The N.P. who took my basic information and performed the initial medical survey was both efficient and cordial.Dr. Irabunda's following review and elicitation of how I thought I was doing was characteristically probing and good humored. His analysis and advice were incisive and informative in particulars. This always gives me a better sense ofhow I really am and what further I need to do. Altogether excellent!

alfred prettyman

Dr. Irobunda is always a pleasure to visit. He is very thorough and takes the time necessary to review with me my medical condition, diagnosis and treatment.


There are few doctors I have ever seen that I respect more and enjoy interacting even when the news is not good. I have recommended a number of patients because of my absolute trust and confidence in Dr Irobunda.


It is always easy to see Dr Irobunda. Appointments are on time and Dr is always available to answer all questions.


Dr. Irobunda is not only a great clinician but he has a calm and measured form of tough love for patients who need that to live longer and better. He likely saved my life with his treatment and improved my quality of life by knowing just how much to push me to adhere to his advice, and never being overbearing. I not only would, but have, recommended him to anyone I know in need of a cardiologist. He's a great doctor in a great place.


My husband and I were scheduled for a stress test after our last office visit. The entire experience was very positive as Dr. Irobunda and his staff are very professional and helpful. Everything always goes smoothly and there is ample time for questions and discussion. When we leave we know what the problem is and what the treatment plan will be. There is always a follow up phone call regarding lab test results. We have the feeling that he truly cares about our health and will do whatever he can to help us. Also, we always seem to have a good laugh together with Dr. Irobunda as he has a wonderful sense of humor. Going to Dr Irobunda is a very positive experience and we have recommended him to family and many friends whom he has helped tremendously. We received very positive feedback and thanks for recommending Dr. Irobunda to them.


Friendly staff when you check in, short waiting time, and Dr Irobunda allays all the fears you may have while waiting . Having had a heart tends to be paranoid and one tends to talk or babble........Dr Irobunda takes the time to listen to your fears, experiences and questions. and his smile is PRICELESS !


Dr. Irobunda Is the best doctor I’ve ever seen in my life. He is direct and understands me, what I want to do and explains everything until I’m satisfied. Awesome!


im very happy with everything associated with Doctor Christopher Irobunda and Staff.


My experience with Dr. Irobunda has been profoundly positive .He leaves nothing unanswered and maintains a cordiality that is seldom found these days. For me, his sense of humor is invaluable. His skill as an interventional cardiologist is has gained him a justified highly regarded reputation. I am 82, with significant cardiac issues, living a very active physical and social life. I have to thank Dr. Irobunda for the quality of life that I enjoy. He has left nothing to chance. His professionalism combined with his humanity and genuine concern for his patients put him above the rest.


The best doctor with lot of compassion! Great experience to be cared by Dr Irobunda and the staff!


Love Dr. Irobunda. Hope he keeps me alive for another 20 years....


I was diagnosed with heart disease in 2009. I have been going to Dr. Irobunda since determining I required a triple bypass in 2013. Dr. Irobunda is very thorough and monitors me closely, yet he is very prompt and my visits have been efficient and timely. I am happy to report that I have been enjoying good health since my surgery and Dr. Irobunda has been with me as my Cardiologist every step of the way.


Dr. Irobunda has been AMAZING!!! He has been the only doctor that has been able to stabilize my symptoms. I was working with 3-4 different doctors in New Jersey who were unable to treat my condition and were at a lose of how to move forward. It wasn't until I began under the care of Dr. Irobunda that I have been able to live a normal life. I am happy to say I am 8-9 months symptoms free. He has always made himself available to speak with ma via phone when I was experiencing symptoms at home and needed advice. When in his office, he has always made me feel comfortable and answered any and all the questions I or my family members had. I have recommended Dr. Irobunda to several of my close friends and will continue to do so. Jessi- his secretary, ALWAYS answers the phone and has been very accommodating with scheduling appointments, setting up blood work, and calling my pharmacy for medication refills. She has been a pleasure to work with. Wait time has always been at a minimal. There are no excessive wait times, ever. The woman at the front desk are also very helpful and kind. I have nothing but positive feedback for Dr. Irobunda and his team =).


It was super.


Excellent. Two stents and blood clot in heart Nov 2016.


I am blessed to be in the wonderful care of Dr. Irobunda. He is very knowledgeable, smart, and caring. His staff is very accommodating and helpful.


Dr. Irobunda and his staff are outstanding. Each member is dedicated, professional, caring and knowledgeable. It is always a pleasure dealing with each individual on the "team." They make a difficult experience (visit to a MD office) as pleasurable as possible. It is so nice to know you have a group of outstanding people keeping you healthy.


Dr. Irobunda is extremely professional and meticulous withus. He is friendly and very easy to talk with. He explains all thatwe need to know. He puts us at ease as soon as we walk into hisoffice.


I am a patient at NYP and was referred by my Hematologist because of concerns he had during a few office visits. I can't thank him enough for that referral because Dr. Irobunda is a PHENOMENAL doctor and a good man. I owe them both my life. It takes a doctor like Dr. Irobunda who looks beyond the obvious to get to the real issues. Who knew that a pre-existing small problem was hiding a major cardiac issue. Dr. Irobunda is also a practitioner who truly cares for and about his patients. That's a rarity in today's changing health setting. Perhaps the best recommendation is from my daughter who has met him. She said that if she ever needs a cardiologist, she wants Dr. Irobunda on her team! Only the best will do!


Dr I is a dedicated professional with heart.


I've been seeing Dr. Irobunda since last June. Since that time, the troublesome aspects of my heart have improved dramatically, for which I credit him. He has been extremely attentive, personally concerned, thorough, and very approachable. On top of that, he is an extremely charming man with a great sense of humor. It's always a pleasure to see him. I would not be surprised to find that the improvements in my heart have come about largely as a result of a diminution of anxiety, knowing that I am in good hands. The rest of the operation has also been great.


Dr. Irobunda is always very thorough and knowledgable about my medical conditions and history. He takes time to explain my condition and his treatment. Dr. Irobunda always gives me a felling that he is genuinely concerned for my well being and will quite often follows up with a call to see how I am doing.


I've had a very positive experience with Dr Irobunda and his staff, he was willing to look at me as an individual, look at my test results and lifestyle habits he has made positive reconmendations that have helped keep my health moving in a very positive direction.


If your looking for a cardiologist Dr Irobundo is probable one of the best choices you could make. I have come to this conclusion after 15 years of experience with two other cardiologist not connected with Columbia. I find him to be a excellent Doctor who truly takes great care of his patient and takes the time to explain any questions you might have.


Excellent cardiologist who provides the best care available. Takes his time and always addresses My needs. Blessed to have him on my team. Tom.


Dr. Irabunda and his staff are focused, dedicated and thorough. He is a pro active physician who leaves no stone unturned. Dr. Irabunda has my complete confidence and highest recommendation without hesitation.


I have been in Dr. care for at least 12 years. 2 1/2 years ago he suspected a possibly false positive test result could problematic. We did 3 follow up visits & I underwent angiogram.We found a very bad Aortic valve.3 weeks later open heart surgery with a great result.I owe my life to this wonderful man.He is not only a great practitioner . Doctor also has a very radiant personality.We are forever in his debt.


On many visits and phone conversations over several years, Dr. Irobunda has always been kind, knowledgeable, understanding, and responsive to questions and requests.


Dr. Irobunda and his staff are always knowledgeable, caring, and sensitive to your needs.


My rating and narrative is based on many visits to Dr. Irobunda, and phone conversations, over several years. He is kind, knowledgeable, trustworthy, and responsive to questions and concerns.




Over many visits and over several years, Dr. Irobunda has always been kind, knowledgeable, responsive to questions and concerns, and trustworthy.


It was excellent! Dr. Irobunda is professional, courteous , extremely caring and competent! He is punctual and very thorough! His assistant, Jessie, is very helpful, professional and courteous as well! I would highly recommend using Dr. Irobunda's services and becoming a patient of his practice!! He is very highly regarded!