Dr. Randall V Ehrlich is marvelous, thanks to him my right knee is almost as good as new.

Carlene Carty

Excellent in every way!!!

carmine car one

Excellent service.


I feel a whole lot better after my surgery.


Dr. Ehrlich has been such an amazing doctor! Extremely professional, calm, very organized and gives each and every patient the same attention and respect. He listens to your concerns and addresses them leaving you with a sense of security and clarity. I was very down the entire time from the start of my injury and very confused with what was to come. Dr. Ehrlich explained my injury, explained my options, including with surgery and therapy and he even showed me videos of the surgery I would need and the aftermath of such. My entire experience has been amazing and Iíve been up to date on every step. My surgery with Dr. Ehrlich and his team was what really blew me and my families mind! Professional and attentive to every detail from start to finish. I felt at home, cared, calm and ready. After the surgery I was up and able to walk right out and only using a cane, so I didnít apply to much pressure at first. I never experienced the extreme pains and anxiety I hear of on YouTube with other doctors and such surgeries. By day two you will barely need your cane. Every step of recovery has been so amazing! His team is so caring and feel like family. They are always, always available at any hour and he and his team make it so easy to get to them by having different locations and availability. They even supplied pick up and drop off transportation for surgery. My scars are barely visible and a little coco butter and gone altogether. I am now doing home therapy and physical therapy at a site. I am a patient with severe knee injury and medical issues, as well as my lower back and spine. I wouldnít chose another doctor or team to care for me! Thank you so very much Dr. Ehrlich and team for every step of the way and making this tough journey an easy one! - Monica.

Monica WilliamsHarris

Dr. Ehrlich made me feel comfortable through every step of the way with pre surgery, and post surgery. Great bed side manners. His staff are all very nice and very helpful. Surgery went exactly as planned, and Iím in the process of PT now. I would and will refer him to everyone. Thanks again doctor!!!

Carmine Carbone

Awesome, love the doctor great personality.


Awesome Amazing dr.and staff I would highly recommend dr.Ehrlich to anyone very professional and caring dr.


Excellent customer experience. Felt well taken care of.


Excellent Doctor.

Gary desire

Dr. Ehrlich and his staff are incredibly professional and truly care about their patients. Throughout the entire process of long term care, they have all been supportive and a positive influence during recovery.


Excellent customer service. Well taken care of and cared for.

Jose bison

Dr. Ehrlich was great! He was very attentive and informative. I couldnt ask for a better doctor to perform my procedure.

Kareem Smith

After my car accident, I could not lift my right arm pass my shoulder. Once having surgery, performed by Dr. Ehrlich, I can now. It has just been a week so far.

Miguel cuello

Barely no wait time and staff is very cooperative and helpful.

Minerva Mendez

Great doctor. Great staff. I would definitely recommend to my family and friends.

U Diaz

Excellent surgeon. Great personality.I will definitely refer any of my friends and family needing surgery.

ulric Diaz

I had surgery with Dr.Ehrlich on my left shoulder in May. His staff has been helpful in making sure I was kept abreast of appointments. Dr.Ehrlich himself was helpful in making sure I understood the process and the amount of time it would take to heal. i would recommend Dr.Ehrlich because he is knowledable and takes the time to make sure his patient understood what was happening.


I had surgery on my right knee and it went Great he is the best surgery doctor and now I will let people that get hurt on jobs any injury to go to him his secretary is great support. I the knee look great hi is excellent surgeon.


Dr. Ehrlich is a great doctor.


I had knee surgery with Dr. Ehrlich and he was extremely patient and informative. His staff was always professional and courteous. If I had to do it again, I would not change one experience.


Wonderful, respectful, and very caring with the patients.


The surgery went well on both my shoulder and my knee. The recovery time was fairly quick and I am extremely happy with the results.


Doctor Ehrlich is an excellent orthopedic surgeon.


Dr. Ehrlich and his team are professional, warm and caring. Great experience!

Ana Torres

ame to doctor Randall with an torn millecus hope I spelt it rite he look at my mri and told me go back to theraphy for 4 for week I did came back he said kick me I did he said ur strong enough now he didn't want me to go to surgery weak I was very nervous did surgery may 5, 2014 the next pain the next better the 3rd week walking feeling good month later was roller skating moral of my story is he is the best came back for my next check up june 11 and he ask me to kick again and I did he said your doing great unless your in pain or something happens I don't need to see u no more keep skating very good exercise make your knee stronger and get a helmet too funny Thanks Doc Randall for everything highly recommend you I feel like koby brant or somebody God bless you for everything Carla Lyde.

Carla L.

I had surgery with Doctor Ehrlich back in May 2014 for my right shoulder it was successful and I will recommend Dr. Ehrlich to anyone he is amazing surgeon.


I injured my shoulder and Dr. Ehrlich did a great job taking care of me. He answered all of my questions and took time to explain my options. He did surgery on my shoulder and five weeks later I am pain free. If you have a shoulder injury Doc Ehrlich is the guy to see!


Truly caring and very knowledgeable doctor. Will always answer all your questions and explain all the details. He's the type of old school doctors who takes every patient's problems personally and really cares. His patients are his number one priority! As one of his patients I would highly recommend him!


He is one of the best surgeons on there this guy can really fix you up.