Dr. Gleyzer is a highly skilled physician and is sensitive to each patient’s individual case. He is extremely knowledge, applies it effectively into his clinical practice. He is able to sense the tension/inflammation in the body and provide relief with his spinal/tissue manipulations. That in combination with his compassionate attitude contributes to his effective and unique style of care. I feel lucky to have found him.


This is a well run office. Always timely, friendly, and professional. Dr. Gleyzer is a talented DO and I always feel better after an OMT session.


The staff was friendly and very accommodating to me. Dr. Gleyzer is both a gentleman, friendly, and smart as an osteopath and doctor. We discussed the condition of my knees. I explained what I had been experiencing. He had various suggestions, gave me a shot in one knee of a homeopathic solution, and adjusted my body. He also evaluated my toes, some of which had become inflamed. The time spent was calming and informative. I felt confidence in his ability to evaluate my condition, as well as give me good advice about taking care of myself on my upcoming vacation in Madrid.


Dr Gleyzer always helps me.


I've been going to Dr. Gleyzer for years and can't live without him. Wonderful office -- wonderful staff! Highly recommend to anyone !


I went to see him, he made me feel better, I am happy, no complaints.


Excellent patience experience. Dr G takes the time to ask questions and listens to what a patient has to say and ascertains next steps. He is patient, kind and thorough.




I have been coming to this clinic and Dr. Gleyzer for about 10years or more.I cannot say enough good things about him, the Office Team, Ziggy at physical rehab as well as the massage therapists. I highly recommend Dr. Gleyzer and the entire Team for any back issues, physical rehab and pain management in general.Dr. gleyzer is also one of the few doctors in the cit to have experience and proficient with Prolotherapy, which is one of the reasons I came for treatment 10years ago. I travel a lot and have also had sports injuries over the years, had a car accident- This is is the best place to come to get fixed!!!


Great service.