Great Experience with Great results So nice to be able to see better after the hooding was repaired. Thanks a million, Tom.


I have been a patient of Dr. Scott’s for over five years. Dr. Scott and his staff have always been very friendly and efficient. I highly recommend this practice!


I was in severe discomfort with entropion. Dr. Scott diagnosed it immediately and performed surgery. I am extremely pleased with the care and service I received from the beginning, The surgery was successful and I'm pleased with the results. Dr. Scott and all the staff are absolutely first rate.


As soon as I met Dr. Scott, I knew he was the doctor to.


Thrilled with the results!!!


The entire experience was excellent, professionally delivered, and as described. Dr. Scott does outstanding work. His team is really good.


Thanks to Dr Scott, my field of vision has been greatly improved.


The surgery to fix my droopy eyelids changed my life. I realized afterwards how tired my face got in the afternoon because of holding my eyes open. I have so much more energy during the full day now! Dr. Scott, all of the staff, and the anesthesiologist were all fantastic. They provided me with exactly the right clear and succinct information I needed at each step, so I always knew what to expect and what I needed to do. I followed the post-surgery instructions carefully and the healing process was almost painless and within the time I expected. Prior to surgery, Dr. Scott and his staff did everything required to get approval from my insurance company before surgery was scheduled so I had no billing surprises. I'm so glad I was able to have this procedure. I can see more easily, my face is more relaxed all the time, and I feel like I have a lot more energy with my eyes open!


Excellent care from Dr. Scott. Always thorough, patient, kind and asks if I have any questions at the end of each appointment. The staff are also friendly, professional and I was never kept waiting for my appointments. Overall a very good experience and I would highly recommend Dr. Scott.


Dr.Scott is the best. Both procedures I received were excellent.


I was comfortable right after the surgery and had no pain at all the following day. Care instructions were easy to follow.


Dr Scott and his staff are A . I was nervous about a procedure involving my eyelid -- I really wanted the end result to be just right. Dr Scott's bedside manner was so awesome -- he explained everything to a detailed level to give me comfort about his approach. He has a bright personality and very good sense of humor, too. His technical skills are second to none -- I am very happy with the outcome of a delicate procedure. I endorse him 1000%!


Dr. Scott is an excellent surgeon with years of experience. No other words can describe how skilled and knowledgeable he is. When you are going into surgery, trust is the most important thing to feel. As his patient, I would only go to him. Thank you Dr. Scott for making my eye surgery painless with beautiful results!


A very pleasant experience . Very professional and caring staff. Thank you, Ron.


I'll start with my summary; my experience and results were extremely satisfying. Dr. Scott is a man in demand hence there is a wait for an initial appointment. However, from there on appointments are timely. He takes as much time as needed to fully explain the procedures and anticipated results. I had my eyelids raised and went back and had my corner eye pouches removed. Yes, you look like the other guy had won, but all that is fairly gone in a couple of weeks. His staff complements the good doctor in professionalism and pleasantries.This practice is simply dynamite and I am extremely grateful that I had been referred there.


Dr. Scott is an amazing Eye surgeon. He is very knowledgeable, professional and kind. He listens to his patients and he explains everything he is doing putting his patients at ease, during surgery. He made my two eye surgeries seamless. Hats off to Dr. Scott for maintaining his expertise over the years. He performed surgery on my daughter's eye approx. 20 years ago and had a good name then and still has a good name and I was totally blown away with the fact that each of my two eye surgery experiences were so pleasant and seamless. He even had a comfortable leather bed for me to lay on during the surgeries. Dr. Scott earns 10 stars from me. He is to be commended on a job well done!!!




From the first visit to the last post-op visit, everything went smoothly. Surgery was successful. Office staff was wonderful. Dr. Scott was very detailed in what I could expect during and after surgery. No regrets. Wish I had done this sooner.


Great experience.


This was my first appointment with Dr. Scott and without a doubt, I had an excellent experience. Great patient care starts with the staff, including the receptionists and technicians. The staff was absolutely wonderful. They were friendly and courteous during my full appointment. Dr. Scott was extremely knowledgeable and amazing throughout my entire procedure! I was very nervous and anxious but he talked me through every step of way. The post-procedure instructions were clear and very easy to follow. I would highly recommend Dr. Scott! My overall experience exceeded my expectations.


Surgery went as described, I felt like I was prepared by all the staff for the procedure and had medications, prescribed earlier so I could fill them and have them ready. It was a positive experience , thank you !


Could not have been better. From initial appointment to scheduling with Dawn to procedure to final follow up — professional, pleasant and efficient. An outstanding practice.


Really great experience. Dr. Scott is incredibly knowledgeable, patient, friendly. Got great results from my ptosis surgery.


Dr. Scott and his team are the best in the business. Not only that, my experience is that they are the best medical practice that I have ever been too-- Efficient, caring, and professional.


Staff was prompt and friendly.Dr Scott is an excellent surgeon. Very pleased with my surgery outcome.


My Ptosis surgery experience has been excellent since the first consultation with doctor Scott. The staff were very polite and cheerful.


Dr Scott and his staff are so friendly and accommodating! They made me feel so comfortable.


Dr Scott is an expert in his field and I am very happy with the results of my eye lift. On top of him bringing an excellent doctor, he and his staff are very informative, kind and helpful. Just a great experience all around.


I was seen very quickly when I had two minor issues. This was very reassuring. Great results! Abby Owen.


While I didn't like those eye soaks and having to wear gloves to bed to keep myself from scratching my cheeks, the overall experience was excellent. The office staff couldn't have been nicer and more accommodating to my several calls for clarification on the instructions. We really appreciated the supplies that I was given as I left Fair Oaks and also when I returned to the office. That certainly makes it easier on the patient and that way you know that you have exactly what you will be need for the recovery period. Fair Oaks Hospital checked me in on time, and everything went very well. Staff explained all details, especially in the OR room. I was very impressed as I know hospitals can get a bad rap. Dr. Scott is a very good doctor and this experience has been excellent. I appreciate his thorough explanations and follow up. Not so sure I like looking at those.


Dr. Scott is excellent. Very personable, knowledgeable and takes all necessary steps to ensure your procedure is successful. His staff are friendly. Wonderful experience.


We are extremely happy to have found Dr Scott my husbands eyelid was drooping from Bells Palsy. Dr Scott operated on him and he is once again able to close his eye. Dr Scoot is an outstanding eye surgeon.


I had a ptosis surgery on my left eye. Dr Scott took the time to fully explain my condition and the subsequent procedure. There was very little wait time in his office and his staff was friendly, helpful and professional. It was easy to get questions answered from his front office after the surgery. The recovery was easy and the results are fantastic. Dr Scott is an excellent surgeon that I would highly recommend to friends and family members. I give the overall experience 5 stars!


I could not have been happier with the surgery and care I received from Dr Scott and his staff… Really top notch, including the front office staff-.

Jay Hirsch

My procedure went smoothly and the results are wonderful! Looks very natural.

Joyce Tischer

Dr Scott provided excellent results on my upper eye lid surgery. Everything went perfectly. The staff was very helpful at all appointments and with insurance submission.


The result of my blepharoplasty couldn't have been better. My eyes are visible again.


Everyone was professional, caring, and very helpful! I'd definitely recommend Dr. Scott and his team for any eye-related surgery you may be considering.


Professionals at every level. The doctor and staff provide a medical service from beginning to end. This practice has flexibility to meet the needs of the patient. The whole process from precoordination, initial examination, hospital surgery, to post operation office appointment. The practice provides an atmosphere in which one feels their well being is the primary concern . Eye sight is important to everyday life and these people take their jobs serious with professional competence and personal consideration. Recommended this practice without reservation. Charles Anderson.


I couldn’t have been more pleased with my experience with Doctor Scott and his capable and caring team. Every detail of my treatment was perfect, and explained fully (as well as documented to take home so that I could refer to it as necessary.) Scheduling was easy, the office staff was responsive to every need and question I presented them. From the first appointment through my final check-up I knew that I was in incredibly accomplished, professional and competent hands. I never had a moments doubt that the experience and outcome would be exceptional, and they were! The results were beyond my expectations and I am delighted with my new look! Many, many thanks to Dr. Scott and his crew!


I am MORE than happy with the treatment and results. Dr. Scott was very thorough in explaining all the procedures and providing easy to understand post-surgery home care. I have already been singing his praises to everyone. My eye doctor was especially interested and said he will definitely refer all his patients to ?Dr. Scott in the future.


Dr. Scott was very thorough in determining my ptosis diagnoses and explaining every aspect of it and my surgery. He made sure I understood the surgical procedure and the aftercare. My surgery was very successful and the outcome is perfect. Both eyes are symmetrical and look great. I am extremely pleased with my result.




Dr. Scott is the absolute best. Very personable, informative, and truly has the best interests at heart. He takes the time with you to answer any questions. So happy that I was referred to him. Office staff is very sweet and has always been professional with a touch of empathy. Would recommend and have recommended Dr. Scott-you’re in good hands with him.


The results are better than I anticipated!


Dr Scott could not be a nicer person or a more skilled surgeon. I could not be happier with the results. The difference in the “before” and “after” was unbelievable. I would recommend to anyone wanting plastic eye surgery because I think the skill of the surgeon is critical to the success of the surgery.


I was referred to Dr. Scott by my optometrist for constant tearing in my right eye. The tears ran down my face, which became very irritated from constant wiping. Dr. Scott immediately saw that the tear duct was almost completely closed. He was able to stretch the tear duct and the issue was resolved. He was very friendly and professional, and right on time!! Everyone in the office was very friendly. I highly recommend Dr. Scott and his office staff.


Dr Scott and his staff are excellent at what they do. They took as much time as I needed to explain things to me, and I was fully prepared with clear instructions after my surgery. I am so pleased with the results and would recommend them highly.


Very professional, personable, and the results of the eyelid surgery are incredible!

Toni Christiansen

I can’t tell you what a special experience it was, Dr. Scott explained everything so well and with such care, I had no reservations as to having it done. And the results were wonderful. It was like a blind person seeing for the first time. The staff was friendly and helpful. The people in the hospital were also friendly and things went so well.I thank them all for a wonderful experience.


All good.


Superior in each and every catagorie. No pain, swelling or discomfort experienced during the recovery process. The staff are extraordinarily talented and professional anticipating circumstances before they occur. Praise and thanks to all.


I contemplated eye lid surgery for years and finally did it. Dr. Scott was wonderful from start to finish. I am looking forward to more work later on and call eye plastic again.


Dr. Scott is absolutely fabulous! Can not ask for a better experience with the staff!!


This sounds like a put-up job, but honestly this has been one of the most significant decisions and outstanding outcomes of my entire life. I have gone from not driving at night to not even thinking about it. I have sight capabilities I didn’t dare to think about before. I can see and I can participate as never before. I wasn’t looking to appear younger — I just wanted to be able to see — but my husband says I don’t “look sleepy” at night. And my dear friend says I can shave 15 years off my age. Really? 15 years? All I can say is Dr. Scott is outstanding, and his office staff is 100% accommodating and friendly. Anyone who has been diagnosed with ptosis and assumes that lids can sit at half-mast should RUN to Dr. Scott and his wonderful staff and watch their lives change in ways they thought were impossible.


The whole experience was super. The staff & Dr Scott we’re extremely professional & prompt in every request or concern. I would highly recommend this Medical Team.


easy and clean recovery due to flat stitches....


I had both upper and lower lids done in February 2021. The result is wonderful. Dr. Scott is a great Surgeon. He is very knowledgeable, kind and generous. His staff was friendly and very helpful. I will recommend to anyone.


Procedures: Upper Eyelid Laser Blepharoplasty and Fractional Laser Resurfacing Impressions: Dr. Scott and his staff conducted themselves extremely professionally and efficiently. I am more than satisfied with results of the procedures. With dripping upper eyelids and pronounced crow's feet, I felt old going into the procedures. As a man soon to be in his 60's, I did not expect to feel so rejuvenated after the procedures. But, here I am writing this review to show my gratitude for the professionalism exhibited by Dr. Scott and his staff. Thank you everyone!


Very professional and focused on excellent patient care.


The staff were over-and-above nice and efficient in both the office and the hospital. It was clear to me fromall the repeated questioning that everyone was being very careful not to make any mistakes. I am recommending Dr Scott to a friend of mine who will be needing lid surgery.


Very nice office personnel. Dr. Scott is a caring and wonderful physician. Everything is so professional and easy. These folks really do care!


My experience with Dr. Scott and his staff has been nothing short of exceptional. From the initial visit, surgery and post op visits. Dr. Scott was very thorough in the examination leading up to the surgery to rule out any other possible causes. His staff also made certain that any insurance issues were addressed before the surgery and gave me my out of pocket costs. Since the surgery my peripheral vision has returned and my wife can now see my eyes thanks to Dr.Scott.


A client of mine recommended Dr. Scott to me. After looking at his art work on my client eyelids I decided to make a consultation appointment with Dr. Scott. After the initial consultation I decided to have Dr. Scott to perform the upper and lower lids surgery for me without getting a second opinion.Dr. Scott carefully described the work that he is going to perform, what he will do and will not do. His staff explained to me in details what is covered and not covered by insurance.The office also strictly follow covid protocol which also gave me lots of comfort.To date, almost 4 months after surgery, I must say I am very satisfied with Dr. Scott's professional work and the support of his staff.I would highly recommend Dr. Scott to everyone.


This is the second time that I chose Dr. Scott as my surgeon. Six years ago he performed a Blepharoplasty on my droopy eyelids. All went extremely well so I chose him again for another needed operation, a Ptosis (surgery inside if the eyelid). A surgery that should only be performed by a very experienced surgeon. I traveled all the way from Sarasota to have Dr. Scott do the job, and I am so happy with the results. I never experienced any pain Or bruising after the procedure and everything healed very well and my “sleepy look” is gone. I can highly recommend Dr. Scott and his team. They know what they are doing.If anybody would like to talk to me about my experience, let his office contact me and I will get back to you.


I am so pleased with the results of my upper eyelid Blepharoplasty! It was truly life changing. My peripheral vision now is perfect plus I look 10 years younger! Dr. Scott's office is one of the best medical practices I have visited. My discomfort after the surgery was very minimal as well as swelling and bruising . I followed all the instructions to the letter and I believe that is what contributed to my success. There were no surprises. Everything was thoroughly explained and all questions were answered. I am only 8 days out from surgery and am already extremely pleased with the results! Looking forward to the next few weeks when my healing is more complete.


Fast, friendly, efficient! Always easy to get in and get taken care of. My results turned out great! I am very happy.Thanks!


Great experience!!!


6 Month follow up to treatment.


From start to finish the experience I had with Dr. Scott and his staff was outstanding. Everything is run in a very orderly manner and things move very smoothly. The office staff is very friendly and helpful. Most importantly, I am delighted with the results of my Upper Eyelid Laser Blepharoplsty.


I couldn't be happier with Dr. Scott and his practice. He is an extremely personable and knowledgeable physician, easy to talk to, and the office staff and nurses are warm and friendly too. The results of my procedure exceeded my expectations; I wish I had come to him years ago! Ease of scheduling, very little wait time for my appointments, friendly staff, and Dr. Scott set me at ease right from the start by answering all of my questions with straight-forward explanations and a wonderful disposition. I recommend Dr. Scott with 5 Stars!


Don't look any further for the best eye care. Dr. Scott and staff are it!!!!! A.


Don't look any further for top notch eye care. Dr Scott and staff are it!!!A.


From the very beginning I was extremely pleased with Dr. Scott and the entire staff. They were very professional. I had an eyelid lift for both eyes and a tightening under my eyes. The procedure was done is a very short period of time. Prior to the procedure the staff gave me full details in preparation. The office was very clean and Covid-19 friendly. When I returned home the staff was available to me whenever I needed to call. The greatest part was when I was able to see my eyelashes again!!! Not to mention how bright and happy the world looked!!!! I highly recommend Dr. Scott and his staff to anyone that wants to have this procedure done. I am thrilled to be able to see better and to not look like I didn't get enough sleep because the bags under my eyes are gone!!!!!!


Dr. Scott did a wonderful job and I am very pleased with the results. They were very helpful and considerate! I would recommend them to anyone.


Dr Scott did amazing work. I didn’t see him to make look younger, but to fix an eyelid damaged from another surgery. His completely fixed the problem and I also look younger!The fact that no one says”did you have work done?” Is exactly what I wanted. I look like me!Thank you!


For years, I hated looking in the mirror at the bags under my eyes and probably tried every eye cream on the market, only to be disappointed. I was told on a regular basis that I looked tired; that is not good for the mood or ego! I had finally had enough and got a referral to see Dr. Scott from the med spa where I get my Botox. I loved Dr. Scott as soon as I met him; he is very personable and has an awesome dry sense of humor. What I really liked about Dr. Scott was that he was an ophthalmologist before going back to school to become a plastic surgeon who specializes only on eyes. Dr. Scott and his team walked me through all of the steps of the process and set expectations for surgery. I enthusiastically scheduled my surgery date and a month later, I had my procedure of eyelids, bag.


Staff were friendly and helpful. Dr. Scott was amazing. He was reassuring and very informative. I was very impressed and would definitely recommend Dr. Scott to anyone in need of his services.


I am so grateful for the treatment, care, and outcome I have had. My sincere gratitude for each staff member! I feel blessed to have found my way into your professional care.


I can't say enough about the quality of Dr. Scott's work! I see so much better, especially now that my peripheral vision is vastly improved. In fact, as more light began entering my eyes, my overall vision improved as well. People tell me I look much better and more alert, not tired all the time. But Dr. Scott didn't end with the surgery. I had follow up visits to remove multiple cysts that over the years had formed on both eyes. These were easy and painless in-office procedures. Moreover, Dr. Scott is surrounded by a team of top notch professionals who answered the many questions i had about the surgery, recovery and follow up care. Like most people, surgery is not something one looks forward to. But after this experience, I feel totally comfortable recommending Dr. Scott to anyone in need of his services.


From my first appointment until Dr. Scott released me the entire procedure was very pleasant. All personal made me feel special. What a great way to run a practice! Everyone was great, thanks to all.


I was nervous about having surgery.My eyelids were so droopy it effected my vision. It also made me look older and tired. Another doctor had recommended Dr. Kevin Scott and I’m so glad he did. Dr. Scott put me at ease and explained everything about the procedure. I am so happy with the results. My vision has improved and I no longer look tired all the time.I highly recommend Dr. Scott.


I have had 2 surgeries since November 2020, and my care was excellent. Dr. Scott and his staff were wonderful and I had no pain with either surgery. I would highly recommend Eye Plastic Associates for any services they provide.




Dr. Scott was recommended to me by my optometrist. It was one of the best recommendations that I've ever received. His staff is professional, kind, and of good humor. Dr. Scott's focus was on me, my eyes, and an outcome with which I'd be happy. He took time to explain the issue, how it could be treated, what I would have to do, and everything he would do. He always asked.


Dr Scott was personable, informative and professional at every step and the results of my surgery even exceeded my expectations. The office staff were both efficient and caring. In short, I would highly recommend Dr Scott to anyone in need of ocular plastic surgery, whether cosmetic or not.


Superior/Excellent in every category. Professional application with flawless attention. What a comforting pleasure to be surrounded with such competency.Many thanks.


I saw Dr. Scott for ptosis of my right eyelid. Every experience from initial appointment through surgery was seamless. Dr. Scott and staff took the time to explain ptosis and pre/post-op (without going into the details of the actual surgery, because I didn't want to know!). You know you're in good hands when everyone from the intake clerk and nurses at the hospital tell you, unsolicited, how great Dr. Scott is. Can't recommend his practice enough.


My appointment experience was as good as I've ever had at a doctor's office. I'm thankful for Dr. Scott's treatment of my issue and I appreciate all efforts of his staff.


I am very grateful a friend referred me to Dr. Scott for my upper eyelid surgery. I also had the Blepharoplasty (lower) done at the same time. From the first appointment, surgery and followup appointments, he was wonderful. I was totally confident. His staff is also wonderful as were the team at the hospital. The nurses at the hospital were very complimentary of Dr. Scott from the moment I arrived and assured me I was in the best of hands. I got a little nervous while going back for surgery and one of the nurses said I was going to be fine and asked if I would like for her to hold my hand. I accepted. She could not have been kinder. I told my esthetician that if she has a client that has asked about this procedure to give them my name and number. Recovery was not complicated and I had -0- pain.


The entire process from initial consultation through follow up leading to and then the procedure itself was thorough, insightful and informative. I felt noting was being left to chance. Dr. Scott is a keen listener, clear communicator and a very thorough specialist. We met again yesterday at his office where he checked on me; removed the stitches and answered all my questions clearly and again insightfully. Throughout the entire process I have felt at ease, confident of the outcome and well cared for and looked after. A special acknowledgement is also warranted for the cleanliness and general appearance of the office; Covid-19 procedures and safe guards in place and the extremely personal and attentive staff.I also applaud the choice of Fair Lakes Hospital where I was treated with care, respect and attention to detail by all involved. I'm not wont to completing surveys. However, in this particular case I considered it a duty and a privilege to review my experience with Dr. Scott, his staff and the Hospital where he performed my surgery. Highly recommended.


Dr. Scott is a gifted surgeon who did an excellent procedure on my eyelids. Not only is my upper peripheral vision improved but my eyelids look natural and rested. Beautiful job!

Dianna Bozza

I can't say enough.


I have the highest regard for Dr. Scott and his team. I sought out their expertise regarding elective eyelid surgery (upper and lower). They gave me detailed information and guidance which made my decision to move forward very easy and comfortable. The procedures went smoothly, and the recovery was made easy because Dr. Scott and his team had prepped me thoroughly on what to expect. Everything was very manageable and I was back at work within two weeks and loving my results! My first procedure was done a year ago (upper) and my follow on (lower) was completed in late 2020. (I chose to have each procedure done separately.) Each outcome was terrific and problem-free, and gave me a restored youthful appearance that looks totally natural, I couldn’t be happier. My only regret is not seeking out Dr. Scott sooner!


Dr. Scott and his staff are amazing. I’ve had two procedures, one in his office (removal of sty on eyelid) and one out-patient at the hospital. Dr. Scott is very efficient, effective and is very kind. He also is very responsive to questions. He is also well-liked by the nurses at the hospital. My two procedures were very successful and I’m very pleased with my appearance. The staff, especially the office manager, Dawn, is also very helpful and supportive. I highly recommend this practice.


Dr. Scott is a skilled surgeon with a kind, down-to-earth manner. He demonstrated confidence in his ability and ease with the procedure. His staff is friendly and efficient. I highly recommend him.


The Dr Scott and all his office staff.


Wonderful overall. I have gone from not being able to read without fatigue in the extreme to working with computer, books, ledgers etc! Almost no post-op pain! Again, I am delighted to be able to SEE!


OMG my experience was wonderful. Dr.scott and his staff was very friendly and knowledgeable. They answered a,, my questions and believed me I had plenty. I have been researching for a provider for several years and once I found dr.scott. I knew he was the one. He explained the surgery to me and what to expect afterwards. If you are looking for a board certified doctor to perform your surgery. Look no further. He is the one.


I was referred to Dr Scott by my ophthalmologist who had personally benefited from his services as did several of my friends. All had glowing reviews which I cannot deny! Dr Scott is excellent eye surgeon , extremely kind and thorough in his care. Dr Scott’s office staff is friendly, providing a clean, safe exam environment. Dawn, preop assist, answered all questions at the office and a few from home. Her advice and direction was spot on and so appreciated. Thank you to all who assisted in my care.


Everything done exactly as promised.Super nice people, Kevin and all others.Several family members said it's a great improvement.


Great visit. Much confidence in Dr Scott. Very thorough in explanations. Staff is always personable and helpful.


Wonderful experience both times - surgery and follow-up. Dr. Scott and his staff are extremely professional and KIND in their care. I will not hesitate to recommend them.


I had eyelid surgery Dr. Kevin Scott is the best. I highly recommend him, he is very professional and l felt very comfortable.


Dr. Scott and staff are incredible. Surgery went great and after care was wonderful. I can’t thank them enough. My ophthalmologist was so impressed with the results of the surgery that he is going to recommend his other patients to have ptosis surgery done with Dr. Scott.


I developed Ptosis in my left eye. Dr. Scott performed surgery to adjust my eye muscle. I finally looked normal again and the vision loss was gone. Dr. Scott did a great job. There was no pain after the surgery. Dr Scott provided detailed instructions for home treatment after surgery. Dr. Scott and his staff are wonderful and I highly recommend them.


Dr. Scott was terrific. He addressed all my concerns candidly and I’m very pleased with the results. His staff was very professional as well. Highly recommended.


Highly recommend Dr Scott & his staff. Process fully explained, all Covid protocols observed, & great results.


Dr. Scott was extremely professional and did a wonderful job. I highly recommend him and his superb office staff!


Dr. Scott is nothing short of amazing. His ability to make his patients comfortable and his upbeat and kind nature put most doctors to shame. He set expectations appropriately and explains things clearly. Not only is his office well run, he is efficient without compromising the time he spends with his clients. Very impressed! Thank you so much.


Your service is very very good I am glad and happy .Thanks.


Dr Scott performed bilateral blepharoplasty. I am so pleased with the results. I look more rested without looking as if I’ve had any kind of procedure. Looks very natural. Dr. Scott and his staff were a pleasure to work with.


Thank you so much Dr Scott for your highly expertise on fixing my eye lashes in August 06, 2020 at INOVA Fair Oak Hospital. I completely trusted your care and felt respected throughout the process. The staff specially Dawn was very thoughtful, guided and prepared me through all necessary papers, instructions, phone calls to my family doctor, to the pharmacy. As a senior patient, I much appreciated Dawn’s phone calls of reminding me things to do with sincere before days of surgery. I m fortunate to be your patient after all. Thanks. Sincerely, Nghiem Seitz.


My experience was perfect with the entire office crew and Dr. Scott. I was informed of every single step, and always felt comfortable. The communication was phenomenal and the results of my surgery speak for themself. Dr. Scott lives up to his reputation as an exceptionally skilled and kind surgeon and so does his staff. Thank you!


Dr Scott was excellent. He explained everything thoroughly and the surgery on my eyes achieved everything I had hoped for. I would ( and have) recommend him to anyone contemplating surgery to alleviate dry and droopy eyes.


Dr. Scott was recommended to me by my ophthalmologist, who said that Dr. Scott is a terrific opthalmalogic plastic surgeon. Dr. Scott lived up to his billing. He and his staff were professional and efficient, but personable. They made me feel very comfortable during the procedure. I definitely would recommend Dr. Scott to anyone who needs eye surgery.


My eye lids are lighter, I don’t look tired and my field of vision is restored. I highly recommend Dr. Kevin Scott for eye plastic surgery. Thank you Dr. Scott!


Dr Scott and everyone on his staff were amazing! I felt very comfortable and confident that I would get great results...and I did! Dr Scott followed my recovery progress for several months which I really appreciate. What a great experience!


I went to Dr. Scott to talk about my hooded upper eyes and under eye bags Aug 2018. At this very first visit I knew he was the surgeon to help me. Dr. Scott explained with great detail the surgey that he could perform to improve both areas. He was highly knowledgable in his practice of expertise, as well as kind and receptive to my questions. I gave a lot of thought as he advises about the surgery and recovery. I had surgey Sept 2018 and again Dr. Scott and his entire team were very professional and supportive before, during and after surgey. It is now Nov 2018, I am delighted , actually thrilled with my results. I feel refreshed and more confident having had the procedure done and only wish that I had pursued sooner.I highly recommend Dr. Scott's services to anyone looking for plastic or reconstructive eye surgery.

Pamela felt

My experience at Dr. Scott's office was outstanding! First, during this covid-19 time, every precaution was taken to make sure that we were all safe such as: only one patient at a time, temperature check and a wear mask policy. The staff in the office were very kind and welcoming. In the exam room, before my procedure everything was explained to me regarding what they were doing and why! Dr. Scott did the exam and explained the entire procedure to me both before and as things went along with the procedure . There was almost no pain and any discomfort was explained ahead of time. Discomfort was from the numbing procedure. What to expect as healing takes place was also thoroughly explained.I highly recommend, Dr. Scott and his staff. I would say that even in this difficult time it is safe to go to their office!


Dr. Scott and his staff have been exceptionally caring and professional from my first visit to surgery to follow up. They went over and beyond all of my expectations.


He was perfection. I am happier than a seagull with a French fry! I’m happy to have found the fourth person of the Trinity! Signed fr. George Clooney’s grandfather.


I cannot recommend Dr. Scott and his staff enough. The results from my upper and lower blepharoplasty w/resurfacing are amazing. Family and friends are commenting that I look ten years younger and I only wish I had of done it years ago. Dr. Scott takes time to address all of your concerns and explain the procedure, recovery and potential risks. I could tell he is genuinely concerned that his patients do well and have excellent, natural-looking results. His staff is another added bonus. They are very knowledgeable, respectful and caring. AND you just can't trust your eyes to any surgeon, which is another reason I chose Dr. Scott, as he specializes in ocular plastic surgery.


Dr. Scott was very clear and his staff was fantastic. You’re in good hands with dr Scott!


Had surgery for cancer on eyelid. While not pleasant, all went very well, and the care and results were excellent.


I was very pleased with entire process for my surgery from pre-op to post-op care. I want to thank Dr. Scott and his entire team at the office and hospital for their expert care and professionalism. Much appreciated.


Dr. Scott was wonderful. He answered all my questions and concerns in detail before and day of procedure. His staff was great start to finish. I am very pleased with the results, no problems at all. Would highly recommend.


Marvelous! Everyone is so on it. Always answering all questions even before I think of them! So very happy with my results. My vision is much brighter. Thank you!


I was extremely pleased with the results when Dr. Scott repaired my left eye ptosis. Dr. Scott took the time to answer all my questions & explain the procedure. The office staff were friendly, professional & informative taking the time to review all instructions; staff called prior to surgery to review instructions & even called the day before surgery to remind me to pick up my prescriptions. It was an awesome experience.


Dr. Scott explains details of the procedure and his staff was excellent every step of the way to the little things too. I highly recommend Dr.Scott for any eye related surgery. He is the best as I expected!!


Dr. Scott repaired my right ptosis. It was very slight but bothersome to me. The repair is perfect. I’m extremely happy with how it matches my other eye now. Also, he and his whole staff were very kind and responsive during the entire process. From my first appointment, to surgery, to the follow up, everything has been beyond excellent.


I couldn’t be happier with my whole experience and results from my ptosis surgery with Dr. Scott. He along with his staff are friendly and professional, and Dr. Scott is clearly very skilled at what he does. Would definitely recommend others going to him and will absolutely see him again myself if the need ever arises.


Dr. Scott and his staff are terrific. I am very pleased with my new eyelids and under eyes.


Dr. Scott did excellent job, he was very professional with his care. Thank you very much.


Great experience from beginning to end! Was super nervous about eyelid surgery procedure but was put at ease & felt no pain whatsoever. Would highly recommend Dr. Scott & definitely will see him again for any future needs.


Dr. Scott is among the top three physicians I have encountered over my entire life. He is knowledgeable. He listens. He takes the time needed to explain everything. What he says makes total sense. He imparts confidence.He is also kind and modest.His office is well run and his staff are kind and helpful. I cannot say enough good things about him.


Dr. Scott is top-notch! If you are looking for a doctor that specializes in ocular plastic surgery, look no further. Dr. Scott makes the entire experience a pleasant one from start to finish. His patient care and attention is the best I have ever experienced. Highly recommend! Office staff is excellent, too.


Absolutely wonderful! Dr. Scott and his staff were very professional, pleasant and accommodating. My surgery has given me bright, better vision. I was given accurate information to both prepare me for surgery and guarantee an excellent (problem free) recovery. I have no reservations of any kind in recommending Dr. Scott to others. Thank you all for a fabulous and worry-free experience.


I was loosing my central vision due to sagging eyelids. After my surgery, my vision is is corrected, and very little discomfort.


Very pleased with results of treatment. Dr. Scott was extremely clear with procedures and expected outcome. Staff exceeding helpful and professional.


Efficient, professional, friendly, caring.


The blepharoplasty surgery that Dr. Kevin Scott performed on October 3rd, 2019 was a wonderful success. Not only did it improve my vision but but my appearance as well! The care given to me by his office staff and the special coordination efforts they experienced due to my health issues was phenomenal.It is important to note as well the excellent care from the nursing staff and the anesthesiologists team! They were super professional.


Fabulous experience and outcome. It’s given me a new lease on life - friends and family agree I look at least 10 years younger. My thanks to Dr. Scott and his incredible staff. Melody.


Dr. Scott recently performed a bilateral upper eyelid ptosis repair, upper eyelid laser blepharoplasty and fractional laser resurfacing on my eyes and after one week, the bruising and swelling were greatly diminished. My pain level was minimal and the only thing I took was regular Tylenol. After one week of wet compresses and a bag of frozen peas over my eyes to minimize the swelling, I am well on the road to recovery. Dr. Scott, his assistant, Dawn, and his entire staff provided exemplary care before, during and after my surgery. There is no better surgeon than Dr. Kevin Scott. Many thanks.


Dr Scott and his staff are very welcoming and courteous. I wish I had done the surgery sooner since I can now see much better and reading is not such a problem. Driving is much better for me. Thanks DrScott.


Dr. Scott’s staff was extremely professional and friendly at all times, which helped to ensure a comfortable experience for me as a patient. Likewise, Dr. Scott was very welcoming and personable, always taking the time to thoroughly explain everything and answer any questions I had. If you are looking for an outstanding oculoplastic surgeon who highly invested ensuring the best possible medical outcome and in patient satisfaction, go see Dr. Scott. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience, start to finish!


I have never met a Doctor who when you call on a weekend with a problem says Thank you for calling me. He is kind and takes His time explaining things and wants you to ask questions.His staff, full of women who are just as kind as he is. It’s a pleasure for us to drive from Winchester, Va to his office.To receive that kind of care is comforting. It has been a very pleasurable experience. I wish that anyone who need Eye surgery could relieve it from Dr. Kevin Scott.


Wish I had done it sooner my eyesight is so much better and I am much more comfortable driving. Great experience.


This was an amazing experience all around, from the very first call, first appointment through surgery and follow ups. The staff is phenomenal. Dr. Scott led me through choices, options, and recovery never promising something that he didn’t deliver. Dawn was fantastic in helping me through the preoperative forms, hospital requirements and coordination. I would highly recommend anyone to this practice!


Dr. Scott is an excellent surgeon, and he did a great job. I am able to see much better than I have been able to see in many years. I couldn’t be more pleased with the care and treatment he provided. His staff is extremely pleasant, knowledgeable and helpful.


From my first visit to the last visit I was treated very professionally. All steps to prepare for the surgery were explained clearly . Dawn was very helpful . Dr. Scott was wonderful in explaining the procedure to me. The day of the surgery he actually SAT DOWN AND TOOK THE TIME TO TALK , to my husband and I . he also SPOKE to my husband after the surgery . What an idea !, Doctors do exist! we REALLY APPRECIATED that . The post up care was just as Dr. Scott said , no surprises. All in all a wonderful experience. THANK YOU.


Very pleased not only by the excellent work of Dr. Scott, but also by his staff.


Dr. Scott is an amazing doctor! He is also a highly a gifted surgeon who performed amazing procedures on my eyelid! More importantly, his rapport with me and his ability to communicate as well as his genuine care for his patients are all outstanding! He is the consummate professional in every sense!


I could not be more pleased with the entire experience and the results are better than expected.


I am very happy with my new eyes. My eyelids were so droopy that I looked like my eyes were closed in photos. The best part of the surgery was that there was no pain. I had expected the surgery to be very painful, but I didn't take even one pain pill. I definitely needed 3 weeks to recover following surgery, and that surprised me, but the healing was steady, and I looked better with each passing day. Now 5 months later, there is no sign of the incisions. Dr. Scott is amazingly skilled, and I would recommend him to anyone having eye surgery.


Pain free, exciting, and I can see much much better. Now when I put my make up on I feel pretty.


From the very first meeting with Dr. Scott, I found him to be open, friendly, a good listener, and extremely thorough with explanation and expectation of my procedure. His staff was very professional in every way from check-in, scheduling, phone call reminders, and follow through after procedure. I felt respected by all and encourage to contact Dr Scott for any concerns, questions and future needs. My experience was first class in every manner.


I only have the highest praise for Dr Scott and his staff.


The need for eyelid surgery was an anxious time for me, but Dr. Scott alleviated all my concerns. His staff are congenial, friendly and most helpful answering questions. Highly recommend this practice.


Very pleased with the eyelid surgery I had. Every thing went perfect. I couldn’t ask for more.


I felt very good about my entire experience and my results met my expectations. The staff were warm and friendly and Dr. Scott made me feel that I was in very good hands. My thanks to each of you for taking good care of me. Eva Gallagher.


Prompt, professional, and clear examination.


Dr Scott, was so nice and took his time explaining proceedures and any thing that might be confusing. He is an excellent surgeon and my operation went smoothly and the care afterwards was great too. The office staff is very caring and they make you feel like you can call anytime to ask questions.


Very knowledgable, careful, pleasant and thorough.


The entire process from my first visit with Dr. Scott to my blepharoplasty eyelid procedure in the Fair Oaks Hospital was exceptional. The documentation provided by the doctor’s office was excellent and everything turned out exactly the way Dr. Scott described it. He is an excellent surgeon and I have no reservation whatsoever in recommending him.


Dr Scott did a fabulous job on my recent ptosis surgery. He is a perfectionist and I am so happy with the results. Everything from appointments, scheduling surgery and pre and post op instructions were handled so efficiently.


Dr. Scott was recommended to me by my local ophthalmologist in Winchester to remedy a "drooping eyelid". My initial visit was efficient, timely and professional. The procedure was successful, as expected, and my problem was resolved. Dr. Scott predicted I would return within a year or so to address the same issue in the other eye. Having just done so, successfully, I highly recommend Dr. Scott for cosmetic eye procedures.


I had surgery on my eyelids with Dr. Scott in December 2018. From the moment I was greeted by the warm, friendly staff, I knew I was in the right place.Dr. Scott took his time examining me and made sure that all of my questions were answered. My surgery went well and i am extremely satisfied with the results.Many thanks to Dr. Scott and his staff for taking such great care of me.


The office staff is very professional and friendly. Dr Scott demonstrated that he was very experienced and knowledgable. I am very happy with the success of my treatment.


I was very fearful going in first visit,but Dr Scott said he would take care of me and he did! He is supported by an amazing staff and everything ran very smoothly .

Susan Flury

I have never felt more comfortable with a doctor! Dr. Scott and his staff are so personable and yet professional at all times. I was, as all people should be, a bit nervous about having delicate surgery on my eye, but as soon as I met the Doctor and his assistant, I was completely relaxed. The whole experience was excellent. I will recommend Dr. Scott to anyone needing delicate surgery.Thank you.


Great treatment.


Very pleased with the results.


I was very impressed with the expertise of D. Scott and the overall quality of the office and surgery.I have been relieved of a long term eye irritation. Thank you!


Dr. Scott was very thorough and careful in the pre-surgical evaluation and follow-up. My post-surgery recovery was just as he described before the surgery. Every time I visited with him, he prompted me for more questions to make sure there were no lingering doubts or questions. The local medical community evidently holds Dr. Scott in high esteem Judging from the positive reactions of my regular ophthalmologist and optometrist when I mentioned his name. When you have surgery on your eyes you want to have complete confidence in your surgeon and I am glad that Dr. Kevin Scott was my surgeon.


Super treatment and results.


It was such a pleasure to work with Dr. Scott and his staff. From the beginning, he explained, in detail, the procedure he was going to perform. He made sure that all my questions were answered and I felt that he was willing to spend as much time as I needed to understand the surgery he was performing. Dr. Scott has a gentle, but confident demeanor, and treats his patients with respect (a trait that is sorely lacking in today’s world). I highly recommend Dr. Scott to anyone who needs or wants a service/procedure in his area of expertise.


I am absolutely delighted with the results of Dr. Scott’s work. Surgery turned out even better than I had hoped and I now tell everyone I know to go see Dr. Scott! His work is flawless.


Very professional staff Will recommend to anyone.

Barbara Sjelin

An excellent experience. Dr. Scott did a wonderful surgery removing growths on my eyelid. It is now a pleasure to wash in my eye area..


I am very pleased with the outcome. Dr Scott listens well, answers questions clearly, and is an excellent surgeon.


This is my second procedure with Dr. Scott. Dr. Scott and the office staff are amazing. My first procedure was almost 10 years ago and would not consider any other physician. The doctor goes out of his way to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. He was very clear explaining my procedures prior to the surgery, as well as very assuring at the hospital. He is patient, caring, always taking time to listen to all my concerns and make sure I have all my questions answered at all of my appointments. His personality is ideal for a practitioner dealing with the delicate area of the face. I was very happy with the results of my surgeries. The entire staff in this office are very friendly, personable and professional. They have even gone out of their way to help schedule my appointments at a convenient time. I had contacted the office with a question after my surgery, and immediately received a response. As a health professional, I am more aware of the physical appearance of my doctor's offices and overall waiting time to be seen. Dr. Scott's office is punctual and the office itself is bright and cheerful. The extra perk this office has is the bowl of chocolate kiss candy at the check out desk for the patients. I would definitely recommend Dr.Scott as a plastic surgeon.


I was referred to an eye plastic surgeon by my ophthalmologist because my eyelids were drooping over my eyes causing difficulty seeing especially when reading and sewing. I found Dr. Scott through a Google search and was immediately impressed by the testimonies posted by his former patients. From my first visit, through the surgery and follow up, he lived up to each and every glowing remark. Not only does he have a competent demeanor, his entire staff is kind and supportive. I am thrilled that I have regained a full field of vision and as a added benefit look less tired and old. I wholeheartedly recommend him if you have eye issues requiring a specialist!


Dr. Scott was so professional, kind and explained everything very clearly as he removed a small growth on my eye. Very little discomfort. I would highly recommend this Dr.


Dr. Scott is a great doctor and very knowledgeable . He makes me feel so comfortable. He did an amazing job on my eyelid surgery.


Great experience.


Had a wonderful experience. Dr Scott and staff are great.

Vicky Eveslage

Dr. Scott and his staff have been very thorough and welcoming and caring. The Inova Hospital at Fair Oaks also gets high rating. Everyone, from checkin to checkout, were caring and wanting to know if you were comfortable and if there was anything they could do for you. I have told everyone that Dr. Scott's office personnel, he himself, and the hospital staff were the best experience I could have had. Rula and Adele were the two names I remember from the hospital. Thanks to Dr. Scott for being such a wonderful, caring individual and that shows thru his staff and the staff at the hospital has high regards for him.


I can't say enough about the office staff and Doctor Scott. I was completely prepared for the surgery. The staff was friendly and professional at all my visits. Dr. Kevin Scott was exceptional - the results from my surgery are great. I had minimal discomfort during recovery. I highly recommend Dr. Scott!


Dr. Kevin Scott. Dr. Scott and his staff are consummate professionals. My first and subsequent visits with Dr. Scott gave me the assurance that I was in excellent hands. His confidence, experience, expert knowledge in this field gave me the courage to proceed with the surgery. His appropriate sense of humor and honesty reduced any anxiety I had with the upcoming procedure. Dr. Scott, his staff , and the pre and post-op nurses provided us a complete package detailing medical billing information and pre and post- operative procedures which assisted my husband and me in fully understanding the complete process. I fully endorse Dr. Kevin Scott, his office staff and the Inova Fair Oaks surgical team in their contribution to restoring how I live and function on a daily basis. I am very grateful to Dr. Kevin Scott, his staff and all those individuals that help change and enhance my life everyday.


I had a very positive experience with Eye Plastic Associates. The staff whom I had contact were knowledgeable, helpful and tried to put me at ease. I believe Dr. Scott has the highest level of surgical expertise. His medical knowledge and proven performance makes me completely comfortable putting my health care in his hands. I believe him to be honest, caring and concerned that his patients receive his best care. He answered every question that I asked and if an explanation was needed he explained it in such a was that any non-medical person could understand. This is important. My life has been highly enriched because of having met Dr. Scott.


My surgery helped my eyesight by lessening spasms of my eyelids. I no longer look tired due to too much skin hanging down. Dr. Scott did a wonderful job and my recovery was better than I expected.


Dr Scott provided excellent care from fully explaining procedures before and during treatment, what to expect during the healing process , and finally to follow on appointment to ensure effectiveness of the procedure. His assistants and other staff provided that same level of professionalism and personal touch to ensure the positive experience of the visit. I would highly recommend Dr Scott and his practice.

Paul hub bell

I can't say enough good things about Dr. Kevin Scott and his practice.I had surgery to remove excessive skin and fat on both of my upper eyelids performed by Dr. Scott. The procedure was a great success and I am very happy with the results!On my first visit, Dr. Scott explained the procedure in detail, time frame for the surgery and recovery, and associated costs. It happened just as he had explained.I highly recommend Dr. Scott. I very much enjoyed his professionalism, caring and excellent work.Further, all other staff members were consistently friendly, professional and treated me so kindly.


As promised, Dr. Scott and his team gave me a whole new outlook on the world. My ptosis repair really does improve my vision. Thanks to all involved for your great work!


From start to finish, my time with Dr. Scott and his staff was effortless! I always knew what to expect and when to expect it which cut down my anxiety level tremendously. Would highly recommend Dr. Scott and his practice.


Dr. Scott is an excellent doctor. I am very happy with the results. I would definitely recommend him to others .


I had ptosis (droopy eyelid) on one eye. Also a tiny cyst on my upper and lower eyelid that was just cosmetically annoying. Dr Scott did his magic and my eyelid is no longer droopy and the little cysts are gone. Easy recovery and he prepared me with what to expect to a tee. I am thrilled with the results! Dr Scott is the absolute BEST in his field and I have recommended him to many of my friends. If there were more than 5 stars that’s how I’d rate him and his fantastic staff!


Dr. Scott came highly recommended to me and I'm so thankful for the experience I had. This was the absolute best experience I've ever had with a physician, his staff, and his services. From day one, my husband and I were treated with respect, and communication was direct and honest. Any concerns I had were immediately addressed. Every person I came in contact with, not only in his office but also at the hospital was extremely compassionate and caring. The outpatient team of doctors and nurses spoke highly of Dr. Scott and even those not On his service stopped in and stated how highly regarded he is. I think, other than the incredible results I've experienced, my favorite thing about all of it is that once I became a patient, I felt more like a member of the family. Thank you so very much!


Very pleased in all aspects. Wonderful office staff.


Amazing. Dr Scott and his staff were very professional and had a great bedside manner. I came in from an accident and now no one can tell I had 15 stitches in my eye. I will recommend Dr Scott to anyone, he helped me so much. Dawn is so sweet as well, along with the rest of the staff. It’s a great practice.


Dr. Scott has a great personality and I am extremely pleased with my results.

Charlotte Cash

Everything went smoothly. Dr. Scott and his staff are efficient, knowledgeable and caring. I would definitely recommend this practice.


I am fortunate to have been referred to Dr. Scott by my ophthalmologist for necessary eyelid surgery. Doctor Scott was very attentive and very quickly diagnosed the issues and outlined and explained very clearly the approach he would take. The surgery was both medically and esthetically a big success and the follow-up care was excellent. I very much appreciated Dr. Scott's demeanor and the way he clearly explained what the surgery would involve including some steps I would have to endure. Also the staff was very pleasant and contributed to a very efficient office operation. In several visits to the office, I do not recall ever having to wait and sometimes I was taken early. In summary, I highly recommend Dr. Scott.


This was the best ever experience I've had with a surgical procedure. Dr Scott is very thorough, informative and caring. His office staff is exceptionally efficient. I knew and understood each step of the operation and after care. Im delighted with the results and highly recommend Dr Scott and his team.


From the minute you contact Dr. Scott's office, you know you are in good hands. The staff is capable, friendly and fast. Despite the complexities of having surgery scheduled - Dr. Scott's office made the process easy including the after care. Thank you for the excellent full service care!


Very detailed and kind pre-op procedures...Superb and excellent Hospital Surgical Operations...Post-op procedures were well taken care of...Everything was great...Clinic staffs were very professional and kind...CBB...Couldn’t Be Better...


Dr. Scott is very personable and really takes the time to listen and answer questions. Office staff are courteous and helpful, very well run practice. Should I have issues in the future I would certainly come back!


Note - last name is Norko.


Very pleased with my results. The office staff was very helpful and knowledgeable.


Dr. Scott and his team were very professional, knowledgeable, easy to work with and genuinely caring and attentive to my medical needs and comfort. The process was clearly explained and performed well above my expectations. Follow-up was similarly conducted in a very exceptional and efficient manner. I highly recommend Dr. Scott and would not hesitate to use his services in the future.


Professional and Excellent care from the first visit to the last. Staff was professional and caring. Dr, Scott provided all my options and what to expect after surgery. The after care was excellent with regular check in to see how I was doing. The results were better than I ever expected. I see why Dr. Scott is considered the top in the fie.


Dr Scott is the absolute best!. Dr Scott takes the time to listen and made me feel comfortable for the procedure (s). He was highly recommended by my Retina doctor (all the way from Winchester, VA.) and others in surrounding areas. His staff is so personable, helpful and knowledgeable when I had any questions. My eyes look fantastic. I had a heaviness about them and looked sad and tired. Now the results are amazing after 8 weeks. So very happy and excited..Thank you Dr Scott & Staff!


From start to finish everything went great. Dr Scott is not only an excellent Doctor, he is a very nice person also. All of his staff are friendly and easy to work with. I would recommend him and his staff to anyone looking for the best of the best in his field with a staff that is second to none to be of service to you. Thanks, Randy.

Randy Jones

This was my second eye surgery performed by Dr. Scott and both went.


Excellent customer service from initial consultation to post op visit! Couldn’t have asked for anything better! Dr Scott & his staff superb!


I went to Dr. Scott to get the bags under my eyes removed. I rarely right a reviews, however my experience was so fantastic that I feel the need to do so. From the very beginning, Dr. Scott was very kind, informative, and extremely knowledgeable. He put all my apprehensions at ease and explained the procedure thoroughly. His attention to detail is what really impressed me. His office staff is equally as attentive. Everyone was very kind and professional. His nurse is amazing. She too was very knowledgeable and reassuring. The surgery went smoothly. No surprises. I am extremely happy with my results. I did extensive research on many Physician's in this field, and I have to say that this is by far the best choice that I have made. Dr. Scott is a very gifted individual. I highly recommend his services to anyone looking for any kind of plastic or reconstructive surgery that involves the eyes.


I would highly recommend Dr. Scott as a caring, knowledgeable, and skilled physician. I had cancer on my eyelid and he removed it and offered me a conservative or radical treatment and I chose conservative. He followed up with me for two years and when the cancer came back it was a scary time. He was always patient and addressed all my concerns. The day of reconstruction surgery he did a fabulous job and I was very pleased with the result. In addition, his entire staff is caring and friendly. A big shout out to Dawn who held my hand in the days prior to the day of surgery. I always feel everyone in the office treated me very well. I will continue to follow up with Dr. Scott in the future.


My blepharoplasty surgery was surprisingly painless. It took about one day to get use to the after surgery soaks, but I actually found them restful. I took a photograph of myself every day so I could see my healing process. After 10 days I felt confident being back in public again and have been proudly showing my new eyes to everyone! The world is brighter and I now have excellent peripheral vision. Dr. Scott and his staff have been professional and wonderfully supportive. I can’t speak more highly of my experience with Eye Plastic Associates!


Amazing difference before and after I’m very pleased definitely recommend Dr Scott and his staff.


Dr. Scott is absolutely wonderful. He does beautiful work and for the first time in three years I was able to return to reading! His staff could not be nicer and Dawn is incredible! Thank you all for a wonderful experience!


.The procedure was easy and my vision is much improved. Dr. Scott and his team are professional and friendly. the whole experience was excellent.


From the first appointment I was impressed with the staff at Dr. Scott's office; they are professional and each were clear on their role and the process. I had a lot of questions and they responded to them thoroughly. Dr. Scott explained the procedure and had a calm, precise manner. I was very impressed with the pre op hospital staff, Katherine the pre op nurse was fantastic. She explained the pre op process, who was coming in (OR nurse, anesthesia, etc.) their role and what would happen after surgery. She even made sure I had heated blankets to stay warm while waiting. It was a terrific experience. Best of all are the surgical results, which exceed my expectations. Two weeks post op and there is light in my world again.


I wanted the bags removed from under my eyes to look more refreshed and not so tired. I was pleased with the results Dr. Scott provided. He patiently answered my questions and I found him to be quite congenial. Since the operation, people tell me I look so young! Love it!


He is very thorough, highly skilled and professional. His staff is outstanding. I highly recommend Dr. Scott. He is excellent and a credit to his profession.


Dr. Scott and his staff are professional and personable. They listened to my concerns and addressed my needs.


Amazing experience! Dr.Scott is such a professional and from day one I knew I was in the best hands! My new look is more amazing than I ever could have dreamed.


All apprehension re surgery on my eyes dissipated once I met Dr Scott. His ease and confidence soon let me believe I had nothing to fear. I was in excellent hands. Now several years later I have not changed my opinion. The office staff is superb, friendly and efficient. No question that I would trust my eyes to no one other than to the Eye Plastic Associates to include Dr Scott and all staff.

Sharon Manley

I am so please with my outcome from Dr Scott. His staff is wonderful and took the time necessary to address my concerns. He was referred to me by several of my Dr's and all told me there are no better hands to be in. My vision is netter and recovery was a breeze..Thank you Dr Scott!!


I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Scott. My eyes look beautiful and I am very pleased.


Excellent experience from my first appointment to my surgery through my follow up appointment. Doctor Scott and his entire staff are wonderful. Everything was explained in detail, the hospital arrangements were handled, the entire process was painless! I would absolutely recommend them to anyone needing their services.


Dr. Scott openness and compassion from the first time I visited him was what impressed the most. Dawn, one of his assistants was very helpful and patience with me and my husband. Most of all, Dr. Scott’s knowledge and experience were superb. Very happy all around with his practice.


Just a one of a kind experience The staff at Dr Scott’s office was right on the money Everyone was so kind and considerate The entire process turned out the exact way it was explained to me Dr Scott was just an amazing eye surgeon I will spread the word about the entire experience and recommend Dr Scott and his staff to everyone.

Larrick March

Everything went smoothly. Dr. Scott and his staff are professional, efficient, knowledgeable and caring. I would definitely recommend this practice.


Dr Scott, is very knowledgeable and informant before any procedure. Explains everything thoroughly. Would HIGHLY recommend anyone to get his opinion. A great surgeon and for cosmetic procedures.


Best doctor - for anything- that I have ever experienced The staff is wonderful and inviting too From receiving an initial “goody bag,” to a doctor who is kind and understanding, the entire experience with Dr Scott and his staff was a very pleasant experience - Sincerely.


Very pleased with thoroughness of exams and discussions of treatment and potential risk. Scheduling of appointments was terrific since I have to travel 3 hours from my home.Also, exceptionally pleased with Fair Oaks Hospital's check in, cleanliness and outstanding care from all staff.


Dr.Scott and staff were great. Would highly recommend to anyone thinking of having eyelid surgery.


EXCELLENT in every respect. Dr. Scott and staff are a credit to their profession, the hospital, and our community. My wife and I truly appreciate Dr. Scott and thank him for his many years of advanced university study to assure his critical knowledge. In our opinion, he is the Top Doctor in this area of expertise.

Stanley Matelski

Excellent! Dr. Scott is an excellent doctor and provides very good information prior to and post procedure. His office staff are all great and friendly.


Dr. Scott is the quintessential caring physician. I came to him with a well-advanced basal cell cancer on my eyelid that had been missed by another health professional. Rather than berating me for neglecting the problem, he explained what we were up against and assured me that surgery would repair the damage with likely minimal change of appearance. His caring, reassuring manner and obvious expertise were phenomenal. The loss of half my lower eyelid, which required using a slice of my upper lid to repair, has healed with no evidence of surgery whatsoever. And every interaction with Dr. Scott has been a complete pleasure. When unparalleled medical knowledge combines with superior people skills ... well it just doesn’t get much better than that.


Dr.Scott did an amazing job on my upper eyelid surgery. He was very thorough, good humored and skilled. I knew exactly what to expect and healing was exactly as described. Staff in the office rock and are always helpful, smiling, accommodating and professional. I would definitely recommend Dr. Scott and his practice and use them again for any procedure. They also value your time and are quite flexible!


Dr. Scott is the best - very pleasant and takes time to explain procedure and answer questions. Office staff also available for telephone consultations when needed. Overall, I was very pleased with the results of my surgery and would recommend this practice for anyone contemplating ocular plastic surgery.


Friendly, professional Doctor and staff. Results perfect. Should have done it 5 years ago.


The process was well organized and easy. Everyone involved was professional, friendly and helpful . Very pleased with the results. Dr. Scott is an excellent physician and a very good communicator.


As a medical professional, I want the best care for myself. That is why I only trust Dr Kevin Scott and his professional staff. They provide excellent follow up and their genuine concern makes you feel special!


I am a medical professional, so I am particular and notice everything when I am the patient! I do not trust anyone but Dr. Scott and his professional staff for the services they provide! Excellent follow up care. Their genuine concern makes you feel special!!!


Very pleased with overall medical eye procedure that was done. Would recommend this office to anyone seeking this procedure.


My experience with Dr. Scott was absolutely perfect. I found him personable, professional and a highly knowledgeable physician from the first exam to the last. I could not have asked for better care.

Katherine Quinn

Dr. Kevin Scott is simply the best. He is highly professional and at the same time, most caring. I would say his work is superb; one really cannot ask for better. He operated on both of my eyes, with two different procedures, about a year apart from each other. Both times my experience was as easy as can be expected. I believe that he is a superior eye surgeon; his work is exemplary. His office is really well-run and the staff there are excellent. I felt as ease and cared for in all aspects of the surgeries. Dr. Scott is highly recommended and I know I was fortunate to have been referred to him. Thank you, Dr. Scott!


I was very apprehensive prior to my surgery as I have a left lazy eye and rely totally on my right eye for my vision. From the first time I met with Dr. Scott, he put me completely at ease and reduced my fears. He was extremely reassuring and let me feel unafraid and confident going into my eyelid surgery. The surgery went extremely well. I never experienced any pain or discomfort. The healing was remarkable and I am ecstatic with the outcome. I visited both offices and was super happy with the staff. I cannot say enough about Dr. Scott. He is a physician that restores your faith in the medical profession and is so kind, patient and takes all the time with you never letting you feel rushed. I also felt I could contact the office and Dr Scott with any concerns that I had. No question was left unanswered. The experience was wonderful!!!


I just wish I had had this done years ago. Dr. Scott and his staff are the most efficient, friendly, professional group I have ever dealt with in the health care arena.


The experience with Dr. Scott and his office staff has been excellent from the beginning. Dr. Scott is a wonderful surgeon. He explains the procedure and all expectations in great detail and answers all questions thoroughly. The office staff is superb and very organized, further enhancing the whole experience. I will recommend Dr. Scott in a heartbeat.


I could not be happier with the care I received from Doctor Scott and his staff. Everyone involved was exceptionally professional, efficient, competent and gracious. I would highly recommend Dr. Scott and his staff to anyone.

John mcmahon

Dr Scott makes great recommendations for cosmetic procedures and executes them perfectly.

carol hall

I could not be more pleased with the results from my bilateral blepharoplasty and resurfacing! Family and friends are commenting that I look 10 years youngers, but to me the best part is when I look in the mirror and the droopy eye lids and bags under my eyes are gone! I can't imagine having this procedure done by anyone but Dr. Scott, as he specializes in ocular plastic surgery. He took the time to address all of my concerns and explained the procedure, recovery and potential risks. I could tell he is genuinely concerned that his patients do well and have excellent, natural-looking results. His staff is very knowledgeable, respectful and caring. I highly recommend Dr. Scott and wish I had of done this years ago!


Efficient, professional, caring. Perfect surgery, recovery, and follow-up experience.


I was extremely pleased with the excellent service I received.


I was not looking for a drastic cosmetic makeover. Dr Scott and his caring professional staff understood that my self-confidence needed help. He listened to me and engaged me in deciding which treatment best suited my needs. No rushing or pressure. Dawn, Martha, Gloria and Jenisse are friendly, supportive, and leave no question unanswered. My results have significantly helped restore my feeling of self-worth helped me move forward!!


Excellent outcome.


Very little pain after surgery. Just a little discomfort. I healed quickly by following the Doctor’s directions. Very pleased with results. The.


From the first visit Dr. Scott made me feel comfortable and that he was the right doctor to perform my procedure.The surgery went as planned and the healing process was as described and expected. At the 8 week mark I am excited about my new look.


My experience with Dr. Scott and his team was excellent from start to finish! I was very worried about having my left upper eye done, but grew very weary of my droopy eyelid. The office was very professional, the surgery went well and recovery time was record fast. I was back to work in five days and had zero pain throughout the entire process. I am extremely happy with the results. It is extremely natural looking, and symmetrical with my right eye. Most important to me, my left eye no longer closes when I smile, all thanks to Dr. Scott and his team!


I continue to be excited about the results of my surgery to correct drooping eyelids and bags under my eyes.Dr, Scott and the entire office were concerned and helpful about my experience. I felt confident that any questions or supplies that I needed for my healing were generously supplied. My husband is so pleased with the way my eyes look.


Dr. Scott examined my tear ducts for drainage. I was referred to him by my allergist Dr Schuster. He was exactly the right person to see about this. I got exactly the information I needed. Dr Scott and the entire office was the finest, most competent, empathetic medical operation that I have ever experienced.I am grateful fo Dr Schuster for her recommendation and to Dr Scott and all of you for you skill and kindness.

Lloyd Reed

Dr. Scott was amazing - the procedure and results were amazing. I would strongly recommend him and his team!


Dr. Scott is a great eye surgeon and a truly wonderful doctor. I had a Ptosis and Bletharoplasty done; the results are super. Dr. Scott explained each part of the surgery and treatment in terms that were easily understood. His staff is professional and friendly. The office is run smoothly, and a spirit of caring is evident throughout. Every question I had was answered. Dr. Scott is highly recommended, even by the hospital staff where the surgeries are done. It was really a good experience and I highly recommend him.


My experience with this practice has been very positive. They are professional, friendly, and listen to your concerns.


Couldn’t have been more pleased w my experience w Dr Scott and the office personnel. From the first mtg til my last follow up everyone made me feel so welcome. Dr Scott was never rushed in our appts and he always made sure all my questions were addressed. My results were better than I hoped and would enthusiastically recommend this team for your eye surgery needs!


Excellent results from the surgery, very friendly and professional service. The staff is knowledgeable and empathetic to my needs. I would highly recommend Dr. Scott and his team for comprehensive blepharoplasty surgery.


Had an excellent experience and excellent results. Highly recommend doctor Scott. He is just amazing at what he does. Had my both lower lids tightened and top lids blepharoplasty and entropion repair. Highly recommend it to be done. I look 10 years younger.


The removal of a large hemangioma on my right eyelid was performed in Dr. Scott's office was exceptional. There were two people at the surgery, Dr. Scott and assistant, unlike a hospital setting. The room was comfortable, not freezing cold as in a hospital. There was not a long waiting period for the surgery as in a hospital; and not a long waiting period after the surgery to be discharged as in a hospital. There was no pain during the surgery and Dr. Scott was always acutely aware of my well being. I was awake during the entire procedure and Dr. Scott kept me informed as to what he was doing and why during the surgery. Dr. Scott and his assistant were kind and pleasant to me during the entire surgery and keenly aware for my comfort. The entire surgical procedure took less than an hour and I was released within minutes after the surgery was finished, unlike a hospital that keeps you waiting and freezing for some time. It seems to me that this surgery may be considered minor but that there are many other minor surgeries that might be able to be performed in an office setting. In-office surgeries - how nice if this could become common and "the wave of the future". On Oct. 24,2017 had a cyst removed from my left eye (lower right corner) and the surgical procedure was just as great as the procedure for the hemangioma on my right eyelid.On my follow-up visits to Dr. Scott's office I received very clear and highly-defined pictures of the pathology reports along with understandable descriptive explanations as part of the report. In a heartbeat I would recommend Dr. Scott and his fine staff of young ladies to anyone needing eye surgery.


Both the staff and Dr. Scott were very friendly and keep me informed throughout all my visits to the office and by phone ahead of the surgery.I was very pleased with the results.


I am so pleased with how wonderful Dr. Scott and staff handled my operation’ how professional each one is. I couldn’t,t be more pleased with the wonderful results with the operation. Thanks to all of you; especially Dr. Scott.

Thomas Whalen

Great experience. Outcome was fantastic.

Thomas Gray

I had a very good experience from the evaluation for eyelid surgery, through the surgery itself at Fair Oaks Hospital, and all the follow up appointments. Dr Scott and the staff were always kind and helpful. I am very happy with the results and recommend him to others considering eye surgery. I’m so glad I chose Dr Scott!


I had a very good experience with Dr Scott and his staff. They were kind and caring throughout the process of consultation, surgery and after care. I’m extremely satisfied with the results and would highly recommend him!


The ptosis correction surgery went very smoothly. After the surgery I had no pain or bleeding at all. Based on photos of my younger self, Dr. Scott advised me that he would restore my eyelids to their original positioning when I was younger, which is exactly what he did. An added bonus, which I had not anticipated, is that my vision improved. Also, the entire surgical team at the hospital was excellent. Since my surgery, I have recommended Dr. Scott to several people. In fact, I gave his contact information to someone this morning. I could not be happier with the results.


It was a great experience. Everyone in the office was very friendly and helpful. Dr Scott never rushed and always answered all questions and understood the fear that comes with the procedure. The only downside was having my appointment rescheduled at one point.


I am beyond happy with my results. Dr Scott and his staff are amazing.


Dr. Scott performed upper eyelid laser Blepharoplasty and laser resurfacing on 10/25/17 . Before the surgery I was given detailed directions as to what to expect and how to take care of the surgery site. Dawn was invaluable in preparation of the surgery. She arranged for the surgical nurse to call with questions prior to the surgery. She went over instructions , was available for our many questions ,arranged with Inova Fair Oaks Hospital to coordinate with anesthesiologist and operating room. She was very supportive. Denise made sure we had all of the supplies that We would need to care for surgical site. Dr. Scott made us feel comfortable with our decision at our first visit. We spoke with my Rheumatologist, Dr. Gradzka, and She said that Dr. Scott was the one to go to for this surgery. Dr. Scott has a good sense of humor that made me feel comfortable We were given a number to call for any questions or concerns. I would recommend Dr. Scott if You are considering plastic surgery.


From my first office appointment to the hospital/surgery to my post op office appointment, I have been so impressed with Dr Scott and his staff . Dr Scott is a compassionate and professional physician. My questions and concerns were always addressed. My experience with Dr Scott and my surgery were positive and successful. Thank you so much!!!

Marty Hofsass

Dr. Scott and his team are absolutely fabulous! I have seen him for several years for an eye disorder, he is knowledgeable, professional, and has a great bedside manner. His staff are equally as amazing, anytime I have called (no matter the issue or question) they are always helpful. I needed a surgical procedure done because of my disorder and I could not be happier with the results. Highly recommend him and his team!


Extremely professional practice where staff and physician care about customer satisfaction and achieving excellent results.

Joshua Russell

Eye lid surgery and resurfacing of cheeks and under eye areas.


From the first visit to Dr. Scott, I felt my medical issues were in the hands of a professional. He is an excellent physician, and his staff are amazing, they were always kind, professional and above all extremely competent. They were always very patient and helpful when I called them. Dr. Scott is an amazing surgeon and truly a caring individual.


Office visit and procedure were conducted in a thoroughly professional manner. Plan to recommend Dr. Scott to friends and family requiring his services. V/R Dan.


It was a very positive experience. Dr. Scott is the best.


I'm beyond thrilled with my results. Dr. Scott and his professional staff answered every question and felt at ease before and after my procedure. Can't thank you enough. I feel and look like a million bucks!!!


Dr. Scott reconstructed my lower eyelid following a significant amount of tissue being removed due to a basal cell carcinoma . The process was above average he eased my anxiety and explained each step very professionally. His staff was courteous and friendly . And my outcome was far better than I expected . Dr. Scott's many years of experience combined with a fabulous education produces wonderful outcomes.


Both Dr. Scott and his staff are excellent, from the customer service to the doctor's overall patient care, expertise, and treatment. I can't thank everyone enough for their time and attention to my eye health. It mean's a lot to know there are people and facilities, like Dr. Scott's, who can provide this type of assistance. Sincerely, Matthew.


Efficient and easy process as every aspect is well managed (including hospital ).results are fantastic . Very natural looking. Dr scott and staff are not just professional but so very kind and considerate. So happy. Dr scott was referred by my optamaliogist.


Dr. Scott is the only physician I trust to work around my eyes, even for minor treatments. This is based on the excellent treatment I received for surgery and other services in the past. The office and practitioner staff are very professional, and courteous. Overall, the practice provides a very satisfying experience. Well done.


Great service by the staff!Very satisfied with the procedure by Dr. ScottThank you very much.


Dr scott was informative and very resassuring through the whole procedure theStaff were friendly and extremely helpful. A great experience.


The bilateral upper and lower blepharoplasty that I had done by Dr. Scott was a life changing experience. The office staff was very efficient and effective in ensuring that everything went smoothly. I appreciated Dr. Scotts' willingness to answer my questions and address my concerns.


Dr Scott performed an eyelid repair for me earlier this month due to longstanding problems with droopiness and visual field impairment. I initially consulted with dr scott for this surgery because he had performed a similar eyelid repair for my father as well as a dear friend who needed complex reconstructive surgery because of skin cancer. I had been so impressed with the results of both of their surgeries that I could not conceive of treating with any other surgeon. I found dr scott, his office staff and the hospital staff to all be prompt, courteous, and professional in their interactions with me throughout the entire experience. I am happy to report that when I returned for subsequent follow up office visits, I no longer bumped into the glass window at the receptionists desk like I did during my first appointment!Seriously, I am very happy with my eye/vision function and appearance post op and am grateful for dr Scott's medical expertise, treatment, and care.


My entire experience with Dr. Scott and his team - from assessment to pre-op to op to post-op was superb. Dr. Scott was very professional, personal, and warm in describing the procedure, the process, and the results. He also explained the advantages and disadvantages of additional cosmetic work, but in no way pushed it on me. Without hesitation, I would recommend Dr. Scott's practice to my friends and family.


Excellent so happy no pain after surgery glad to have finally have tumor out dr scott was positive in explaining the need for its removal. No problems at all.

Rosalie Elliott

I needed eyelid correction on both eyes. Each needed a different procedure and they ended up looking terrific! As my husband of 44 years has told me, those are the eyes he fell in love with. I came to Dr. Scott when my ophthalmologist told me he's THE best. I agree. The staff has been amazing. I highly recommend.


Office personnel exceptional and very accommodating. I was traveling from some distance and they always was considerate of this. Dr. Scott is amazing. Did an amazing job on my eyes. I was concerned at the beginning, he was reassuring and explained every step in detail. The office made all of the arrangements for the procedure and again was very helpful. Follow up was the same way and the results greatly exceeded my expectations. all of you.


Thank You very much for the care and your staff are excellent.


Dr. Scott removed the bags under my eyes and also injected juvaderm in my smile lines and volumina in my cheeks. The results are amazing. Everything from the staff to the office to the experience is outstanding. I completely trust Dr Scott and know he is always acting in my best interest. The staff is always helpful and it's so pleasant every time I visit the office. Dr Scott is an outstanding surgeon.


Dr. Scott and his entire staff were skillful, informative, patient in explaining options and procedures to me. Dr. Scott was highly recommended by personal and professional sources for his expertise and he still exceeded my expectations. This was a completely positive experience.


This was easy to do with lots of instructions all in print, which helped assure me. All my friends have noticed the difference even before the stitches were out. I am pleased to be seeing better and looking better!


Excellent servicing from start to finish . Office staff exceptionally nice. Procedure at hospital excellent experience. Results were so pleasing. Dr scott did a fabulous procedure and is as kind as his staff.

Kathryn Berry

Very professional and the results were better than expected. Highly recommend.


I had a very bad issue with droopy eyelids. Dr. Scott did a great job raising and evening my eyelids on both sides. He has a relaxing personality and a great sense of humor,.


Dr. Scott and his staff were fantastic and addressed all my questions and concerns. I will certainly come here again if I ever have issues with my eyes.


Dr Scott is a magician. Office is very well run, everyone is so very helpful.


I came into Dr Scott very apprehensive about a tumor behind my right eye. He was highly recommended and I am excited to report that his reputation is well deserved. Not only did he explain everything but he also was very caring and thoughtful about his approach. He provided me with all the information I needed and all options available to me to ,Ke the best decision for my care. I had surgery and the tumor was removed and there is not even a scar to tell the tale. He and his staff Re professional knowledgeable and utter,y kind.


From my first visit to Dr. Scott's office in the fall of 2016, he and his staff have been nothing but gracious. This spring I had eyelid surgery and skin resurfacing. The pre-opt instructions were very clear and the post-opt questions were always answered with understanding. I am very pleased with the results of my treatment.


Very friendly competent Doctor, kept me well informed of how the procedure would work and what would happen before during and after the surgery. Office support were wonderful and knew the whole process including dealing with the insurance.


Had to have my left tear duct reconstructed. Dr. Scott did a wonderful job. His bedside manner, personality and his ability to put you at ease are excellent. His staff is friendly, professional and efficient. The whole experience from start to finish was outstanding!


Everything went very well, and I am happy with the results.


Dr. Scott is very great at what he does. He is cordial,professional and very skilled. I interviewed 5 physicians before deciding on him for my surgery. He came highly recommended. I'm very pleased with his work. He and his staff let me know what to expect every step of the way. The office staff is very friendly and accommodating. The hospital staff at Fair Oaks were also great.


Dr. Scott took the time needed to answer my questions and did a great job with the procedure on my eyelid. His office staff is friendly and courteous. My experience with Dr. Scott and his team was great and I highly recommend them.


Absolutely wonderful! Dr. Scott and his team were wonderful and professional. I am very happy with my progress and results from my blepharoplasty. I can not say enough and would highly recommend Dr. Scott.


I had very droopy eyelids that made reading challenging. I read for long periods of time by holding my eyes open with my finger. Dr Scott performed surgery by tightening the eyelid muscles. Now I see much better. I am very pleased with the results. To all with whom I discuss this surgery I give a recommendation to call his office for a consultation.


Pleasant, professional staff. The doctor is wonderful, best experience clinical experience.


I had been doing a little research to find a good surgeon to do a blepharoplasty, and Dr. Scott was highly recommended to me as an eye plastic surgeon. The day of the surgery, the hospital and staff did everything they could to make me feel comfortable and confident about having the surgery done by Dr. Scott. Because of his technique, there was absolutely no bruising or pain around the eyes. Only a little swelling. Did not have to use any pain medicine once I returned home. The outcome is truly amazing. My eyes, after 3 months, look so natural thanks to Dr. Scott. Very grateful to him for his expertise.


Dr. Scott was incredibly knowledgable, kind and reassuring in evaluating my concerns about a possible eyelid cancer. He took the time to carefully listen to all my questions and carefully document my condition. I greatly appreciate the courteousness of the office staff and the doctor's cautious, considerate and prudent advice regarding follow up. Even though he is out of my insurance network, I am happy to the extra copay for his expertise.


From start to finish the team at Dr Scott's office made me feel comfortable and well taken care of. Dr. Scott takes his time to answer all your questions and is honest and open in his remarks. The surgery went well and was easier than I expected. Dr. Scott did an amazing job. I am very pleased with the results.


Thank you Dr Scott.. No pain just nice few days off work now I can see great..


Wonderful experience overall. My recovery time was longer than I first thought, but once I got the hang of everything it was fine.


I had a bilateral blethoplasty along with laser resurfacing. The object was to remove the heavy bags that were constantly under my eyes. The results are better than I had imagined! I am so happy that I had it done and am so grateful that a friend recommended Dr. Scott to me! I was treated with extreme professionalism and friendliness by both Dr. Scott and his entire staff. I am so impressed with Dr. Scott that I am returning in late July for another procedure.


The surgery was pleasant as any surgery can be. We were completely satisfied with the doctor, staff, and hospital.




I would recommend Dr. Scott. He made a scary procedure not so scary and my end result is just what I had hoped for. Thanks Dr. Scott!!


He was excellent and kind. Looks very natural. I will definitely recommend.


Dr. Scott correctly diagnosed my condition in my right eye as entropian (after 2 ophthalmologist were not able to do so). I found Dr. Scott to be both very friendly and professional and the same was true of his staff. Once my surgery was scheduled, I received pre-op instructions from INOVA hospital. My experience at INOVA was wonderful; great staff and everything was explained to me on what to expect before and after surgery. I am blessed to have met Dr. Scott and so thankful my eye no longer is red, painful or irritated.


Dr. Scott is a perfect doctor and surgeon. He is so gentle and patient. He is my favorite doctor ever!


I came to Dr. Scott asking to have the excess tissue in my upper eyelids removed. I was seeking to reduce the heaviness since it was impacting my vision. The procedure and healing went very well. I am very pleased with the results.


I had lower eyelid surgery to make my eyes look less 'tired.' My experience was great. Results looked exactly as promised, less tired without looking like I had any work done. Staff was very friendly and helpful every step of the way. I would recommend to anyone considering this procedure.


Excellent, Dr. Scott is a pleasure to work with. He explains the information in a clear and easy manner to understand.


Wonderful experience. Expectations were satisfied. Couldn't have chosen a better practice for the surgery. Every thing was explained in detail and nothing was glossed over.


I had the surgery for drooping eyelids and am delighted with the outcome. I've been told I look ten years younger, and what woman doesn't love to hear that! My vision is also much brighter and seems clearer as well. It was definitely the right choice. Dr. Scott is fantastic -- very personable -- and not what I've found to be true among surgeons in general. He's also very straightforward and forthcoming with information and answering all my questions. His whole staff is also fantastic, professional, informative and friendly. Wouldn't change a thing and would do it all again in a heartbeat. . . BUT . . . Only with Dr. Scott and his team.


Dr Scott has been my doctor for more than a year now, has done procedures on both lower eyelids, and the results have been excellent! I could not be more pleased with his skills, knowledge, and professionalism and have recommended Dr. Scott to all of my friends. In addition, I have found his staff to be friendly and knowledgeable as well, and the office couldn't be more convient.


A wonderful office to visit. Very professional and caring. I would recommend Dr. Scott to anyone in need of his expertise.


Dr. Scott and his entire practice were excellent to deal with at every step of the way toward improving my sight by operating on my eyelid muscles. I was referred by my ophthalmologist to Dr. Scott. From the initial appt there was no pressure, just a review of what was possible and how they had helped others. They worked with me over several months, providing testing and documentation for my insurance company. They explained what to expect at every step, how to prepare for after the surgery and full recovery. If I ever need help with my eyes again, Dr. Scott will be the first person I talk to about it.


I had both upper and lower lids done. The first few weeks of recovery were rough, but worth it given the results. Three months later I am feeling great!!