Dr. Allingham, you took care of my emergency edema problem. I am so much better. Also, the acoustic radial treatment has brought my lymphedema swelling down significantly! You were right. My surgeon looked at it and said, ďKeep doing what you are doing!


I always have a great experience with Dr. Allingham. He is very knowledgeable about advanced types of therapy. His weight loss and wellness programs have been outstanding, and have helped me to feel great. I have been a patient here for years and I trust Dr. Allinghamís advice without question. He has always had my health and best interests as top priorities. I truly canít say enough good things about my experience as a patient here.


Helpful, amazing staff, always!!!


My experience with a clinical response to BPC~157 has been such that my body wide OA Sxs of pain, swelling, and subsequent limits of ROM have all but disappeared. The supportive cryogenic Txs have markedly increased my energy and sense of well-being. Iím looking forward to continuing improvements with my Stem Cell Tx as well as a broadening of my peptide compounds Txs.


Great medical care and People,.


????present and timely.


Good doctor.


Dr. Allingham is a great doctor who takes care of all of your problems. Not just the problem you go to him with. He looks for things! Heís found some significant things wrong with my health that he will send me to other doctors to fix. This guy is a great screener! Iíve never seen such an academic doctor except in the movies. If you have something unusual wrong with you, he will find it and see that it gets fixed. The greatest doctor ever.


Dr David is a good Doctor, very professional, kind and assertive with his recommendation. I feel confident each time when he expend time with me during the visit. I recommend him very highly. I always recommend him with my friend. Also the Urgent Care has very convenient schedule.


Great place, great environment.


Loved my experience here..... felt the staff and doctor were very welll educated and up to date with my inquiries. Also was relieved to have a facility so friendly and attentive... didnít feel rushed and left satisfied with my treatment,.


Excellent care and wonderful staff.


Great doctor, friendly and helpful staff. Love coming here and will recommend Oakton Urgent Care to everyone I know.


I left a previous post detailing my experience with the cryogenic treatments for chronic a back pain. I have definitely had a noticeable improvement in pain levels and was very happy with the treatments. Recently, due to work obligations, I have not been in for regular treatments. I am now certain my previous improvement was due to the Cryogenic sessions. In my opinion they are well worth the time and money.


Great service.


Excellent care given.


Awesome????????. Dr A and his staff are wonderful.


Staff is great and attentive.


From booking to my consultation through my first treatment, the overall service has been outstanding. I canít wait for my future sessions!




I am staff and just did the cryo chamber sauna, and it feels amazing! We had over 12 clients do it today and they all loved it too!


Dr. Allingham was very understanding and compassionate. I feel like he actually listened to my concerns and didnít just rush me out the door. Would ABSOLUTELY RECOMMEND,,.


I am very happy with my treatments, well worth it. After the first session, I could tell a difference in the rigidity. I am still dependent on medication for the initial ďliftoffĒ, but was actually able to go four times to completion within a few hours, whereas I had trouble maintaining rigidity prior to treatment. I wholeheartedly endorse the treatment regimen, and will continue with maintenance treatments in the future.


Dr A and his staff are amazing and very personable! Iíd recommend his facility to anyone in the Northern Va area! I have no nerves coming into his office! I feel like we are friends catching up after a round of golf!


Dr. Allingham was very informative about different options in dealing with my chronic pain. He took his time and explained to me in lamest terms which I really appreciated. And he likes the Lakers ????????????????????


Love this doctor and his staff!! Never cared for doctors until now. This place is top notch and feel so comfortable here. Dr A is very personal and itís shown thru him and staff! Many thanks!


Another great visit with Dr. A and his staff! This place never disappoints and so pleased to call this place my home for medical needs. Highly recommend for anyone looking for a doctor!


Very happy with the services and care I receive here. Doc and staff are always courteous and helpful. I would absolutely recommend to friends and family. Been coming here for almost three years.


Iím treated with good personal care. I have been here a year and I recommend coming to this facility for any medical attention you need, because you will be taken care of.


Professional kind & considerate. The clinic has generously allowed me to find my own way back to health. Dr. Allingham on his own remains an incredible gift to us all. The staff fully compliment s his insights into the treatment vision. My wife and I look forward to robust and trustworthy health throughout the rest our years nearby.


Highly recommend this office if you are looking for a professional and comfortable place for your medical needs! Amazing doctor and a great supporting staff!


the front desk people are wonderful! Dr Allingham is super nice tuff but nice and very thorough. The office is very clean.clients are great they are very nice and they donít get impatient and complain.


Dr. Allingham and staff are the nicest people that will treat you extremely well. I will recommend this place to everyone I know and will make sure to come back. I was treated and was out the door in 20 min.


Friendly up beat staff great doc.


It was a great service and very good experience with this treatment ....new for me. I am thinking to keep doing it as a maintenance because it is really working for me.


I must say that the Gainswave therapy provided by Dr. Allingham and his superb Technician Mariushka are far and above that provided by other services. Iíve undergone therapy with several providers. Miriushka is tremendously skillful with superior results. No one is better at administering Gainswave than Miruishka and the Oakton Primaty Care Center team. I will return!


The staff was nice. Treatments went well.


Dr. Allingham is very knowledgeable, staff is very professional, and offers a lot of different treatments..


Iíve been a patient of Doc A for over two years and itís always smooth. His staff is great, as is the Oakton UC facility. Definitely recommend!


Doctor Allingham is hands down the best doctor I have ever interacted with. He treats all his patients with utmost respect and truly cares about their wellbeing. If youíre looking for a primary care physician, look no further.


Been a patient for over 10 years, and have always appreciated dr. Allingham and his staff and all they do.


I was seen by Dr. A, he is always through in asking questions and making sure that Iím doing well.


I have been coming to Dr. Allingham for over 2 years now and he is very knowledgeable and helpful each and every visit. His staff is AWESOME and always pleasant and helpful, I will continue my care with him as long as he is around.


I love coming here staff is awesome; beautiful fish tank; cryo tank is cold but my legs and back feel great like Iím 18 again. Dr Dave has helped me get my weight under control I have lost over 60 lbs and went from a 46 to a 36. My muscle tone is up I feel the best i have in the last 15 years. Come see Dr Dave.


Definitely the practice of the future. Dr.Allingham isnít homeopathic though. No odd nutrient supplements or whatever. Just great medicine plus stem cells, PRP, cryo-chamber, body sculpting by non-surgical energy transfer machines! Iím a triathlete and doing everything. Amazing amazing amazing doctor who really stays up on his conferences to make you stay healthy and keep you from aging. You cannot beat this practice.


Everyone is super friendly. No waiting. Seen at the time of appointment. Very knowledgeable staff. Modern, state of the art medical equipment. Very satisfied. Highly recommend!


Dr. Allingham is the very best dr Iíve had, he has helped me with depression, helped me achieve my weight goal and I lost 60 pounds since Iíve been seeing him. He has also helped me with my severe back pain, helping me get to a more tolerable level. I would recommend Dr Allingham to anyone who is looking for a dr that actually cares.


I had prostectomy ten months ago, and as expected it will take 1-2 years to heal the ED. I have had six sessions of GW and I can feel a reawakening of sorts. I am far from all the way back, but this procedure gives me high confidence I will be back sooner than 2 years.


Great service very knowledgeable and professional. I will continue to use all the cutting edge health services of this office.


It was my first time doing cryo. They were so great! They explained everything in detail step-by-step and made it so comfortable! Iíll certainly be coming back soon to continue. What an incredible experience. Professional mixed with medical is how it should always be!!!


Dr. Allingham as usual showed extreme compassion with out making me think the pain is all in my head. He really cares about his patients needs and doing the right thing for them would 100% percent recommend to anyone.


Dr.Allingham is a great doctor. He has information on everything there is. All you have to do is ask, an sometimes you donít ,if he feels like it would be beneficial to your Health he will tell you all about it . The office is a very friendly environment, the ladyís that run the front are very pleasant to interact with.. I have been a patient for over 3 years in his office an he is great I would recommend him to everyone,but he donít practice everything .


Cryo chamber was awesome, I feel great. Thanks dr A and staff. Ur the best.


Got the stem cells removed via suction. A little pain associated with the numbing. The removal was 90 Percent painless. IV was painless . Additional shots were necessary and had short bursts of pain.


Awesome. Dr A is so caring. And my health has improved since Iíve been coming here:.


Excellent staff and doctor.


Excellent staff and Dr. Very professional and helpful.


Iíve experienced very positive results from the Gainswave treatment, to include gains in size, duration of erections and increased sensitivity. I highly recommend it without any reservations.


Very friendly staff with latest medical equipment and methods. They answered all my questions and set up a treatment schedule that worked for me. Extremely satisfied.


Very good office experience. Got appointment on short notice.


Since I have been coming here I have lost weight an fell great.


Great staff, wonderful doctor! Iíve been coming here for years and wouldnít trust anyone else when it comes to my health.


I am a long time patient of Dr. Allinghamís. I am very happy with the various treatment I have received. His staff is very professional and personable. I have recommended him to my associates.


I found this place after a google search for Gainswave. The treatments have been painless and reasonably priced. Mariushka is very nice and knowledgeable. Dr. Allingham is a fount of knowledge and explains all the steps in detail. After the first course of treatments I have noticed a marked improvement. I look forward to further treatments.


Thing about Dr. A is that he is a very average guy. But he is an amazing doctor, maverick, progressive clinician. So, the combination of being an average fun Joe and a brilliant health scientist is spectacular. He will make you extremely healthy - if thatís what you want to buy.


The doctor here is wonderful, he really takes the time to find out what is going on with you. He follows up to make sure youíre doing better after treatment. The staff is professional and very nice here. I highly recommend everyone who needs good medical care, to come here.


Dr. Allingham is extremely kind and courteous. He is extremely knowledgeable and knows exactly how to target my issue. I highly recommend him and the staff.


Dr. Allingham and his team have provided me with exceptional care for the past two years. His staff has always made me feel at ease and comfortable to discuss my concerns. I find Dr. Allingham to be a brilliant mind, and trust him in his diagnoses and treatment plan.


Kind and professional staff and nurse. No significant results yet.


Dr. Allingham has been supportive of me on and off for ten years now. Ive seen him multiple times throughout me leaving his practice and coming back. He has always been here when I needed him and adding therapy for substance abuse has helped incredibly.


LIFESAVER.....Let me Repeat LIfesaver. Dr. A. can be strict and hard at times but he does whatís best for your health situation. He will follow up on what you come here for. I have been able to go back to work part time. I have stopped smoking cigarettes (he would not let up on me quitting????). But Iím grateful. He doesnít just medicate you and send you on your way. The office Ladies are also the best. Donít know what I would do without him and them.Love love love you guys. Thank you for saving my life. Keep up the good work.


Everything at the office is run very efficiently and they have treated me with compassion. I would not hesitate to recommend Oakton Urgent Care to everyone. All of my concerns are addressed and my quality of life has gone through the roof since going under the care of Oakton Urgent Care.


Dr. Allingham saw me asa walk-in patient. I can honestly say that this was the best experience I have ever had with a doctor. He was incredibly knowledgeable and strait forward. Thank you Dr. Allingham and all the friendly staff!


Good atmosphere, great employees, and knowledgeable Dr.


Was here for a service as it was my first time. funny enough the builder no experience a major power issue during my scheduled time but with grace and professionalism the staff and I successfully worked through the challenge. The staff is great and easy to talk with and made the service very comfortable. I would/will be back for repeat services.


Dr. Allingham office is the best doctors office Iíve every been to. Iíve been going for 7yrs. The nurses are wonderful!


Nilou, Mary and Dr.A are exceptionally wonderful at what they do! Oakton Urgent Care is a true gem. I highly recommend them! Professional , kind and always a pleasure to see each of them. Thank you guys for all your hard work . I truly appreciate you guys and recommend them highly!


Good experience. Doctor explanation was clear and through. He took his time answering the questions I had.I have not had the treatment yet, but definitely considering it.


Dr. Dave has always took great care of all my needs . The people here want to help, and they always have . I wouldnít go any were else . Thanks for taking great care of me when no one else couldnít or wouldnít .

David Holdren

Dr. Allingham is an excellent doctor. He has always taken great care of my health. He has helped me lose weight and improve my cardiovascular condition. He is very knowledgeable about a technique called ďpulse fastingĒ. It is an easy way to improve overall health and his recommendation that I try if has been greatly appreciated.


Very pleased. They made me feel comfortable in an awkward situation. Explained everything in detail so I knew what to expect. Treatment was very professional and painless. Was made to feel comfortable throughout.


Great staff and doc.


Ask him about diet an fastin program. Itís been great losing weight.


I started coming year almost a year ago and Itís very professional staff and courteous, also helpful! Dr.Allingham has always been so knowledgeable and professional! Also Dr.Allingham has always listen to my concerns and he is just overall amazing. Iím so glad that i have Dr. Allingham as my doctor!


Great service, friendly staff, cool fish tank. So far all is good.


Great staff and very professional. Iíve lost so much weight, thanks.


Wonderful doctor, helped with my depression and helped me lose 60 lbs! I recommend doctor Allingham for everyone, heís a great doctor.


Been coming for a little over a year the experience Iíve had here has been great. Would recommend this this place very highly.


Staff is great. Dr A is very direct.


Iíve been a patient of Dr. Allinghamís for almost 7 years now, and Iíve never had a bad experience with him or any of the staff at his practice. Every visit is easy, straightforward, and as quick as possible. As with any doctors office, sometimes there can be a wait thatís longer than youíd like, but he and his nurses always see people as efficiently as possible while maintaining a high level of care. Iíd definitely recommend him to anyone.


This is my second visit and my results are amazing, I have lost 1 and1/2 inches today. I am so excited to see my total outcome. Thank you.????


Mariushka is very professional and courteous. My treatments have very successful. I would highly recommend this place.


Itís great to find a doctor AND staff that is so caring knowledgeable and willing to go the extra mile for you. Highly recommend Dr.Allingham for any medical need. He listens and considers the entire body in your evaluation. Best doctor Iíve seen in many years.


Receiving Cryoskin treatments with Mariushka and this is my second session. Itís been awesome! I can already see and feel the difference. Mariushka is very professional. She thoroughly explains the process and everything she is doing which makes me feel at ease. I highly recommend Oakton Urgent Care and especially Mariushka and the other office staff.


Very warm and inviting staff and doctor. Compassionate and down to earth advice and treatment.


Great experience, a work in progress.


I have been very pleased with the services I have received from Dr. Allingham clinic. He has been very informative and pleasant to interact with. He addresses my questions and is very education oriented. I have also found his nurse technician Mari very pleasant and caring. Have had no waiting beyond normal in my visits to this clinic. My overall rating for this clinic will be a 5 star rating.


The Dr and his staff are professional and courteous. Itís great to interact with people that are passionate about delivering great healthcare!


Everything was excellent and I enjoyed the experience.


Ok, dealing with male issues is sometimes embarrassing and the great unknown and scary When I came here and started treatments I must say I felt real comfortable and was made part of the whole process and wasnít made to feel bad about it I have been treated and continue to improve I also want say the level and concern they have for me as a patient is awesome and not known at many medical places My treatments and care given to me by Mariushka was just wonderful She talks to you and understands and treats you with respect and not like a number or insurance claim or looks at you like revenue or a paycheck if you want care that goes the extra mile come to Oakton Urgent Care They want results just as bad as i do.


Professional and pleasant staff, always prepared to answer any question. Would recommend their services.


Friendly and professional. Everyone here took the time to answer all my questions and make my visits comfortable.


The doctor explained things with me instead of just putting me on medication having no idea what it was for or how it works. Iím leaving definitely coming back.


Dr Allingham is very knowledgeable and one of the best doctors if came across. Highly recommended and 5 stars across the board.


Treatment was discussed in detail prior to the first actual treatment. Staff has always been very helpful and knowledgeable. Staff has also been very discrete and explained the expected results. I highly recommend coming here for any health related concerns.


The doctor and his staff are experienced, professional, and kind. Everyone here takes time to answer questions and provide thoughtful guidance. Overall I am extremely happy with my experience with the doctor and his staff. I am seeing results from the treatments but not as quickly as I had hoped.


I walked in on a busy day and I needed a medical exam. Despite the situation, I was given the services I needed and took care of me on my visit. Iíd recommend anyone to come here.


Dr.Allingham has always been great with me. He takes care of all my needs and takes his time to figure out any issues.


Very helpful.


Knowledgeable, discrete, and caring staff. Came to consult about an potentially embarrassing matter; Doctor A put me at ease, explained thoroughly the procedure and well, couldnít be better. Highly recommended.


After12 visits (and treatments), I can honestly say that they seem to have been quite effective. Dr. Allingham prescribed a course of E.D. medicine along with supplements and the office treatments. As a whole, my erections are harder and appear to be thicker. Penetration is no longer an issue, and it stays hard until the end. Dr. Allingham is very knowledgeable and takes time to explain any questions I may have. Mariushka is always professional and friendly. It has been a very positive experience.


Gainswave therapist Mairushka, has provided a professional environment. She makes the somewhat awkward threatment, very relaxing and comfortable. The Gainswave treatments to date have been began to provide positive results. With my experiences to date, I would recommend her to future patients.


I am 59 year old man that has been experiencing moderate ED for the past few years. I tried the typical ED drugs which had minimal success. I tried Gainswave and the results have been very positive. I am mid way through the 6 recommended treatments and now feel so much better. Hardness and the ability to maintain an erection has returned. Gainswave works. My sense is the next three treatments will have even more of an impact. Mary at Dr. Allingham,s office is great to work with and I would highly recommend this procedure. It works!


Dr A has helped me transform my body and my life. Iíve lost over 50 lbs, and my pain is getting under control. I feel that I owe him my life! The entire staff has been awesome.


Today will be my 4th treatment. Dr. Allingham described the procedure, in detail, before my 1st treatment. The staff is friendly and professional. My response seems to be taking place. Stay tuned.


I would like to say I have been treated not like a patient but more like family helping familyMy concerns and questions were answered and with respect and they spent all the time I needed to feel comfortable and make the move forward with treatments. I would highly recommend this staff of medical professionals and this office to perform the Gainswave treatment.


Iím 61 years old and began experiencing erectile issues in some form or another for at least 25 years. The cause is unknown. It became progressively worse as time passed. The ED pills were helpful early on but eventually failed also. I resigned myself to a life of loneliness, low self esteem and depression. I stumbled upon a new treatment process one day while researching ED treatments. The treatment was Gainswave and seemed to be a possible answer for my issues. I contacted Dr. Allingham for a consult. He explained the treatment protocol and I opted to begin immediately. I was placed in the care of the technician, Marishka who expertly administered numerous treatments in a most cheerful and professional manner. The outcome has been truly outstanding. My erections have returned which is a miracle since I hadnít had one in a couple of years. Night time and morning ďwoodĒ is now a regular occurrence as well as the ability to maintain erections for sexual. I am supremely satisfied, Word of of advice- I walked into this with zero expectations in order to avoid another disappointment. The approach served me well, allowing the process to stand on its own merits (pun intendedĒ. This is the new player in the ED game and itís a winner,.


Dr Allingham and staff professional and knowledgable about ED treatment and various services provided.


I came to consult on a delicate matter. Dr Alllingham was and is understanding honest and knowledgeable. He tells me like it is suggests a course of treatment. The staff is likewise. Best private office I ever went to.


Dr. Allingham is unique among area doctors. He actually listens to you and explains diseases, conditions, causes and cures... and if not a cure a coping mechanism. I greatly appreciate his personal approach to medicine.


Dr.Allingham has been my doctor for a couple of years and I love his care. I drive far to come see him. He cares about his patients and takes time with you to work out every issue you may have.


Dr. Allingham is AWESOME he is very patient and extremely understanding. Listens to all of my concerns and addresses each one of them. Staff is VERY friendly and professional! I have been a patient here over a year and a half and couldnít ask for a better dr.


I have been seeing Dr. Allingham for over two years now and he is an exceptional physician. He takes his time with his patients and is great about explaining which medications would work best and why. He doesnít blindly throw the same general antibiotics at you like most doctors do, but instead knows which type is best for the problem and why. He takes care of urgent care needs, pain management, and primary care. The front office administrator and the two nurses (Nelu and Mariushka) are the best ever - they are so incredibly nice and welcoming. I would highly recommend Dr. Allingham to anyone looking for exceptional care!


Great service as always! Dr. Allingham and his staff are always pleasant and friendly. Iím doing great and itís all because of Dr. A!!


It did not hurt me at all! I did not use the numbing cream. In fact, it felt nice bec it was undoing some tense knots???? lol! Iím really thrilled about one inch in one hour ???? thanks for the encouragement. Iíll recommended to my friends the staff is great. Dr.Allingham is very knowledgeable .


I had been experiencing problems with E.D. for a while. Cialis helped some, but I knew I needed a solution without relying on pills the rest of my life. I did an internet search for ED help and found an article on Gainswave. The nearest practitioner to me was at Oakton Urgent Care. I called and all procedures and costs were explained to me. I made an appointment and have been going through a series of treatments. I can honestly say that it has been very helpful. My erections seem to be harder and more frequent, and sex has become more pleasurable.The doctor and staff at Oakton Urgent Care are so nice and professional. They really seem to care. I look forward to further treatments to get maximum results.


As usual a pleasure! I use this office if I need anything medically.


The front desk staff, especially Nilu, is so friendly and ready to help with any questions or concerns. The wait time to see the doctor has always been short and sweet. Dr Allingham is so warm and welcoming to new and existing patients. He really values his patientís time and ensures you donít leave the office with any of your questions and concerns unanswered. I have honestly never had a doctor and staff be such an advocate for me & my health care. Dr Allingham is always up to date on the newest and best medical treatments as well as current studies that could change your quality of life. This office is a game changer when it comes to customer service and medical care, they truly care about their patients and treating them as a whole, not just a symptom. You should definitely give them a try!


Good doctor and staff Thorough examination Very satisfied with this practice.

Joan Atchinson

They have great medical care here. The doctor is great. The staff is great. I highly recommend anyone who wants great quality care to come here.


I love coming to doctor Allinghamís office! The care is great, the staff is great! I recommend everyone who wants good medical care to come here.


I love Dr A. Iíve been his patient for over a year and Iíve lost over 55 lbs. I feel great, look great, and itís just getting better. Heís the best doctor Iíve ever had.


Very personable, kind, smart supportive, patient. I would recommend anyone that needs good care.


I recommend hem to the bet doctor for the job Calvin suffers a lot of pain Donít think thereís a bother doctor can replace him so he cares about his patients understands and will treat you for pain.


This office is one of the best I have been to. After being sick for more than 33 Yearís and have gone to many many Doctors I can truly say I trust this office and the Doctor. Yes sometimes he can be a bit firm but only cuz I didnít do what I was told to better my health. I hope he never retires or moves cuz I would follow his office ANYWHERE. I know my health will be on the rise and my blood pressure is already back to normal. This is the place to come even though I donít want to share my Doc. 5stars all the way for Dr and his staff. I love them and am grateful they are here.Keep up the great work. See you soon. Thank you E.Fredrick.


Good services.


Very informative doctor who takes the time to listen to your concerns and provides quality care.


I started coming to Dr. Allingham several years ago for chronic pain and had concerns over my weight. His knowledge and treatment of my chronic pain has been a life saver and heís motivated me to lose weight. My drive to his office is over an hour for me but I refuse to change to a closer Dr. Plus, his staff is wonderful.


Dr. Allingham and his staff are awesome! They assisted me with insurance red tape. When all was said and done, they were able to get my appointment approved and my money back from previous visits! They were very patient and understanding with me.


Iíve had a wonderful experience with Dr. Allingham, he takes time to explain things in detail to make sure you understand. He makes you feel good about yourself and inspires you.


This is the best doctor he has had me lose weight and believe in self I would recommend him to anyone.

Bonnie Haines

I have been coming here for 2 years now and I have no complaints. Dr A is very understanding and is patient and he handles all my medical needs the front staff is very patient and help me.


Dr. Allingham is been amazing to me and has really help me with my health issues ! He is amazing and genuinely and his safe is too ! Iím so glad that I can call him my doctor!


Meet with doctor who explained the science behind the procedure and also showed me the equipment. Afterwards was give numbing cream to apply. After 30 minutes I was numb and the procedure began. The technician explained the process and the pattern to be used. The procedure was painless since the numbing medicine was very powerful. The procedure lasted approximately 25 minutes.


Fantastic experience with DR Allingham. Almost no wait time. Highly recommended!


Itís always a pleasure to visit Oakton Primary Care. I always feel warmly welcomed, cared for with genuine concern, and the highest medical expertise. I have known Dr A for many years, and always have the greatest respect for his medical expertise and broad spectrum of knowledge. He listens carefully to all aspects of my sharing of symptoms and concerns, responding accordingly. The office is a safe, loving environment, where the patient is deeply respected, and cared for with the highest level of medical care. I highly recommend Dr A and his wonderful caring staff for primary care.

Karuna Joy

The front desk staff, Nilu, is so warm and welcoming. She is always friendly and ready to help. Dr. Allingham is the most thorough doctor I have ever seen, he does not just treat the symptoms but the body as a whole. Heís very pro patient and definitely goes above and beyond to provide the best possible health care a patient could hope for.


Dr. A and Nila are the definition of great patient care. Dr. A is extremely knowledgeable in both medical science and aesthetics. I am extremely blessed to have Doctor that will take extra steps to help me with my weight loss to feel great, but now has the ability with his new endeavors to make me look great! I no longer need to go to shady medical spas to undergo treatment by a unlicensed tech. Knowing I have a Doctor preforming my treatments gives me a peace of mind that is worth every penny. This is truly a one stop shop if you want to feel and look your best!


I always have a wonderful and very pleasant visit every time I visit Dr.Allingham.His receptionist is awesome I love coming here.


Today was very nice .Great experience.

Michelle Mullins

Dr.Allingham is the best Doctor I have ever seen. Very professional and understanding to my problem I was having with my pain and also was helpfull showing be thing that can help. I felt very safe with him. I highly recommend seeing him for your medical issues.


As always my experience with Dr.Allingham and his spectacular staff is a delight. Very kind and they always look after me and whatís best for me. Thank you Dr. Allingham and staff for all you do and have done. Love you guys.


Very good never no problems.


The staff is great very welcoming. Dr.Allingham is a good doctor an very understanding .


It's the best care ever. I've.never received such quality of care from the nurses to Dr Allingham attention to the patient individual health issues.


Very good customer service.


Quality care provided.


Excellent, prompt service. Dr. Allingham spent a great deal of time with me and explained my conditions and medications in great detail. Many thanks,.


I recite the help l needed it was excellent thank god.


I like this doctor. He is taking care for his patients. Iíll recommend for my friends.


Dr A is always ready to listen to my suggestions and coordinate my treatment to achieve the best results! I have NEVER experienced a doctor as knowledgeable and caring as Dr. Allingham!

Beth Shuman

Staff is great and very professional. They take great care of their patients. Dr. Allingham is ver compassionate to his patients and listens very well to what the patient has to say. I would recommend him to anyone in need.


Great every time I visit the Dr always have great ideas to keep loosing weight.


Awesome doctor. Really takes the time to listen and take care of your actual problems. He is very attentive and makes sure that all of your problems are diagnosed and a treatment plan put in place. I wish I would of found him years ago. I've already recommended my friends and family to see him and they all had the same opinion. Dr. Allingham is the best doctor in the United States.


Dr.Allingham is first class! I wouldnít just trust anyone with my life, but I TRUST Dr.A with my precious Life. Exceptional,professional,kind customer service. So lucky to have found Oakton Urgent Care. Nilu is fantastic as well. She is professional,courteous,caring and makes you feel very comfortable. Thank you guys ! You guys rock.




I can not say enough good things about Oakton Urgent Care Center, the care Iíve received since seeing Dr. Allingham has been absolutely life changing. He actually takes the time to listen to his patientís concerns and treats the problem not only the symptoms. Nilu, front desk/MA, is always friendly and willing to help however she can. The wait has never been long and they treat you like family there. My health has only gotten better since seeing him, I could never thank Oakton Urgent Care Center and Dr Allingham enough! Dr Allingham gave me a better quality of life, definitely give him the chance to help you too, you wonít regret it!


In the past year I have been a patient with Dr Allingham I have been more than satisfied All of your question and concerns are addressed You feel more thankful to have a face you see every time versus most offices where itís different at most others.


Dr A has completely changed my quality of life for the better. Since beginning treatment at Oakton urgent care, my flare ups are fewer and fewer and he has even helped me begin the daunting task of quitting smoking after almost 20 years. Love that I can come to his office for all my health needs as they arise.


I am so blessed to have found Dr.Allingham ... I was able to come in for my first visit the same day I was referred to the practice for my pain management. I have seen a few physicians in my five years since Motor vehicle accident to help make daily tasks bareable. I didnít feel judged, I was listened to, I felt comfortable telling him exactly How I felt and my concerns without the feeling of being judged like some drs for pain management. Itís an awful thing to deal with on a daily basis and a real issue that people donít take as serious . He put me on a great plan taking into consideration some feedback I had from past experience and gave me a detailed professional outline of our goals etc. He is a true gem , I had no idea existed. I wish I would have found him a long time ago, but I am so happy to call my dr and he is so Friendly. Amazing! Thank you dr! Ida.


I had a very good experience . The doctor is very professional and found what was wrong with me while the others couldnít . Best doctors visit Iíve ever had,.


My treatment and. Is it's here have been wonderful over the course of a year. My overall health has improved greatly. Very quick and efficient visits. Dr. Allingham is very personable and. Ares about each patient. The office nurses are also very kind and never make any mistakes and are precise. Great doctors office for quick and great care!!!


My visits are usually quick and helpful. Enjoy the staff & my doctor . I'm so happy to have found a caring and up to date experienced doctor that I trust completely....


dr Allingham is very knowledgeable with great staff.


I felt so comfortable and not judged by the doctor. I can't wait to come back for my follow up visit. The doctor really cares about you and your well being .


My experience is great. When I need something every time they listen and take good care of me and my husband.

Desiree Smith

I come every month and everyone is very friendly , I now bring my family members when they need to see a doctor. I'm always happy with my care .


The doctor was straight forward with me and provided a solid plan with details and medication upon learning of condition and binge drinking issues. Referred me to a counselor. I am very happy that I came to see him today and not delay this any longer.


Dr Allingham is a wonderful doctor who really cares about his patients. He takes his time to listen and make sure he answers all your questions and concerns.


Very professional and attentive atmosphere. Dr Allingham is a very intelligent professional when it comes to treating pain and keeping the body in healthy formation. He has helped me with my weight loss as well and my over all well being. I have the up most respect for him and his practice.


Came in about knee pain. Visit was good no problems. The doctorís assistant was very nice and friendly as always. The doctor himself is great full of information to help his patients. Even information that you really not trying to hear or that you need to do to get your health up stranded.


Dr.Allingham is the best doctor I have ever seen.


I was in a bad car accident about 5 Yearís ago and had a bad back injury from it. I have turned to it feels like every medication and Or Dr possible, but nothing ever seemed to help. I would just bounce from one pain Dr to another and I was tired of all the medications that yes they may have helped the pain for a bit it kept me from living a normal life. The life I wanted. Now after having stem cell procedures done with Dr David Allingham in my lower back. I finally have the life and relief Iíve so longly been searching for. It truly is a miracle. After just a couple weeks i am doing better than I could have ever wished. I am so excited to spread the word about this and the miracle worker himself. Thanks Dr Allingham you have truly changed my life.


Receptionist and nurse very professional and helpful. Dr very understanding and caring. Helped me lose weight.


Dr. Allingham is very resourceful he makes sure he tells you exactly what you need to know and even what you donít want to hear. His staff is extremely professional and very nice!


Love the doctor and the care he gives me.


Great experience, staff is friendly, doctor is very knowledgeable, and the atmosphere is great.


Always a pleasure seeing Dr. Allingham. Never have to wait very long and the office staff are always nice and extremely helpful. My visits with the Dr are informative and he really seems to care about how I am doing and takes the time to ask questions and listen to any problems I'm having.


The office staff is always very pleasant and professional. The doctor is thorough and takes his time to answer questions. I would definitely recommend this doctor's office.


No need to wait for a long time and they are kind!


Lower disc back pain, left hip. Dr Alingham is a wonderful doctor, really addressed my chronic pain and has gave me back a quality of life which has allowed me to get back to work and normal activities. Great staff!


I have never had a bad.experience here. Everyone is always very helpful and nice. When I first came here I was at a very bad point in my life; luckily for me I was able to turn it around with the help that I received here.


Very fast and efficient.


Wonderful and what such nice people that are here love the Dr Allingham he is wonderful and always helps out with whatever is in need.

Natalee Gulley

Great staff. No wait times. The doctor is very patient and listens and addresses your every need. He explains everything in detail and is very worried about your overall health. He cares and just isn't one of those doctor's that is in it for the money. He is available to you 7 days a week and is very prompt when returning calls. By far the best doctor I have ever seen.


Dr. A is the best doctor if you're looking for a Doctor Who does not BS and is right on point with his diagnosis I highly recommend making an appointment with him if you want to real doctor his staff is wonderful and caring and then to diligently help you.


Dr Ellingham gives me hope as well as valuable information about all possible cures and what they involve. His positive additude rubes off on me and gives me the correct way for me to be as healthy as I can be. Everyone in his office is very nice and helpful as well.


Wonderful doctor, takes great care of his patients.


This is a great practice. The Dr and staff are friendly, caring, and there is rarely a wait. The waiting room has plenty of magazines, water for customers, and a nice-sized aquarium (filled with colored fish) for entertainment. I would definitely recommend this practice.


I love the attitude of every one in this office. They really make you feel welcome here.


I have really needed Dr.A for my mother has been having a lot of complications and I have been traveling to Pittsburgh a lot and he has just been so helpful and very nice to me and helpful and not pushing me away like other doctor's.


Thank you.


David Allingham is very through and fully knowledgeable. He listens and make sure he understands me fully while in a timely manner! I also love his staff ver friendly and always smiling!


Excellent experience friendly helpful staff and doctor! Thank you!!


My experience has been with the doctor., has been very professional . I would recommend him to be anybody doctor and his office staff they care. Thank you very much Dr.David Allingham.


He is very attentive and listens to all my concerns as well as address them.


Excellent experience. Very professional staff.

Jiangyan You

The doctor and other staff were thorough and polite.


Excellent Doctor. Excellent experience,friendly and the staff is wonderfull and care. Thank you Dr.Allingham.


It was such a pleasure to meet Dr. Allingham. It was a very informative experience. I, finally,feel that I'll receive the care I need. I'm excited about my treatment!!

Shelly Taylor

I loved my experience at oakton urgent care . The staff is very affectionate and cordial. My parents were taken care of very well .I would definitely recommend this place to anyone in a heartbeat .


Pleasant very friendly.Since I have been coming here all of my needs have been met and I am really happy that I found Dr.Allingham as my Dr. over all my experience coming to Oakton Eargent care has and still is a fantastic place to go for chronic pain and such.


Every time I visit I get awesome service and the staff and Dr A are very helpful if you are looking for a doctor with experience this is the place.


Wonderful staff. They are always polite and professional.Dr A. Always takes his time to answer questions I have. I always have a great experience when I come here.


Very good experience. Dr is friendly, helpful, and has great bedside manner.


Very nice attentive dr who takes the time to talk to you and to find the right medications for you. I'll recommend to my friends Dr.Allingham. Best knowledge.


I would like to express my absolute gratitude to Dr. Allingham, I was put on oxy's by another doctor for about 4 years due to lower chronic back pain Dr Allingham was very concerned about me being on oxy's for so long and so he wanted to try something new and we tried suboxone for my pain. Not only has my pain been under control but I feel so much more clear headed and just healthier. I would recommend suboxone definitely as a great alternative to having to take oxy's. I haven't been happier. Thank you Dr Allingham.


My experience has always been wonderful with Dr. Allingham. His staff nurses are also wonderful. When ever something has came up and I needed anything I call and they are very helpful. I have received great care while visiting this practice. It's very fast and the office is always clean and everyone is always very nice. I recommend this office to many people, I don't think you can get better treatment anywhere.


After seeing dr Allingham for the past months my over health has improved greatly my blood pressure has went down to a good standing and I am more attitude than years before. I recommend this office to everyone!!!! A always the nurses are wonderful and really take effort into making your visit wonderful!!


Love that I finally found a doctor that takes care of me and my needs.

Vicky Maurer

Dr Allingham and his staff are very considerate and personable.


Best doctor ever. Extremely helpful..

Christopher Richards

Great doctor and staff, I will continue to use them for my medical needs.


Easy to get along with. Very accomodating.


It was good. Had no issues .

Danielle Baker

Very friendly.

Cheryl Rodgers

Very nice to be seen by Dave.


Good experience.


Greet servos thank you guys.

Purevgere Lkhagvadorj

Great as usual.... Will be back next month. Thanks.

Casey Pazzalia

Dr. Allingham has always been helpful and time is very quick in and out not much wait time.

Richard Long

Great, I was able to be seen right away. Dr Allingham really pays attention to what you tell him.


Always a good experience. No complaints!


I like flexibility in office hours. Staff very caring. I have been coming here a fairly long time.

Deborah Forde

I feel so much better since coming here. The dr. And staff are polite and professional.

Richard Hanshaw

Dr Allingham and his staff is always very friendly, knowledgeable and quick to help in any and every way they can.

Samuel Snell

Was concerned about my health and taking great care of me. The staff is so friendly.


I am always happy with the level of care and consideration at Oakton urgent care. The staff is always warm and welcoming, even when they seem to be very busy. Dr. Allingham is also friendly, receptive, and very knowledgeable about a wide range of medical conditions and possible treatment plans. I highly recommend this medical service to anyone in search of a caring, experience, Skillful medical team. I am very grateful to have found this service.


The staff is very professional and helpful. The doctor was very thorough and spent adequate time determine my issue and treatment.


Staff is very helpful. Doctor was professional and explained everything clear. I really enjoy my visit.

Aleksandra Zawacka

Awesome staff. Always kind and understanding. The doctor is one of the best I've ever met. Very knowledgeable and put your over health as his priority. Highly recommended!


My experience was like no other finally treated like a human respected and not dismissed. I truly recommend this Dr he is one of the few I recommend his staff is very helpful. His wife also works there and she is a delight. So if you want honest and great care call Oakton Urgent Care.


Great staff, doctor extremely knowledgeable and gets right to the key issues behind my visit. Very fortunate to have found Dr. Allingham.


Dr. Allingham is a very caring and compassionate doctor, I am so happy to have found him! His office is very convenient, well staffed, and very clean. There is virtually no wait time and the office staff are extremely polite and kind. He really takes the time to get to know his patients and is very accommodating. He attentively listens to all of your needs and concerns, and takes the time to answer all questions. I never feel rushed at all. It's so rare to find a good, quality physician these days - he's just a true gem and I am blessed to have found him!


Great practice Dr. Allingham is very knowledgable and Nilu at the reception is very nice. Definitely recommend.


Kind nurses and doctors. Great service-!


Dr A and his assistant are amazing!!! I am so glad that i was given his name to contact. I will never go to another doctor again. He takes care of emergency problems as well as regular!! He is so understanding and took the time to listen thoroughly. Didn't rush me like other physicians!! Thank you Oakton Urgent Care!!

Kimberly Keesecker

It was very nice experience, no appointment needed. Friendly staff, thank you very much.

Bayasgalan Khurelbaatar

I just wanna thank Dr Allingham for all his effort an support he has given me through out my weight loss.I look forward to working with Dr Allingham to successfully complete my mission.Dr Allingham is a huge part of why an where I am today It only works if u work!


Dr. Allingham is the best dr. I've seen so far. He's helped with my weight, I'm down 20 lbs, and my pain has improved a lot. I will recommend him to all my friends that I know he would be able to help.


Dr Allingham always has my overall health in mind whether I may see the bigger picture or not he does! Great doctor and staff!


Dr Allingham is truly awesome! In only 1 appointment he was able to look at my meds & numbers, discuss my history and show me where my treatment regimen was correct & where it needed tweaking. After Dr Allingham tweaked my meds (which are complex) I lost several pounds, gained energy & began to feel like myself! I still have some tweaking to do, but I trust Dr Allingham completely.


Always a great experience here. Everyone is very friendly and helpful.


Went perfect!

Radoslav Popov

Dr,. Allingham and staff have been wonderful to me. I feel they truly care for my well being thank you.

Kimberley Martin

I am very pleased with my doctor he is very patient and he takes his time to explain everything to you I would recommend his office I stopped smoking I have lost weight and I'm thankful.


My experience is/and always has been very good and very pleasant at, and with , DR allenhams office and all personnel.


Great attitudes, clean building, very informative and skilled.


I came in for physical exam and one of the lab results were positive. I flowed up with a specialist for more testing and came back to the office. Dr. Allingham was very through in explaining the disease to me. I came in with the lab results saying I have some disease and he wrote a prescription for me without charging me.


Love it here.

Evelyn Arduini

Really good experience at the oakton urgent care center. Staff really friendly and I didn't wait to long.


Love Dr Allingham he listens and tries to help.


Good very quick did not have. To wait long to be seen.

Kenneth Young

My quality of life is better thank you.

Camilla Newland

My experience is great. My wife and I are always taken care of. They listen to us when we have a problem.

Chris Richards

Fast and efficient ... You need to enable a guest wifi system and the dictation microphone button on this survey should be activated.

Richard Miniter

Great care, very thorough.


Everything was great.

Matthew Baker

Caring, attentive, and knowledgable physician and staff!


I have been searching for the perfect doctor and wonderful staff who are all very helpful and very patient and awesome personality doctor who has a lot of experience.


Great care. Thanks for seeing me on Sunday.

Andrew Wellock

Courteous and efficient service for my immunizations, thank you!


It was helpful.

Tami Horwitz



Experience with dr Allingham was very wonderful and rest of staff very helpful.

Jerry Capes

They were friendly and professional and were very helpful with my medical needs. I would refer this office to anyone needing medical help.


The doctor and staff have been great. Very professional and have treated me with dignity. Answered any and all of questions I might of had.


I really got all the answers I needed about my health. The staff really makes me feel like they concern about my health . The establishment is very clean.


Great dr ...patient relations.


I like Dr.Allingham. He is a good Dr. He is considering my weight care his patient. I am going to recommend to my all friend.


Care provided has saved my life and marriage.

Mark Arthur

Great staff and very nice doctor as well.

Dustin Smith

Very good.

Jennifer Britten

Always have had a good experience at this office ..the staff are wonderful people :).

Donna Hofstetter

Dr. Allingham is through, knowledgeable, compassionate,.


I was seen immediately, staff very friendly and responsive. Doctor very thorough and he takes time to listen to concerns and he asks questions for clarification and to make sure he understands the issues. Nurse very efficient and respectful. I was seen promptly. I Highly recommend this practice!


I am very pleased with each of my visits. Dr.Allingham and Nella are awesome!!! The bathrooms are always clean as well as the waiting room. I recommend if you need help choosing a doctor,Dr.Allingham is the doctor to see! It's great he has evening and weekend hours. They have a really big fish tank in the waiting room that is nice and calming to sit and watch.

Mandy Armstrong

Perfect as usual!!

Amy Robertson

I have been seeing Dr. Allingham for just under a year. In that year, he has become my family practitioner. He has invested himself in me and genuinely cares about my well being. I see him routinely for pain management, and for all illnesses. I like knowing that the person who is treating me understands me, and maintains an interest in my life.


Extremely helpful and very fast with treatments and medications. He treats me and my family as if we r the only patients. Very pleased I found him. Will not go to anyone else. I drive two hours one way to see him.


Dr. Allingham is wonderful!! After years of being on opiates I am finally free of them. I would highly recommend him to anyone with chronic pain!!


The staff was friendly. I was seen in a reasonable amount of time. The doctor was very nice, understanding, and knowledgeable. Glad I was referred here.


Excellent doctor and staff, sometimes it can be busy.


Professional, courteous, and thorough. Dr. Allingham made me feel at ease and confident that he knew what he was doing. I split my lip and needed stitches. Thank you doctor.


I like it here everyone is really nice...

Katelyn Arthur

Sense I have been coming to Dr.Allingham I have improved on my weight loss I feel 100 percent better an Gettn better I give my all to this Dr an thank God for sending me to him.


It's always a excellent experience at Oakton Urgent Care Center. I'll recommend to my friends family.


Everything was great thank you.

Camilla New land

I have been seeing dr Allingham for some time now and have lost over 30 pounds and stopped smoking I would say those two things cause for celebration. The nurse is outstanding patient and so helpful I love that they do their best to ensure my best health.

Jacie Armstrong

Very pleasant n helpful. Beinging of a new me. Look forward to seeing-working with y'all. Thank you!,,,.

Tara Veverka-Drehs

My experience was wonderful. I'm very thankful to have doctors who care about my well being. It feels very nice to have the doctor on my side, and I appreciate everything y'all do for me. I promise I will not let you down. Thank you again, so much. This place is awesome!!!!


Dr A is always available to listen to my concerns no matter how big or small. I can't find a better Doctor anywhere in the DMV and neither will you!

Beth Shuman

Dr. A is very professional very kind. He is the best doctor I have been to in a while. He takes time to care for and make sure his patients are taken care of. I would recommend him to everyone. This office and the staff are A all around. Makes patients feel at home. Also love front desk very sweet professional woman.


Always seen within 10 minutes or less. Nilu is the most awesome nurse on the planet. Dr A is always helpful and conscientious. He takes time to listen to details which is rare. Recommend this practice highly.

Canne Sakre

The Urgent Care office at Oakton was superlative. Fast, efficient and thorough. I particularly like the way Dr. Allingham explained my condition and his findings in a way I could understand. It is good to know I can come back here, close to home and open to walk-in.


Both the office staff and the provider himself have been patient and understanding. They are attentive and help me deal with the actual problem, not just put a bandage over it.


One of the best most informative I have ever had, thanks.

Robert Troup

I am so grateful to have found Dr. Allingham. He is SO incredibly knowledgeable.


Not to long to see the doc,great service.

Steven Mahoney

It was a really good service ! I felt very welcome! Everyone was kind to me!


Everything is just great. Definitely will recommend this doctor office to my friends.


Excellent staff and doctor. He really pays attention to what you are saying and really cares!


Right on point... Very warm and friendly team.. Great experience.

Atoosa Hodjati

I love dr. A he has helped me tremendously. I came in need of help and a few short months later I have progressed so much. Also ms. Nila is fantastic she is understanding caring and makes you feel right at home.


Dr Allingham and his staff assessed my situation promptly and efficiently. They truly LISTEN and consider what you say instead of some other doctors. You can tell the doctor is in a constant learning mode and is innovative as well as considerate. I love it here. Thank you.


Dr Allingham pays a lot of attention to detail, he is care driven and inspiring. The same can be said for the personable, warm staff. The patient truly comes first here.


He is a very friendly amazing dr.

Christie Brown

staff and Dr Alingham are very friendly and knowledgeable. I'm grateful to continue my treatment with them. Pretty much they saved me.


I always enjoy coming here! Everyone is always so nice and listens to me. The facility is always clean the bathrooms are always clean and well kept. I refer my family and friends to Oakton Urgent Care when they are sick. You will not regret your visit....

Mandy Armstrong

I am very happy with dr.allingham and the treatment he provides.i choose to stay with him as my provider.

Destiny Cruz

1st time here and everything was so good.


Everything about my experience was great! Thank you for all the years of wonderful care.


They have been excellent to work with, very professional and convenient for care.

Thomas Hughes

Outstanding service! Dr Allingham is the best doctor I've ever seen! He is wonderful with children!

Jessica Hayes

Dr. Allingham really showed he has my health in his best interest. He is very thorough and knowledgeable, providing me with great care. I just wish I had established care with him years ago. As an LPN who works in an urgent care facility, my opinion is more providers should be as thorough as Dr. Allingham.

Reena Vyas

Have been seeing Dr Allingham for a few years now. I wasn't in a good place and I truly feel he saved my life. Office is very professional and friendly. I've also referred a couple of people to Dr Allingham.


Very good services.

Jorge Vivanco

Dr.Allingham is very professional and the way he explained my medication to me he put at ease.


I felt all my questions were answered. Some doctors can make you feel silly and embarrassed because of your questions, but at Oakton Primary Care, I am comfortable addressing all my concerns with Dr. Allingham.


I felt that dr Allingham spent time listening and speaking with me about my problems and figuring out the correct treatment. The office staff is always very helpful and friendly, in office and on the phone. Appreciate the quick service, especially when not feeling well and ready to get back home! This office has always been a delight!

Krystal Bennett

Wouldn't go anywhere else. Best staff and doctor!


I've been here for 3 years and enjoy the staff and treatment very much.

Erin Shaulis

Last week I was in here with sky high blood pressure, already on blood pressure medication I was extremely concerned! One of the many things I love about Dr A is his ability to assess and evaluate my situation quickly and efficiently! Dr A is always ready to listen to all of my symptoms and determine the best course of action to take! After adjusting my blood pressure medication I feel like I'm a different person! Once again I can't thank Dr A enough for his level of care, concern and experience when it comes to my health!

Beth Shuman

Dr. Allingham has been wonderful from day 1. He always works around my difficult schedule and makes sure he meets my medical needs. Love his office and staff!


I think Dr Allingham is a great Dr . He listens to me and tries to do his best to address my medical needs. Everyone is caring and polite. I thank God that I chose Dr Allingham because my life has changed for the better and I have total faith that with him and his staff my life will continue to progress.


My experience has been great with Dr. Allingham over a couple years. He has treated me for many things and weight loss is very important to him. My blood pressure has gotten under control and I feel much better. The staff is very nice and welling to work with any one. I feel at home when I come in.


I was well taken care of. The staff was very nice and helpful with all my needs.


Dr is always very helpful along with the staff. Will be coming back.


My overall experience with Dr. Allingham was been wonderful over a course of 4 years visiting his office for many health reasons. He has been wonderful in helping manage pain from football injuries and being a wellness coach in my process to lose weight that I have gained from being less active. Overall, I have been feeling wonderful and more active. He has always kept promises to call me back and help whenever I needed. The staff is very appreciative and great to be around... I enjoy the visits and know I have a local dr to count on.


Dr Allingham takes a very personal and innovative interest in my care. They are very helpful and accomodating.


Amazing facility and staff, everyone was helpful, patient and informative. After being treated here my life did a 180 in the best way possible.


I'm always impressed with the service here. All my concerns are addressed, a fact I greatly appreciate. As a woman, I'm used to being dismissed. I'm glad I finally found someone who takes me seriously.


Every time I come to my doctors visit I am being well taken care of. The staff is super sweet and knowledgable. Of course my experience with Dr. Allingham is always enjoyable, he's always upbeat and happy to be here.

Kristine Martin

I started out at 410 I am now down to 383 an Dr Allingham is working very hard with me to keep me on track so I can continue to loose my weight he is also helping me with my pain issues I have been more comfortable seance I've been coming here I love Dr Allingham I will continue to come see him he is a very intelligent an very smart.

Destiny Cruz

Very good service. Thank you very much.

Saranzaya Boldgarav

Knowledgeable doctor and great staff! Recommend.


my experience was excellent. The doctor and staff made me feel comfortable and the doctor's treatment heed me immensely.


I am impressed each time I visit compared to the other practices that I've attended. Dr A truly listens to the issues that are impacting my life and offers a few diff tent solutions to chose from.


Doctor very responsive and thorough. Really took his time explaining my condition and possible treatment options.


Always is patient with me and very helpful. He is a great Dr I would recommend to all my friends and family. And I do!


I have been coming here my whole life! Love the staff and I truly feel like I am being taken care of. Thanks!


This Drs office is a little far from my home but well worth it. I appreciate the health care I receive there thank you.

Raymond Jones

Great doctor may be the most informative I have ever been to! I highly recommend him if you want a doctor that actually talks to you and asks the right questions.

Sharon P

The doctor was great very nice. Everyone very professional. Dr Allingham has helped me tremendously! I am able to live and function better.

Sharon P

Quick,efficient service.

Jan Smith

Dr Allingham is extremely knowledgable and takes the time to explain things.

Iman Baber

I have been a patient here for quite sometime now. The staff have been wonderful, the dr. Has been great and I am really satisfied with the over all service that has been provided to me. I feel as though I am receiving the best treatment possible, thank you.

Kimberley Martin

Enjoyed the visit. Minimal wait times. Always enjoy seeing the doctor.


I always have a good experience at this facility. Dr. Allingham and his staff have helped me to lose weight and improve my overall health. I feel as good as I have in my life. I feel like I could live for another hundred years.

Joseph McQuade

I came in very anxious about my situation. I was heard and given all of the information and care I needed. The staff was exceptional, knowledgable and helpful. I had a very positive experience.


I had no wait. The staff was thorough and had me in and out quickly. Dr A has been great. He listens and really works with the patient to ensure they're happy with treatment.


I have received great care by Dr. A and his staff. Dr A always take his time to listen and not just treat what I came in for but makes sure I'm healthy over all. He is a great Doctor and has a wonderful staff.

Kristen Naftel

Dr Allingham is great he is working very hard to help me with my weight loss he helps keep me on track tells me the right foods to eat and the right things to do to stay healthy.He takes his practice very seriously an to heart.

Destiny Cruz

I love Dr.Allinghqm and his staff. They are always here to help me and treat me like I'm family. The facility is always clean and well kept. I always look forward to my visits here at Oakton Urgent Care and to seeing the staff. Thank You for treating me so well. I recommend if you need to see a doctor visit Oakton urgent care and you will not want to go anywhere else!


Every time I have a appointment they are very fast and easy to get back into a room then you wait for the doctor to come back he gives everyone his full attention wait is no more than 15 mins always professional and answers all my questions and I never feel scared to ask anything great place to go comfortable and reliable always open seven days. A week thanks for your great support and for taking care of me 10out of 10.

Dustin Smith

My experience is good overall. There is no wait when I come in. The doctor is very caring and listens to all my needs. He asks questions and make sure I understand everything that he tells me. When I tell him about an issue that I am having, he takes care of it in a timely matter.

Desiree Smith

This doctor is awesome he is making me skinny and gorgeous. His nurse Mena is great as well she is very thorough and well versed in her job. This is the doctor that I recommend to all my family and friends. Thank you dr.alingham and Mena for being awesome.


Was taken right into triage and was able to be diagnosed and on my way in less than 20 min. Definitely recommend !


I have been coming to Dr. A for 4 years and he has always been able to help me or guide me to a specialist that can assist me. Not bad for an urgent care dr who gives you the time and day. Staff also calls on a regular basis and checks up on me and my health. Thank you for your time.


My appointment was very helpful and informative. The staff was professional and caring. In addition the staff took the time to answer all my questions and ensured I was comfortable at all times. The Dr was straightforward and very kind. I felt comfortable with him. I.


Cdr Allingham has always taken good care of me . I know he sees a lot of people . But has a way of letting you know that he does care . Hee keeps me in my place.

Joseph Smith

Dr.allingham is amazing with me. He encourages me to make healthy choices for myself and is always there to listen attentively. He is by far the best doctor I have ever been to. He is so amazing I actually enjoy going to the doctor.

Paulina Kumkowski

Dr A and his staff are amazing people and great at their jobs! They work with you as best as they can which is way more than any other doctor! I would recommend anyone and everyone to please come see Dr A and his staff at Oakton Urgent Care!

Kimberly Keesecker

Dr. Allingham has provided an alternative to opioids for my chronic pain. Instead of taking large amounts of medication I now only have to take 1 suboxone per day. There are no side effects like I would have with opiates. This has changed my life in a very significant way as I am no longer tied to my pain medication. I find that the suboxone manages it extremely well. Dr. Allingham does a wonderful job including me in my pain management plan. I would highly recommend him to anyone that is tired of all the pills.


Dr.allingham is a amazing wonderful doctor thAt helped with my baby's gi issues when her pediatrician wouldn't listen to me. He is very kind, caring and attentive doctor and my baby loves him. I recommend him to my family and friends as much as possible. To sum it up he is by far the best doctor I have ever dealt with.


Great service always. The doctor has helped me out a lot with my pain and I would highly recommend for primary care, or urgent care needs.


I enjoy my visit at Oakton Urgent Care. Everyone is always so pleasant and helpful. The staff here are wonderful and truly seem to care about my overall well being and this makes me feel good. They know who I am without having to look at the sign in paper and makes me feel welcome all the time which makes my visit pleasant,also. I recommend Oakton Urgent Care Center, Dr.Allingham and his staff are wonderful caring people.

Mandy Armstrong

My overall experience is good. When I come in there is little to no wait. He is very understanding for mine and my wife's needs. He listens to all the concerns we may have. When there is an issue that I may face, he handles it in a timely matter. The doctor makes sure that my wife and I are well taken care of. He has even seen our kids when we have needed to get then in to the doctors.

Christopher Richards

Doctor and staff are very curtious and professional they always answer all of the question that I have. They are generally concerned about my health.

Tammy Bird

Dr. Allingham has been so wonderful for me. He is always listening to my concerns and addresses every need, nothing is over looked. I have not had a doctor take me serious and look for solutions like this before. I am finally hopeful that I will have answers soon and a bright future.


Dr. Allingham has been very helpful for managing my chronic back pain, and he has been very attentive to my needs. I have recommended several of my friends to see Dr. Allingham. I would continue to recommend anyone to come see Dr. Allingham!

Tammy Ingegneri

Dr Allingham is an extremely intelligent caring doctor. The practice is great. There is no better doctor. He spends hours explaining things thoroughly to me. The staff never judges me and is always very kind. Whenever I am having a medical issue I never hesitate to go to oakton urgent care. I always recommend this place to my family and friends. And they accept Anthem health keeper plus which is great.

Paulina Kumkowski

Visit for periodic checkup; Staff, facilities, and over visit experience excellent in all respects. Staff are friendly, wait times are minimal, and accessibility is convenient. Always a pleasant experience, and I would recommend Dr. Allingham and his services to anyone in need of urgent care or routine treatment.


Great as always here at dr.allingham's office. Friendly staff and prompt treatment. As I have said before, dr a changed my perception of doctors and I am grateful to have found him.

Casey Pazzalia

Dr Allingham has been great in every way since I've been coming there.

Samuel snell

My overall experience with dr Allingham was been great overall the last three months. My overall health has gotten better. My blood pressure is controlled and my chronic pain has been tolerable. The staff is very easy to work with and has always been very helpful if I ever needed anything. I recommend anyone visiting his office if needs any medical attention.


It is very nice. Everyone is nice to me. I love the dr. He's a very good dr. He helps me Ive almost quit smoking and now I got stuff to look forward to in life.

Katelyn Arthur

When I first came to see Dr. Allingham I was in bad shape, and helped me tremendously with my pain in my neck. I would recommend anyone with any issues to come see him, he will help you!

Daniel Wetterer

Over the past visits I have been very pleased with Dr. Allingham and his nurses. My overall health has been getting better weight loss and controlled blood pressure. I would recommend anyone in need of a doctor to visit this practice!!!!


Office is always clean, and the people that work here are always very friendly. I have been coming here for years and will continue to come. The only downside I've ever had is that the wait time can be a little to long sometimes, but usually it is fine.

Jeff Lohr

The staff is extremely nice and helpful. The doctor is very willing to explain any questions you may have. Overall I would say this is the best doctors office I have ever been to.

K.Young II

David is an excellent practitioner! Personable and medically knowledgeable!! His advice / opinion serves as my litmus test when gauging other practitioner's directions.


Wait time was approximately 5-10 very quick. Excellent hospitality. The doctor actually talks through everything with you and values your input. Best doctor experience I've ever had.


I am very happy with this practice. The hours are good, and there is usually little to no wait. The doctor and staff are friendly and professional. I would definitely recommend this place.


Dr Allingham seems to understand a lot of the medications and the overall use. He takes effort into understand my needs as a patient and my over all health. Took my weight gain into perspective and has helped for my overall health also has treated my overall pain level and has decreased since I have seen him. And willing to work with patients and always has called when I needed something. Very happy as a patient.


I have been treated by Dr Allingham for a number of years and have always been very satisfied with the treatment and quality of care.


Always seen quickly. Very happy with dr. A and recommend this practice highly.


I've been coming to Dr. Allingham's office for almost 3 years for a variety of reasons, one of them chronic pain. He discovered I also had high blood sugar and since coming here I've lost 45 pounds. My A1c reading is now 5.8 which is much better than it was originally, and I continue to improve under his care. He and his staff are thorough, efficient and quite pleasant.


Dr. Allingham has been very nice and helps me with all my medical questions. I've been seeing him for over a year since we moved here from out of state and did not feel the need to seek another doctor.


Very friendly service, comfortable setting, and easy process. The Doctor was knowledgable, and fully explained my treatment, and gave a good description of how the medication will work and any side effects I might have. Great overall experience.


I found Dr. Allingham through a matching website. He responded immediately, and within 24 hours, I was in his office. He has been an asset in helping diagnose what other doctors couldn't. I'm more hopeful than ever now that there's a light at the end of this 5 year struggle. He has provided exceptional care, and the staff are always helpful and cheerful. Dr. Allingham has found a lifelong patient in me and my family.


I have been receiving care from oakton urgent care for many years, and have always felt genuine care, concern,professionalism, and accurate diagnosis and effective treatment. I highly recommend this caring, skillful medical provider team to anyone seeking medical support and treatment.

Karuna Joy

Over all experience has been great. Switched from a different dr and this practice is much better then where I used to go.


I'm very happy with my service at the urgent care , doctor Allingham is very concerned with how I'm feeling and I actually look forward to my visits and make it here every time one is scheduled.

Taylor Hawes

Dr. Allingham and staff always go out of their way to make sure the patient is well cared for and at ease. They make sure all bases are covered to gain a full picture of the patient and their concerns. You always fill you come first.


I have been a patient here for a number of years. I have always received excellent treatment and health advice. Currently, Dr. Allingham is helping me to. Get my weight down. I have lost almost thirty pounds and feel outstanding.

Joseph McQuade

Dr Allingham will actually listen to what you have to say. Then explain what treatment options are available. This seems to be a unusual concept to many other places I have visited. I was impressed since the first visit and have only visit his office when I have a problem.


Review by SMS.


Great doc. Listens to problems and does his best to address all problems.

James Fair