Iíd like to thank Dr. Fass and his staff for the excellent service they provided while I was going through such a stressful time. I already rated Dr Fass on Yelp but I would be very remiss if I didnít include his awesome staff. I have nothing but good things to say about the staff for understanding how scared I was and helping me.


Dr. Fass was very helpful and took the time to explain the options.


Everything is going well with the Doctor and his staff.


Dr. Fass was so nice and kind. He knew that I was very scared and he helped me understand what would happen and calmed me down a lot. He was great at answering any and all questions I had no matter how silly they may have been. I would recommend Dr. Fass to anyone who needs a surgeon.


Dr. Fass was very thorough and explained all medical issues well.


Excellent expertise and caring bedside manner.


Very pleased with the whole experience.


Explained everything great!


Dr. Fass was absolutely the very best choice of surgeons for me! His knowledge and experience are second to none and the results have been exactly as he described. In my first visit with him he was very detailed on my options, the surgical procedure, his experience and post surgery expectations. I am on the road to recovery after this life changing procedure. I highly recommend Dr. Fass and his team.


So far I have had a good experience with Jerry Elizondo he is very friendly and helpful. I only had one appt with Dr Fass so far and it was short and sweet, but informative.


Great doctor who provides an individual approach to each patient.


Everything was great and Iím feeling 100% better.


Got in to see doctor Fass in a timely manner. He answered all my question and made me fill I'm making a right decision for myself.


My visit was all that I expected and more. It was a pleasure meeting Dr. Fass as I have waited 9 years to meet him to discuss my condition. He made me feel very comfortable. The staff was professional and super friendly. I look forward to my next visit.


Overall the whole experience was great. Dr. Fass was great and took the time to answer all of my questions.


He is a very excellent doctor I would recommend him to my friends he did a good job on my knees.


Dr Fass is always supportive and easy to talk to. I am so very happy with the results of my WLS and feel very successful with my results. I would and have recommended him to friends.


He truly cares about his patients and explains everything in great detail. He has the best bed side manners. He definitely takes his time with patients.


Dr. Fass explained the entire process in detail, the surgery went well and I returned to work the following week.


I have enjoyed all my visits at the office. Very comfortable place and office staff. Thank you so much for what you do.


I felt the utmost confidence in Dr. Fass & his surgical team.




Dr Fass is a very nice and very good Dr. I recommend him to everyone.


Thank y'all so much for helping me make my life better.


Felt like he gave my situation careful consideration and decided a biopsy was the safest way to proceed. I felt good about his decision.


I was so nervous and Dr Fass made sure I understood everything. It really made me feel better. He’s a great doctor. Thanks to everyone who were so nice to me. Alissa was great too.


Excellent doctor.


Very friendly and forthcoming will answers to all my questions.


Dr. Fass is an awesome surgeon!! He takes very good care of me.


Everything went well. Still recuperating two days after surgery. Some swelling at the hernia site, applying ice pack.


Dr. Fass is fantastic! Would recommend his services 100% of the time.


Great dr very understanding.


A 5 star rating for Dr. Fass. He is very informative and caring. I would recommend him to all of my family andfriends who would need him services.


Dr. Fass is an excellent physician. He clearly explains procedures, including risks as well as positive expected outcomes. He follows up with his patients. He demonstrates care and compassion.


Awesome. Dr. Fass and staff are great. Bedside manner is spot on. Explaining the procedure and what to expect afterward. Dr. Fass doing the follow up call himself the next day was a testament to him and his staff. AAA.


The experience was handled with ease, empathy and accurate, easy to understand information. Greet physician and staff.


Excellent doctor! Easy to talk with, good bedside manor.


Very Good Dr.


Very informative and made me feel very comfortable about the upcoming surgical procedure.


He's a very nice and understanding doctor ! He listens very well to the clients.


My experience was great. Would definitely return.


Everythig is fine, I would have liked more interaction with Dr Fass, but that is pretty standard with physicians.


Overall experience was great. Dr. Fass and office staff are very nice and kind, putting in mind at ease. I Rate .... 5 Star............Thank you, Dr. Fass.


Dr. Fass was very professional and straight forward about what he does and what is expected. I’m happy I was referred to him.


My meeting with Dr. Fass and my class with Jerry Elizondo were both excellent. I'm getting my EKG and blood tests for my next step.


Professional, made me feel better about results and path forward.


Allís excellent.


Dr. Fass and his staff were excellent. From scheduling an initial appointment to having a surgical procedure and post op care, my experience was incredibly fast, easy and I knew I was in great hands. Excellent experience.

Janet Deaton

Dr Fass did a great job with my surgery (no issues) and personally followed up with me. I highly recommend him.


Dr Fass explained everything in a personable manner. He listened to and addressed my questions and concerns.


Dr. Fass is a terrific doctor. An actual person actually answers his office phone and scheduling is easy. I once called to ask a procedural question and Dr Fass himself actually called me back right away (not just a nurse) and answered all of my questions.


Very good expiernce.


Everything went great, after care has been excellent as well.


Dr. Fass is a wonderful doctor. Since I am having surgery and also have many health issues, other than want I needed surgery for (ie. One of which is Lupus which can cause inflammation and weaken the immune system) I was nervous and he put a LOT of my anxiety at easy. He provided me with information about the disorder I have and why surgery is going to be the best option also because it is causing internal bleeding. He answered ALL of my questions and went over all my concerns with great bedside manner and I felt great knowing that he would be doing my surgery. He even showed me one of the test they did to show me why surgery needs to be done and how much better my life will be after as well! I have already said to my family members if they EVER have to have surgery that Dr. Fass is the doctor I would recommend!




Excellent throughout the whole process, highly recommended.


Gallbladder removal surgery was quick and simple. No issues, no complaints. Everyone was professional and efficient. Good communication all around. I highly recommend Dr. Fass and Central Park Surgery Center.


Super staff.


He is an excellent surgeon.


He explain exactly what he was going to do for my hernia surgery. I feel confident in my choice of my physician.


I have enjoyed my experience. It has been a great joy with Jerry thank him for the help he gave me.


Very good.


One suggestion: offer patient a copy of test results at visit. I like to keep mine in case anything gets lost in the elelctronic medical record.


Everyone was very nice and helpful. Dr. Fass is very nice,.


The experience was very good.


De Fass is amazing. He is skilled and knowledgeable as well as thorough He explains in detail and give clear care and aftercare instructions. I would highly recommend him.


Doctor Fass is clearly a surgical nerd. He LOVES what he does and knows all the little bits and likes to share. I had a lot of fun talking to him. He has an excellent bedside manner. If I were needing to be opened up again, he's #1.


Awesome Doctor!


Dr Fass is extremely professional personable and caring.


Everyone was friendly, polite, respectful, knowledge, and helpful.


Very happy with my surgery doctor Fass did awonderful job.


I am very happy with the results that I have received with having agastric sleeve procedure.Dr. Fass has been very supportive and his guidance has been monumental in my success.


Dr Fass and his office staff treated me like I was family. They are organized , have amazing follow up and spent time answering all of my questions. I couldnít be happier with the result of my surgery (hernia repair).


He is great Surgeon who explains everything and really worked to make me feel better, including all his staff and his nurse's!


Dr. Fass and Hisnoffice were incredibly professional, helpful, friendly. I received several phone calls and emails prior to surgery. I had a hernia repair and couldnít be happier with the results.


This was my 3rd visit to D.Fass, he is great and his professionalism and humanity really gave me so much confidence in him.He does what he says and always treats me with respect, considering my whole being as well as the task at hand.Thanks so much Dr. Fass.


I am writing ten days post-Gastric Sleeve Surgery performed by a team of exceptionally skilled medical professionals, with Dr. Fass conducting the surgical symphony at St. Davids Medical Center. Today, 03/04/19, my weight is 331pounds. On the day of surgery, I was 24 pounds heavier. Over the past twenty years, I have received advanced care for chronic health issues from many doctors. From the day I met with Dr. Fass for the initial consultation to the present, I know that choosing Southwest Bariatric Surgeons Group to help me start and sustain this life-long, life-changing journey is one of the best decisions I have made regarding my healthcare. The Laparoscopic Surgery was so seamless that it almost seemed like a non-event. Told that I would be intubated and, remembering how awful my previous tube assisted breathing was, I had some pre-op anxiety. In post-op recovery, I awakened to find the device discontinued and, I was breathing on my own. The incisions are tiny, and I had only low-level pain, however, there was the expected bloating and soreness. I suffered more from stumping my big toe than I have after this surgery and during recovery. I already feel changes in my body and mind. Dr. Fass's time and expertise are in such demand that I sometimes thought our meetings were too rushed, limiting the time for me to ask questions and to be engaged in relevant dialog. That perfect balance of art and science was not present. More finessing of the artistic component, a real personal presentation, and a warmer tone could give the patient a more comforting and informative experience. My insurance did not cover a prescription given to me upon discharge from the hospital. I went without for four days while the healthcare bureaucracy churned out the right meds. Perhaps, if an RN, Nurse Practioner or Physician's Assistance shadowed the doctor the issues as mentioned earlier would not exist. Overall, I am confident that Dr. Fass and his support staff have provided me a high level of Bariatric Health Management. I recommend the practice without hesitation. Thanks to this professional team, "Morbidly Obesity" will soon no longer appear on my Patient Profile. To all prospective, current and former patients of Southwest Bariatric Surgeons and, especially Steven Fass, MD, let's raise our protein shakes and toast these good folks, "Hip, Hips, go Away.".


All of my appointments are handled very professionally. I feel like Doctor listens to my concerns and answers my questions completely and in a way that I understand. He makes sure I understand any new instructions and gives me a written copy of instructions. Always appreciate the service I get from my Doctor and the staff.


I am extremely happy with my experience and extra care that was given to me. Javier not only gave me a ride to my room following the surgery but took me to the airport and helper me get wheelchair service.


Dr. Fass, is a total professional and explains the situation in detail so that one understands. I would totally recommend him to anyone needing his services.


A great doctor who is well versed in barriatric surgery.


so far so good. really like Mitchell following up with helpful reminders on today's busy work and life schedules. waiting on psych callback or might try to use my own.


Dr. Fass has been my doctor for 11 years. He has been an excellent surgeon and physician.


Dr. Fass gave me hope. And I'm so excited to go through this.


Dr Fass is amazing! Professional and friendly. Had good experiences with the Port surgery as well as the removal. Thank you.


Staff is great-very friendly. Jerry is super helpful and knowledgeable. Christi helped me so much through the approval process. Even the nurse that roomed me and the scheduler were great.


Dr. Acheson changed my life a year ago today. Wonderful doctor and staff. Thank you for giving me my life back!


Work out great!!!! Heal fast and no issues and feel like a new man!!


Excellent physician with sound judgement and excellent skill. Top notch expertise.


Second hernia repair on the other side now with Dr. Fass and staff. All interactions were quick, professional, and with smiling faces. My questions were answered and there has been no problem with recovery. Thanks, Dr. Fass and please thank all associated with my procedure. Walt Earnest.


My visit was excellent. Dr. Fass provided me with the results of my lab work which were great. His staff was very polite and friendly. Everyone cared about my treatment and welfare.


He did a great job.


My experience was excellent in all aspects. The staff was friendly and courteous. They made we feel comfortable being there. After treatment was determined, all my issues have been resolved. I am looking forward to continuing my care at this office.


Dr. Fass, is a professional and explains the situation in detail. He truly listens to his patients. I would and do recommend him to anyone. Thank U Dr. Fass.


I had an excellent visit with Dr. Fass. I am pleased to say that every one of my issues have vanished since unfilled my lapband.. Looking forward to having him as my newDr. At Southwest Bariatrics.


Very happy.


I was very pleased with the explanation, quality of care, and follow up of the procedure, very professional. Thanks for everything.


Dr Fass is a compassionate physician. He cares about the patient.


Dr. Fass is the very best a doctor could possibly be.


Extremely professional while exuding a sense of kindness, which combined provide great reassurance to the patient. I trusted him implicitly at first visit, and that is an uncommon occurrence for me. Thank you.


Positive caring appointment.


My experience with Dr Fass and his office staff has been excellent. This whole process went super smoothly and I could not be more pleased. Thank you all so much.


The stars say it all!


I appreciated how fast Dr. Fass was able to operate on my hernia.


Great experience.


Very good doctor.


Good well still losing weight love it thank Dr Fass.


Awesome experience, wish I had visited Dr Fass sooner!


Best Dr, staff, and wonderful service. I don't live in Austin, but everyone made me feel at home.


My surgical procedure went better than expected. Pain was well managed primarily by ES Tylenol. Dr. Fass allowed me to control my stay. Iím very pleased and feel much better post operatively. No more heartburn-no constant sore throat -no Pepcid-no tums!


The best surgeon I have ever had. He really cares about your outcome after surgery. I was very impressed that he called personally to check on my recovery at home.


Great experience. Solid results.


Nothing less than perfect in all aspects of surgery care! Hopefully never need help again but if I do I will be contacting Dr. Fass.


It was pleasant, no complaints. Dr and staff was really nice and patient.


I love Dr Fass, he very detailed and explains until his patient understands. I would recommend him to everyone I know.


Love the staff.


Day of visit was great I felt relaxed the staff was very friendly and professional, And the wait time was great everything was great I left very satisfied I appreciate everything you do for your patients ‚̧.




I was especially impressed by the friendliness of everyone, their eagerness to put me at my ease, and to answer all my questions, Dr. Fass took his time explaining everything, and acted as though he had all the time in the world to concentrate on me; unlike some doctor visits in which the patient feels they are in a hurry to move on to the next patient...The staff was well prepared; they had all my records researched, and even prior visits with other doctors or concerning other surgeries in the past were there and available for Dr. Fass to go over with me.I was impressed with the professionalism shown by the doctor and the staff. The atmosphere was successful in establishing a trust between patient and doctor.Jacquolin L. Smith, Ph.


Dr Fass was professional, kind, and direct. I appreciate that he took the time to understand my situation and found a way to fit me into his schedule.


Very satisfied with Dr. Fass. He is very concerned about your well being and how you are doing on your new journey in weight loss.


Great experience. Thanks for the help.


Great experience.




When I was referred to Dr. Fass by my PCP, I was able to make an appointment promptly, and the check in and wait were of minimal time. Dr. Fas is courteous, informative, and above all...professional.I was in need of a surgical procedure, that he then scheduled within a week...and that procedure will necessitate me writing another 5 Star review!


Dr. Fass was great. When picking a surgeon, I was pretty apprehensive. I wanted someone who had experience, was confident, appeared relaxed/steady, and who didn't seem rushed. Dr. Fass exceeded all of those expectations. My surgery went well and I could definitely say that I would not hesitate to use him again if the need arises.


Overall experience was excellent!! Forever grateful!


We love Dr Fass!


He was a nice guy. We only spoke briefly a couple of times but I appreciated his kindness and his candor. He felt very trustworthy to me.


Great Doctor, very informed and patient when explaining procedures and procedure options!




They are the most hard working and nicest facility I have ever been at.


Dr. Steven Fass is an excellent Doctor and surgeon. I have had 2 surgeries with him this year . He takes the time to explain what he is going to do and also takes the time to answer my questions. You do not feel rushed in and out of his office. He is very professional, polite, concerned gentlemen. Thank you Dr. Fase, I appreciate you.


The best period!


My visit with Dr.Steven fass was great the information I received from him was very well understood I really appreciate it .thank you so much.


Dr.Fass was professional and confident.He understood my need and had a fast solution.The staff was excellent.I would recommend Dr. Fass and his staff.


Great Doctor.


My experience was outstanding!! Thank you Dr. Fass and everyone who participated with my surgery and speedy recovery!


Great doctor.


I have been a patient of Dr Fass, he has great bedside manners. listens to his patients and his staff is awesome as well.




Dr Fass just as kind as he was years ago. He listened and affirmed he can likely help with my situation. Amazed that Jenna is still there. Speaks volumes of caliber of the team there. No one looks forward to surgery but to know you are in the hands of a great surgeon offers a lot if comfort at a stressful time!


Great Dr. and staff!!! Takes the time to answer all questions and is there for support after the procedure.


We drive 4 hours to get to Austin and see Dr Fass. It is always a joy. We are in and out in less than 1/2 hour and we are on our back to Laredo, Texas where we are from. Staff is very friendly as is Dr Fas.


I had my surgery in the ER and have all of my medical details then. I was frustrated by having to spend 20 minutes filling out paperwork for a 3-minute visit. Office and staff were great!


Very courteous and professional. I was scared of the surgery but after speaking to him I am no longer afraid and looking forward to a healther future.


The best surgeon you are going to find.


Everyone and everything was great the days leading up to the procedure and the day of the procedure.


Dr. Fass was wonderful from the moment I walked into his office until I met with him for my follow up after my procedure. He has an amazing bedside manner that puts you immediately at ease when your life feels like itís being turned upside down. Thank you Dr. Fass for your patience and compassion during my ordeal.


Very thorough and patient friendly.


Steven fass es un doctor muy eficaz para es un doctor he sirujaro intachable y lo recomendarŪa,.


Very professional.Very confident.Excellent staff.Follow up was good.I have no complaints.


Great success.


Was amazing..never have I been treated so we'll...


Dr Fass is friendly and a great dr.


I have nothing but great things to say. Dr. Fass is attentive, knowledgeable, and honest. The staff is on top of things. Scheduling is a breeze, appointments are on time, and the facilities are clean. After my original provider went out of business and the doctor who picked up the account cost me time, money, and weight gain, I'm am thankful I found Dr. Fass. Keep up the great work team! Your'e truly a blessing!


My first visit with Dr Fass was great. He has a great manner and explained things in detail. Mitchell, my patient advocate, has also been wonderful. He keeps me up to date on everything regarding my case. My nutrition class with Jerry was very informative and he also explained everything very well. Thank you!


Very good, recommend highly.


All of our questions were answered. Dr. Fass was very detailed with his explanations, and I learned what was involved in my care.


Dr Fass was fantastic.I feel so much better thanks to Dr Fass . I will and have recommend him.. Thank you Dr Fass..


The best surgeon in Austin!


Thank you Dr Fass.


Fantastic care and service made me feel like family!




Dr Fass is very personable, honest and intelligent. It is great having him as my surgeon.


Dr Fass just as kind as he was years ago. He listened and affirmed he can likely help with my situation. Amazed that Jenna is still there. Speaks volumes of caliber of the team there.


Always first class service.


Everything went great ,great doctor,staff , and also hospital staff at St. David's South Austin.


This has been one of the finest and most incredible doctors I have ever met, in his field of expertise... I would refer him to family and friends... he becomes more than just a doctor to a patient!!!He becomes like family and I would never trade him for anything in the world!!!!!!


Very friendly staff and Dr.


Debra Ouellet.


Was a very go experience with the staff and Dr Fass very nice and courteous.


Dr Fass was very thorough a d put me at ease about my condition. He is requiring a lung specialist review before making a decision on surgery. I appreciate his caution.


Dr. Fass and staff always take great care of me. They are courteous and on time. I would recommend this clinic and Dr.Fass to anyone.


Overall very smooth and easy experience from scheduling to diagnosis to procedure.


Respectable understanding.


Dr. Fass treated me with respect and care; he was helpful in providing & clarifying information and was efficient in coordinating plan of care and follow up services.


I've been a patient of Dr Fass for over 15 years. He's the BEST! He always takes time to answer any questions or concerns I might have and he's got a great bedside manner. The entire staff at Southwest Bariatrics are wonderful.


Everything about Dr. Fass and his staff is First Class.


Dr. Fass is awesome!


The staff was amazing. They return my calls promptly and were supportive of my journey towards weight loss. Dr. Foss is an amazing doctor and I recommend him to anyone.


very knowledgeable.


Very good experience . Very good doctor very good nurses all the way around made feel very comfortable.


Dr Fass and his staff have always made me feel like I am their only patient. I always feel comfortable asking questions, which are always answered honestly and in language that is easy to understand. I would recommend him to anyone who asks me.


Everone is awesome.


I initially want to another surgeon, it was the worst best experience of my life. Had it not been so bad I would've never found Dr. Fass. After my surgery I experienced no pain or discomfort.


Excellent surgery. Provided guidance and updates all through the process. Follow ups. Always providing exceptional service from his team and staff.


Love Dr Fass.


Dr. Fass is the best.


Very professional, polite and explained everything that was going to happen. Even got a call from the doc him self. I was pleased with that. ?


Dr Fass was great . I went in for a consult 1 week and had my surgery the next. He was great at the hospital and followed we up with a call 2 days later.


I've been a patient of Dr Fass for over 15 years. He's the BEST! He always takes time to answer any questions or concerns I might have and hens got a great bedside manner.


Always a great experience.


Dr. Fass and office staff are wonderful! I highly recommend!


Iíve been a patient of Dr. Fassís for over 10 years and have always had very good visits with him and the staff.


Excellent courteous, professional service by physician and staff.


Treatment was as expected.


The whole process was explained well in advance. Facility and staff were excellent. Overall good experience .


He was very professional and explained my procedure in detailed ..would visit him if the issue arises his staff were also great.


You guys are great.


Quick and easy.


Great Dr a job well done thank you so much on my sucess wt loss surgery.


I was checked for hernia and sent for a ultrasound , Dr was nice and explained everything in detail.


My overall experience from my breast surgery over the past two years has been very good. I have every confidence in Dr. Fass and his medical staff. However, may I mention some external conditions that might make my visits to Dr. Fass's office an easier experience? First, if I have an appointment at the Central Office, parking is ALWAYS a challenge. Second, this morning I was awakened by my phone a few minutes past 5:00 a.m. to participate in feedback from my visit last week. After being awakened and reading the website I was supposed to visit, I did not respond. Being able to make a response on my computer is preferable to me, rather than trying to do it from my phone. Thank you, Ruth LaNell Webb.


Took the time to listen to my concerns and identify my weight loss goals. Super easy to get an office visit and very accommodating.


U guys rocked.


It was a good experience. Prompt service. Doctor explained very well the procedure.


Wonderful experience with Dr Fass. He gave thorough information and answered all my questions.


Awesome group of doctors.


I only had the pleasure of meeting with him once, but his bedside manner seems to me to be a very nice and easy person ( Doctor) to speak with about what you problems. I was one more appointment to meet up with him and I feel that he is so able to understand my medical problem and fix them for me.


Dr Fass was very easy to talk to. Jerry Elizondo went above and beyond to help me with resources. He was excellent! My caseworker, Christi, has been very responsive as well. I know Jerry has callled for an exercise physiologist appointment but I have yet heard from them and it is one of the only things missing.


No complaints.


Very professional and really explains what he is going to do. I feel confident in his abilities and woukd highly recommend him to anyone needing surgery.


Dr. Fass and the entire staff were extremely helpful and conducted themselves as well trained professionals. I was initially hesitant to have this procedure conducted through the Free Market Surgery Center, however this great experience will have me considering this option for future procedures.


Excellent in all categories.


I have always had the best care by Dr Fass and his staff.


A very positive experience overall. My husband and I found Dr Fass and staff to be engaging, understanding, and very helpful. Dr Fass provided excellent information, explanations, and details about the surgery and my condition, and was intentional in answering all our questions and making sure we were at ease.


I am very pleased with the treatment from Dr. Fass!


Great doctor!


Kind and caring staff and doctor. Short wait time.


Great service all around.


Dr. Fass is amazing! From my office consultation on August 28th to my laparoscopic gallbladder removal this morning, everything went so smoothly and better-than-expected . He is a very personable and skilled surgeon! Since leaving the hospital this afternoon I have had no need to take any pain medication and have very little discomfort. His office staff is very helpful and Westlake Hospital is incredible! All staff members I came in contact with were extremely kind and caring. I highly recommend Dr. Foss, his staff and Westlake hospital for any procedures you may need.


Easy and efficient visit.


Very good service and professional Caring & concern.


Fast, efficient visit.


Very easy to set up and go through the process. Very friendly helpful staff. Procedure was easy no pain and great results so far.


I had a quick visit to Fass... Parking was close, Doctor was informative and the appt was immediate and not too drawn out. Almost no wait time.


The entire experience from the beginning of this journey has been so easy ... from explanation of surgery to explanation of benefits and the staff and doctors are all very kind and upfront with what is expected to make having the gastric sleeve surgery be a long term success for me. The outlined plan of action and timeline helped so much and being assigned a patient advocate was extremely helpful.


Working with Jerry is great.


Dr Fass was kind, helpful and took the best care of me!


I have had an awesome experience with Dr. Fass and his staff! I am very satisfied with my care.


Dr. Fass was excellent, as was his staff! All were very kind and courteous. Dr. Fass was particularly excellent because as my condition was more emergent than his intially availability he was quick to get my procedure placed with another surgeon on his team who had opportunity the next day! Thank you Dr. Fass and Dr. Salinas!


My appointment was at 11 I arrived at 10:30 I was seeing the Dr at 10:45. Everything went smoothly and I was back on the road to Laredo in no time. Wonderful service at your office.


Dr. Fass is wonderful. I have had the best experience with the sleeve. I am so happy I had the surgery. Dr Fass is a AAAA .


The staff was very polite and quick to get me in for my consult. They were with me every step of the way and kept me informed of what I needed to do.


Dr Fass is very patient. He listens intently & makes you feel like your his only patient (which is not true!!).


Thanks to Dr. Fass, I feel like I have a fuller understanding of what the surgery will entail and what the longer term results will be.


I like, I am sure, most people was afraid of the surgery. Dr. Fass and all the team did a good job of explaining to me step by step everything that would happen. I was in an out of surgery before I realized with few if any drawbacks. The anesthesiologist was very reassuring and told me I would go to sleep and when I woke up I would be in recovery. The recovery staff were all very nice and reassuring. The followups with Dr. Fass along with any questions I had were always addressed in a very professional manner. I would recommend this surgery for anyone having trouble with weight loss and morbidly obese as I was. I can not say enough about Dr. Fass and his team. Dr. Fass as far as I am concerned gave me a new lease on life. Thank you Sir to you and your team!


Great job. Pain level never got above a 3. Dr. Fass is a good listener and answers all questions.


The only issue is the wait time. This however, I think is truly unavoidable given that Dr. Fass performs surgeries and deals with a number of types of patients within his practice. Overall I've been a patient of this office for 8 years and love the staff and Dr. Fass. I'll suffer a bit of wait to work with these great people.


Very attentive, knowledgeable and friendly. Great doctor.


Dr. Fass is undoubtably one of the best surgeons in Central Texas!


He explained everything that he was to do and how it was to work . He me after the surgery to see if I had any problems or questions. Very nice and carding.


Dr. Fass is very caring doctor and treats his patients with concern and caring.


I appreciated the detail information provided and time to ensure I understood all the options.


He was very patient & thorough wth us in answering our questions.


We will forever be thankful to Dr. Fass and his staff for the care I received. I was confident that I was getting the best medicine for my condition, before, during and post op and on into the weeks following. Dr. Fass listened to me and followed my wishes as a person and not just a patient and along with his expertise we came out winners. Thank you Dr. Fass, again and again and again. I, as would my family, recommend him without hesitation. He was very good to us.


Jack Quist.


Dr. Fass is amazing! Iíve been his patient for 10 years... he is empathetic and a great person overall!


All was well. Thanks.


This office has a great staff. They are very informative and answer all questions you may have.


I had to wait too long to see Dr. Fass, but otherwise every thing was excellent! I was there for a follow-up after surgery and was pleased with the time that was taken to explain the reason for the surgery. It was unexpected experience and I am fortunate to have Dr. Fass as my surgeon.


I came to Dr. Fass with a difficult surgical history. He educated me on the procedure I was having and allayed my fears regarding previous trauma. Iím so grateful for his truly invested attention to my case. He displayed a genuine care and concern. Dr. Fassí expertise was evident and I felt safe in his hands. I canít thank my surgical team enough!


I've been a patient of Dr Fass since April 2003. I think the world of him and his entire team! I look forward to another upcoming surgery with Dr Fass soon. Thank you, Jackie (Callaham) Tucker.


Great help with the process.


They were great at getting me in for surgery quickly.


Dr Fass requested CT scan to ensure that the bulging was a hernia. Because of that a surgery was avoided.


Very well pleased with him.


very nice person.. gave me great news so that was a plus.


I received prompt, courteous service from the staff. Dr Fass was very helpful and took he time to explain the options.


Initial meeting to assess need for gall bladder removal. No treatment yet (surgery on 7/10).


Dr Fass is compassionate and kind. Heís prompt and professional. His staff is great. I am happy to recommend them to anyone.


Have had a wonderful experience so far.


I'm so pleased with the results and I have recommended him to my friends.


I was referred to Dr. Fass by my gastroenterologist for gallbladder surgery. Had already done some research on-line and Dr. Fass was at the top of my list based on other patients' reviews and his experience. This was my first surgery ever, so I was very anxious. When I met with Dr. Fass, he explained how he would do surgery, recovery time, etc. I had the surgery 3 days ago and I'm feeling great!


Dr. Fass came very highly recommended. He did my wifeís surgery, and now heís doing mine. His consultation is very straight forward.


Kind and knowledgeable.


Dr Fass was incredibly patient, answered all my questions and was super kind. I highly recommend him as a doctor.


Dr. Faas was very clear in what I should expect and efficient. He kept my wife fully informed.


Very professional and informative and knowledgeable.


He's great.


I would not change a thing! Everything went great and I really like the fact that I feel welcomed to call anytime for anything! Great bedside manner from Dr. Fass.


Everything went very smoothly and Dr. Fass was great about answering questions and concerns.


Present experience. Thank you everyone. Donna Mieszkowski.


It was great.


Dr Fass was very professional. Listened to what I thought and did give his medical opinion about it.


The doctor answer all my questions and explain everything.


Very Good experience with competent, courteous and compassionate staff and physician.


Very professional,and excellent service. Thanks For everything.


I was nervous; having weight loss surgery is a life changing decision. I had been contemplating this for a couple of years, but after many failed attempts of trying to do this on my own, I finally decided that I should at least look into it. Everyone was so friendly and courteous. From my initial contact with Christi on the phone to the ladies in the front office. Dr. Fass answered all my questions and made me feel comfortable about making my decision. There was no pressure and no judgement. I look forward to having my surgery and I'm confident I'm with the right professionals to help me become healthier and happier.


I had a very good experience. I was pleasantly surprised when Dr. Fass did not suggest immediate surgery for my condition, which I have lived with for nearly a decade. I definitely trust that he has my best interests at the core of my treatment plan.


Dr. Steven Fass is very efficient and curtious. His bedside manner is impeccable and he wastes no time. He does a fantastic job explaining what procedure is going to happen, how, what to expect, etc. His follow up care is also great. He stays on top of any issue that may arise and if he doesnít know the answer, he will get it and let you know. I have been very pleased with my time spent with Dr. Fass. If youíre looking for a great bariatric surgeon or general surgeon, you will not go wrong with Dr. Steven Fass.


The staff is very cordial and make it easy to get in and get out for whatever it is you need. The sessions are very informative and all questions answered promptly.


Dr. Fass is always caring and polite. He explains processes and procedures thoroughly and even provides drawings to illustrate. He's an excellent surgeon.


The office staff is very cordial and all questions were covered by the provider. Thanks for a great experience.


On a scale of 10 he is a 12. Great manner and simple explanations. Personality to go along w skills.


Dr. Fass and all the nurses were great. They treated me as if I was family and I am so grateful to Dr. Fass and his team for getting me in to have this procedure done so quickly. Thank you all Pamela Conway.


Dr Fass and the nurses were great. They treated me like family and I am so grateful to Dr. Fass and his team for getting me in to have my procedure done as quickly as they did. Dr. Fas even called me the next day to see how I was doing. Thank you all Pamela Conway.


Dr Fass was down to earth in interacting with me which is a great feature to have in your personality!


Dr Steve Fass is the best. I had the sleeve surgery. I never had any problems. It is the best decision I have ever made. The office staff is wonderful as well.


I appreciated the very thorough exam and detailed discussion of the various methods of treating my condition - with the risks and benefits of each. I indicated "I don't know" under Treatment Results above because I obviously won't know the results until the surgery is done.


I needed see a surgeon possible gall bladder and I was referred to him from a co-worker/friend and the office was very nice and professional and Dr Fass was amazing! He took time to explain things to me! If I do have to have surgery he will be doing it. Thanks Dr Fass and his office staff!


Dr. Fass and his team are so organized and professional. My experience was top notch. I felt safe. That is a big deal in today’s health care setting. Totally impressed.


Concise and chill. Dr. Fass is very informative and made me feel very comfortable about my first surgery.


Visit was very professional and dr fass asked the lifestyle questions necessary to determine the best procedure for me.


Very patient doctor. He took the time to explain what to expect after the surgery; he answered my question where I understood what he was saying and what I needed to do for a successful recovery. I highly recommend Dr. Fass.


Excellent CS very caring and interested in meeting my needs.


Staff was friendly and professional. Dr. Fass listened to my concerns and provided options for my care.


Dr.Fass and his team are awesome they made sure all.my questions were Answered post and pre surgery days! Thank you for easing my mind .


I’ve had two surgeries now with Dr Fass, and both times there was no anxiety or apprehension about the procedures. He was professional, friendly and up front about every aspect of the surgery, keeping us in the loop. If I ever need surgery again, he’s the man I will go to.


Easy to talk to and to understand. Non judgmental in my wls progress. Gives great feedback.


Dr. Fass is an excellent surgeon and really knows his stuff. That's why my gastroenterologist referred me to him. Dr. Fass isn't only a technically proficient surgeon; his bedside manner is wonderful. He's kind and caring, and has been a great source of knowledge about my condition and surgery both pre- and post-op.I hope to never need this kind of surgery again, but if I do, I won't have anyone else than Dr. Fass.


They are very helpful and friendly. They provided interpreter for my needs. They have a lot of patients with my questions. I feel very comfortable and trusting them.


The most amazing bedside manner you will EVER have from a doctor! Excellent surgeon as well!


Highly skilled professional. Was very kind and with my husband and me. Answered all questions. He actually called me at home several times to see how I was doing. Have had lots of seromas post op but from nothing he did or didn't do. Great guy who I would not hesitate to recommend to my friends. Thank you dr fass for all you did for me.


Highest quality expertise, staff and follow-up. Changed my life for the better.


Dr. Fass was amazing to work with. He fully prepared me for what to expect. No problems at all!


Being that I do not live in Austin and have to drive 4 hours it’s always reassuring that wait time is excellent and at times I’m seen before my schedule appointment.


Dr. Tass is intuitive, and quick to access a problem and offer a solution. He’s Cool!


Dr. Fass got me in asap and still working on my case. Excellent service! And really nice staff!!!


Dr. Fass and his Team were excellent. They way they made sure I was OK after surgery made it feel like i was a person and not just a another patient they needed to hurry and rush off! They took time to answer any and all my questions.


Great service from a very professional doctor and staff. Appointment was very informative. Feels like I will be in great hands during my surgery.


My visit went very well. Everyone was very polite and helpful. Dr. Fass is polite and easy to talk to and answered all my questions and concerns.


I haven’t had surgery yet, hiwever I’ve been working with Dr. Fass and his office since October and have been very pleased with everything. To getting insurance things figured out and submitted to ease of scheduling surgery and everything in between.


Dr. Fass is very kind, understanding, answers all questions and sincerely cares. I am so very thankful that I chose him as my surgeon. Office staff is very helpful and caring. I have no complaints with my overall experience. Things went extremely well and I followed all instructions before and after my surgery and continue to do so.


Being diagnosed with cancer at 42 was an extreme shock and unbelievable. I was lucky enough to be referred to Dr. Fass and his staff. From the first phone call, to the Office visit, to surgery, hospital stay and follow up appointment, I was treated like a human, not a cancer case. Dr. Fass is an amazing surgeon, Doctor and person. He’s professionalism, bed side manor and care was above and beyond. His office staff was always friendly and helpful. I can’t say enough about how amazing Dr. Fass and his office is. I highly recommend Dr Fass. If you need surgery, don’t look anywhere else than his group. A sincere thank you to Dr. Fass and his office. You saved my life, no doubt.


Everyone was very helpful thanks for helping me on my journey.




The results was excellent. Everyone cooperated to meet my needs and schedule. Everyone was very courteous and friendly.


I've had the best experience with Dr Fass. He was positive and explained everything. I've had the best results and no complications at all. This was the best thing I have done for myself ever. I talk about my surgery and Dr Fass all the time. His office staff is friendly and helpful. The nutritionist and my patient coordinator helped me get all my pre-surgery paperwork and appointment done on time. I'm excited to see how far I've come so far and can't wait to see where I'll go.


It was exciting to know that Dr. Fass is going to help me and feels very confident that this will help my 11 yrs. of pain in my port. Thank you to you Dr. Fass and Staff.


everything has been just fine. no problems.


Oh my gosh. Where to start. Everyone was amazing and the results are the best. Thank you.


Dr. Fass is an excellent doctor/surgeon. His bedside manner is very likable and puts you at ease. His concern for your health and comfort is ever present. I have alot of confidence in him and his medical staff.


Jerry Elizondo, RD has been fantastic and I really appreciate his services. Thank you!


Dr Fass is friendly and professional as is his staff. I would recommend him anytime. Thank you.


Yup, alll good. Thanks!


Met with Dr. Elizando for nutrition class, it was informative and interesting.


3 month follow up after surgery.


Dr. Fass and all of the office staff are absolutely wonderful. Dr. Fass shared an article from a medical journal with me on how bariatric surgery can impact family relationships. I also learned to administer my own B-12 injections. I feel like everyone there wants me to succeed and genuinely cares about me. I love Dr. Fass and his team. I recommend them all the time.


surgery class with Jerry, informative and easy to understand.


Dr. Fass is Awesome, very caring, listen to his patients. He's great! The staff off Eiger location is great, Gen is great as well!!!


Dr.Fass listened to me and my family and took us as real people with valuable input, carried out his expertise with the whole well being in mind.We found Dr. Fass to be professional yet compassionate at the same time. We didn't have to have touchy feely but we did appreciate his level of compassion and can't emphasize that enough. He knew what had to be done and took it on with confidence that gave us much assurance. Dr.Fass checked in everyday for 9 days straight and that was very reassuring. We really appreciate EVERYTHING up to this point, almost 2 weeks out, and are confident that he will continue to lead us through this process with the same care and professionalism. My entire family is very grateful.


Dr Fass and his staff were wonderful and very informational. The hospital and the staff were very amazing as well. Very professional and made me feel comfortable despite I was being prepared for surgery.


I felt like Dr. Fass has taken great concern and interest in my care. The staff has been very good but sometimes come across as too busy and don't seem like they are having a good day and you feel the low energy. Overall they all have been helpful.


My scheduled procedure had to be moved up to an earlier date because I was in so much pain. The staff and Dr. Fass was so accommodating and did everything possible to make sure I got relief. For that I say THANK YOU. You’re the best!


Dr Fass was very informative and knowledgeable. Excellent.


This was a great experience given the situation. This is a great concept that should be more prevalent in this country, using the free market as opposed to the bureaucracy of the insurance industry.The day of the surgery was a breeze, and I was in and out within 2 hours. I would recommend anyone to use this process.


Very professionally treated.


The staff makes me feel like more than just s patient!!


Dr. Fass is caring, compassionate, and kind. The doctor takes interested in his patients, we are more than just as a patient, he interacts with me, and remembers me as an individual. I appreciates that he tells me what I need to know in plain language and in a forthright manner. He is very thorough and reviews information with the patients. I appreciate that at the end of the appointment, he always asks "Do you have any questions for me?". I am very impressed with him and his entire staff.


No problems. Dr Fass is experienced and conscientious.


Everyone was very nice and professional really treated v ery well.


Very impressed with my entire experience. Dr Fass was straightforward, and was able to get my issues taken care of expeditiously. The staff was also very professional which made my experience that much more pleasant. Could not have asked for more! I felt like I was being taken care as if I were family. Thanks again Dr. Fass!


My experience with Dr Fass and staff was first rate. Initially my lapband and treatment worked. But due to issues I had with the band and my own lack of perseverance, I gained my weight back. I was having reflux and vomiting for over a year. I didn’t take advantage of Dr Fass and staff and the therapy they could have provided. I had moved away from Austin, so the travel plus the cost of office appointments kept me from the help I needed.


I was very happy with the care and cant wait to join the bariatric jurniory.


Dr Fass is kind and caring And his team are as well. So happy that I found him in Austin after my move from Houston, and wish I had taken his advice 2 years ago to have the Gastric Sleeve after he took my failed lap band out. Can not recommend him more!


I am a new patient with Dr Fass. His staff have been fantastic gathering insurance details and explaining it to me. First met Dr Fass at the info program. He talks fast but was willing to answer all questions. I’m now working on the insurance requirements and will have my surgery in the Spring.


Very pleasant experience.


The office visit went very well. Dr Fass explained in detail the processes required and gave me choice to decide which option to choose to repair my hernia.


Dr. Fass and his staff are very friendly, fast in service and very helpful. Thanks so much.


Couldn't be happier with the results so far...still working on the reduction. Thanks so much to you and the staff for making me feel good about myself again.


The Dr, Staff and everyone in the office was very nice.


Great service.


As I get to know the staff, I find they are efficient and very professional..


Dr Fass has always been very welcoming and answered all my questions.


Always willing to answer all my questions. Called to check on me after surgery. Every step of the journey has been explained thoroughly. Although I get frustrated at times, I am grateful for the surgery. It has made living life so much easy. Thank you Dr. Fass.


I had gastric sleeve surgery that was scheduled for 7:00. I got there at 5:00 and the whole wait time up to surgery went very smoothly. Everyone who was associated with the surgery contacted me and made sure i was informed on the procedures that were about to happen to me. All the nurses were great after surgery too. I had a very positive experience.


My experience was excellent. After having a bad experience at another doctor’s office, it was such a great feeling to see that the staff cared about me as patient. Prior to my appointment, I called to inquire about the doctor and to discuss a situation that I was in. I had the privilege to talk Jenna who was very understanding and kind. She guided me to speak to Denee who would be helping me with my situation. Denee was very informative and kind. She took the time to listen to me and was willing to help me find a solution. When I left a message, she replied promptly. Both Jenna and Denee have great customer service. I looked forward to go to my appointment. The day of the appointment, it was such a great feeling to know that the staff expected me. Everyone was friendly, starting from the front office staff to everyone who worked in the back. During my appointment, Jenna came in with a positive attitude and she definitely lights up the room. She made me feel relaxed and knew I was at the right place. Dr. Fass is an excellent Dr.; he was informative, understanding and made me feel welcomed. I appreciated that he was taking me in as his new patient. The nutritional class was informative and the Dr. was very thorough. He reviewed the material and emphasized on how to be successful long term and to always stay hydrated. Overall, my experience from this office was top notch. It was beyond my expectations. As a patient, I felt cared for and the office staff and Drs. make you feel so welcomed. I live in Sugar Land Texas, and the drive to see the doctor and the staff is worth the 3-hour drive.


My visit with Dr. Fass was very pleasant and he gave me reassurance I needed to move forward with my decision to do the Gastric Sleeve.


Good job on the surgery, office visit was first rate, Dr. Fass is easy to talk to and very professional.


Dr. Fass answered all my post - opt questions and so far all has gone well. Only two weeks and back to mostly normal lifestyle and losing weight. It's been great!


Everything was great! Dr. Fass also takes the time to answer any questions you have. I loved that because this was my first procedure ever! (Gallbladder removal) so I never felt rushed or that my questions weren’t important.


Dr. Fass did a great job of explaining the procedure and recovery time and potential issues. The surgery went off as planned and I went home the next day. You really have to listen to what Dr. Fass and his staff tell you about recovery and follow their directions. Go slow and think long-term. The staff and dietician were always helpful and answered any questions I had promptly. I lost about 120lbs in one year and am still losing. This procedure has changed my life so much for the better and I would not hesitate to do it again knowing what I know. It is not magic and it takes buy-in from you and determination to succeed but it does work. I have had no ill side effects at all going on 13 months. I recommend Dr. Fass to anyone considering this procedure.


Great job. I highly recommend you and your staff. Thank you! Pat.


I am very happy with everything and glad i did it. Feeling great so far and hav lost 21 pounds :) thanku.


The staff are very sweet and helpful, even when it requires them being more direct with me. Dr. Fass is an amazing surgeon and very supportive. I feel well cared for and that they value my entire journey.


This was a good experience!


Dr Fass, Jenna and Stephanie were all great, as usual. Dr. Fass R-O-C-K-S!!! I had my original lap band surgery in April 2003 and have always had the best of care from Southwest Bariatrics. I have the utmost respect for Dr. Fass and his staff and I know that IF I ever had any concerns, I would feel comfortable discussing those concerns with Dr. Fass. Thank you, Jackie Callaham.


1 year to the date of my surgery and 108 lbs down, I can't say more great things about Dr. Fass and his staff. Super friendly, attentive and made the process very easy for me! Thank you for changing my life in such a huge way!!


Dr. Fass & his staff are fantastic & very knowledgeable. Very short wait time on every visit.


I originally went to Dr Fass for a different treatment than he ultimately recommended. I’m so pleased he asked the questions he did and that I listened to his recommendations. My health is outstanding. My endocrinologist is so pleased with my results that she’s looking at my treatment plan for her patients.


so far, so good but I am having to learn to eat all over again..........I feel like an infant.


So far, so good. Walked 2 miles today. Did sit-ups and push ups. Some discomfort but not bad. I chose not to take the pain pills I was prescribed. Glad I had this procedure now and not 20 years ago. Think I had the right provider.


Thank you :).


I have met with dr fass once and several times with dr elizondo. I have been treated well and did not have long waits any of the times.


Very convenient scheduling and very friendly staff. Also, very helpful staff.


Dr. Fass was great! He called to follow up a few times after my procedure.Great medical staff as well.


I had to wait a bit but once I got in everything moved along and I really like Dr.


Dr. Fass was attentive, caring and knowledgeable. I went into the consult with a list of questions, and didn't have to ask most of them because he answered them up front out of his experience. I saw him for a general surgery and appreciated his care at every step, including the follow up call the next day and the follow up visit the following week.


I received the sleeve with Dr Fass performing the surgery.My surgery was a great success going from 310 to 178 in the first year.The Staff is very kind and when not able to answer a question would go to whoever could if possible. Appointment times were easy scheduled with a reminder call also Great place to have surgery if needed.


I am a bariatric patient. Dr. Fass has helped me lose 80 pounds so far. He is a fine, talented human with a medical doctorate. I am very hlad he's my surgeon.


I am so Thankful to Dr. Fass for the care he and his staff have given me before and after my weight loss surgery. I am so thankful that I was able to have the surgery it has truly been a blessing.


Dr. Fass is a treasure. His staff are always friendly.