Successful fusion at S1/L5 after an injury left me unable to work, in extreme pain and very limited mobility when normally very physically active. Post-op at 1 year today and I am pain-free at surgical site and back living my active lifestyle. Although caution still needs to be taken to prevent further injury, Dr. Villavicencio and his staff have made a very tough painful situation into a pain-free conclusion.

G.P (07/19/2021)

Lost use of rt arm. Had fusion performed on neck. Got arm back as soon as woke up from surgery. Great support through PT also. Great diagnosis, treatment, and care. Professional and friendly staff, best Iíve dealt with. Follow ups are done and recovery and healing near 100%. Thank You.

D.K (07/12/2021)

Had acdf surgery All symptoms prior to surgery have disappeared. Surgery fixed everything. Staff was friendly and supportive throughout the entire process.

D.E (07/11/2021)

Perfect. The surgery was easy to tolerate, and the hospital care was excellent. My numbness was gone immediately after the surgery, and has never returned. Both Dr V and Eric kept me well informed, and I felt I could call at any time for answers to questions or advice. I have since returned to a very active lifestyle. I am very grateful for Dr. Villavicencio, as he helped me get back to normal. I have recommended him to many people. Thank you so much!!!!

Nancy Glen (07/11/2021)

Excellent outcome. Problem totally solved.

S.P (06/24/2021)

All went well during and after my surgery. Doctor v and his team were super professional and very attentive. All my left leg pain are gone and feel great with my new back supports after my tlif procedure. Highly recommend. Thank you for everything.

K.M (06/14/2021)

The surgery was a major event for me. I appreciate the excellent work and results. I think I would have been in a wheelchair without it. Thank you, Dr. Villavicencio. Lois.

Lois Kruschwitz (06/13/2021)

Dr. V, Eric Busch and the rest of his staff are top notch. Iíve had two surgeries with Dr. V and they completely resolved my neck issues. I could not be more satisfied and am back to running and cycling at 100%. If I have future spine issues, Dr. V is my guy.

R.Wood (06/13/2021)

I had two separate cervical spine fusions, C5-6 and C7-T1. Before surgery, I was experiencing severe pain in my shoulder radiating down my left arm with tingling and numbness in my fingers on occasion. The back of my hand itched. I had to deal with this for almost a year, hoping PT would help and the had insurance issues. Dr. V performed my surgery 1/14/2021. It was a difficult surgery, and I was told it might be difficult to get both levels in one surgery. When I woke up in recovery, I had absolutely no symptoms and felt great. Of course the collar took a bit to get used to. Dr. V said the lower level was tricky but they took care of everything. Dr. V was wonderful to me at each step. He asked if I had questions, always answered and explained everything without making me feel silly. He may not be super chatty, but I believe I had the very best surgeon. His PA Eric was very helpful and comforting and also did a great job in surgery. The office staff is amazing, always helpful, friendly and was just as excited as I was at my 3-month appointment. I highly recommend Dr. V and his practice.

V.R (06/01/2021)

Operation went very well with immediate results. Recovery took several months but went well.

Thomas Ackerman (05/31/2021)

Outstanding as always.

D.l (05/10/2021)

I suffered with unbearable sciatic pain. Had a laminectomy, a fusion of l4 and l5 done twice all by other surgeons with no relief. Dr. V was the one who fixed my problems and Iím now 100% pain free and active again. ????????????

Richard Lefcourt (03/29/2021)

The outcome of the surgery was exceptional, with the effect on my voice, being the one issue that was relieved through the BCH Home Health Voice Therapist! My neckís range of motion is fantastic and I am very pleased!

K.Russell (03/16/2021)

Both Dr V and Eric have provided excellent care. Initially they didnít recommend surgery and I appreciated the honest assessment. After a few more years it became apparent that surgery would be a safe and beneficial option. Iím happy with my surgery results. I received all the necessary information and I especially appreciated the honest info regarding the recovery and the risks involved.

L.W (03/16/2021)

C4-5 anterior cervical discectomy and fusion.

L.T (03/15/2021)

I feel that the level of care was good. Questions were addressed with attention and concern. Emails were answered promptly and referrals to physical therapy were provided. This was an overall positive experience. The hospital stay was challenging.

M.Mattingly (03/15/2021)

Dr, V took a mess and made a miracle, His was my 3rd back surgery, and after many years of pain my pain is now zero,.

S.J (03/04/2021)

One year check up after surgery.

R.A (03/01/2021)

Always great. Good followup.

bob Abrams (02/14/2021)

Overall good experience.

Paul Frankel (02/01/2021)

Dr V is extremely professional knowledgeable but most of all his expertise and talent in surgery is what every patient should have when facing surgery His staff is very kind and compassionate as well as maintaining their professionalism Dr V is a superior surgeon and you are in the best hands when you are a a patient I highly recommend Dr V if you are are having or facing a neurological problem I cannot thank him enough for taking care of all the spinal issues that started with an accident.

P.L (02/01/2021)

After seeing 4 other doctors who told me nothing was wrong, I saw Dr. V and Eric. They moved quickly to get the appropriate scans and got the surgery done. 3 months later, I am pain free for the first time in decades. My case was not run of the mill, but they didnít shy away from it. I am so appreciative of all of the staff as well. Through the whole process I have not had a single bad experience with the clinic or staff. Everybody is very kind.

K.C (02/01/2021)

Excellent. Dr V and his team are wonderful from start to finish. Absolutely recommend, I couldnít ask for a better experience.

A.R (02/01/2021)

I was diagnosed with a meningioma in2011. I was treated with a non invasive cyber knife procedure. The meningioma is gone! No surgery needed. The staff here have been great to work with. I miss Alex but I enjoyed meeting with Leah today.

Susan.S (01/31/2021)

Everything went perfectly as I expected. Thank you Tina Torelli.

T.T (01/31/2021)

Awesome treatment. Pain is gone.

D.L (01/18/2021)

In the early summer of 2020 I began experiencing leg numbness and weakness. Given the pandemic, I had dismissed it as stress manifesting in my body. However, the symptoms worsened. I had trouble lifting my right leg into cars, I had spastic leg reflexes, I could no longer run, the numbness crept up my legs and I needed to use trekking poles to help me walk. Upon seeking medical attention in early August I had and several different doctor appointments and MRIs to figure out what was wrong. On September first, we discovered a tumor inside the dura and compressing my spinal cord. Nine days after, I finally consulted Dr. V and he recommend surgery the next day (a laminectomy in the thoracic spine, no bone fusion). While I was in shock at the predicament and quick turnaround, I deeply appreciated the urgency expressed to remove the tumor. At worst, I was at risk of paralysis in my lower body and permanently damaging my spinal cord. I have never needed more than dental surgery, so I was quite nervous. But I felt confident about Dr. V and his team. With a 24-hour turn around, his team really stepped in and helped me schedule and prepare for surgery. I truly felt cared for. Iím now six months post operation and have had no concerning complications, I am at 95% strength with nearly full recovery of what was lost pre-surgery. As a 28 year-old woman with great health pre-surgery, I understand that it is aiding me to a full recovery from a condition that is typically found in much older age groups. Regardless, I am grateful for the swift action of Dr. V and his team! Things could have turned out much worse and Iím so excited to be coming back into my body.

L.T (01/18/2021)

Thesurgury though difficult left me in great shape, at 3months am back to normal THanks to doctor V and all.

G.I (01/18/2021)

Thoroughly pleased. Dr V and Eric were upfront and honest about my condition and treatment. The outcome is better than I expected. Both were attentive to my issues and honestly responded to my questions.

J.O (12/30/2020)

Coming to Dr V for several years. I came in August this year with new MRiI and back problems. He suggested possible surgery in the fall. Went back home in late August had to fly back the end of August for surgery. The surgery went very. Our family is very please to have Dr Villlanvicencio and his team for being outstanding and professional results.

S.A (12/27/2020)

L2 L3 Micro Discectomy. I was in tremendous pain prior to the procedure. The procedure itself went quite smoothly and was 100% successful. Zero pain afterwards and recovery was a breeze. (I followed his instructions.) This is my third procedure with Dr V. V and his staff are top notch! I am 52 and very active so I am thankful for the team!

D.B (12/27/2020)

Dr. V was very helpful prior to the surgery. My virus test was not done at an acceptable time. Dr,V insisted that the surgery proceed as planned. The surgery was successful. I am pleased with the outcome of my healing process.

J.Neher (12/20/2020)

He is a great surgeon! My surgery was 10/24/19 , Dr V fused all of the lumbar with the top s/i and the lowest thoracic. I feel great and I can walk with no pain now! Thank you Dr V and Eric for giving me my quality of life back!!

Kay still an (11/26/2020)

Cervical neck fusion, lower back vertebrae. Hospitalization for neck fusion. Outpatient for lower back.Great staff! Trust them completely. Recommend them without reservation.

D.B (11/22/2020)

Professional, knowledgeable, and courteous staff. Great results from proper diagnosis and treatment. Hope to never need this type of medical service again,but am glad to know where BNSA is if I do. Would recommend BNSA to anyone seeking this type of treatment.

Daniel.K (11/22/2020)

Good experience. Staff wonderful. Answered all my questions. Took good care of me.

N.O (11/16/2020)

Follow up appointment today. I saw Leah and Dr. V. They assessed and explained my progress. They were very professional and easy to talk with.

L.W (11/16/2020)

Following a college football career, I spent 15 years in severe pain. Following an unsuccessful microdiscectomy, I was hesitant to undergo a fusion of the L5/S1. After speaking with Dr. V about my options and pushing the rehab/injection route as far as possible, we decided surgery was the only option. As I sit here now, following my one year follow up appointment, I am stronger, more fit and happier than I have been in years. Dr.V and his team did an amazing job and I couldnít recommend them more. I just sent my father over to see Dr. V and I continue to recommend him for anyone suffering with back, spine or nerve pain. Thanks Dr.

D.Matson (11/03/2020)

Very happy with the surgery had. I had had a lot of pain for such a long time and when I came in was seen and surgery was scheduled right away and was very successful!

J.M (10/25/2020)

The surgery was great . I feel wonderful . Before the procedure I was unable to stand for more than 15 minuets at a time. This made it difficult to stand in line at a store, or cook dinner, or do much of anything. After the surgery I can do anything. And there is no more pain. Dr. Villavicencio is a terrific surgeon. Absolutely the best.

P.Nickel (10/25/2020)

My back pain is gone. I feel great. Surgery was a total success. Thanks to all involved.

J.A (10/18/2020)

It was great. No pain day 1 after surgery.

R.B (10/18/2020)

Doctor V answered all my questions and everyone has been friendly, compassionate, and helpful!

S.J (09/30/2020)

Developed a cynovial cyst that led to severe back pain along with pain and numbness in my legs. Dr. V. Performed L4/5 fusion decompression with screws and rods. 3 months post op I was finally feeling better. 6 and then 12 months post op and I feel great. Dr. V and Eric were both great.

B.F (09/27/2020)

My experience with Dr. V and his staff has been very positive. The surgical experience also went well and I have felt supported by Dr. Vís office and also the surgical center during my recovery.

K.M (09/21/2020)

The operation went well with no complications. I received excellent care in the boulder community hospital during recover. Dr. Villavicencio explained the procedure, expected results and associated risks. The staff at Boulder Neurosurgerical was friendly and efficient.

B.W (09/21/2020)

Quite, to the point and didnít have to wait.

G.McCarthy (09/08/2020)


A.L (09/08/2020)

Very professional and timely. Good group of people and always prompt.Doc makes you feel comfortable and confident about procedure.Would definitely recommend to others!

M.J (09/07/2020)

Back fusion surgery performed in May 2020. Today was my three month follow up. Am happy with progress so far, and looking forward to continuing improvement.

R.W (08/31/2020)

Surgery went well and I am back to regular activities!

K.C (08/23/2020)

I canít say how happy I am with my procedure and Dr V. I feel better than I have in ages. The office staff and Eric have been fantastic to work with and I appreciate their personal touch.

T.D (08/10/2020)

My experience with Dr. Villavicencio was wonderful. I now live a virtually pain free life. I consider this a testament to his skills. Once again I can do all the activities I had become unable to do. Even a 10 minute walk around the neighborhood was impossible prior to my surgery. I was always treated with respect and all questions were welcome and answered. Dr. Vís staff, including Eric and Alex and the office staff - everyone - were great.

L.M (07/22/2020)

I have degenerative disk disease in my lower back. I have had five surgeries since 2005, my most recent surgery in March 2020 fused my entire lumbar spine. My surgeon was dr Villavicencio and he did a wonderful job on my back; I am free of pain for most of my activities already.

D.B (07/21/2020)

Great experience. Came in with chronic pain and feel much better after my discectomy.

B.G (07/21/2020)

Selected Dr V and BNS based on detailed information on website following general referral by primary care physician. I was expressing accuse symptoms in level adjacent to previous ACDF surgery. Diagnoses was swift and accurate and Dr V and staff worked well to coordinate a surgery date of March 12 just before Covid 19 closures. Surgery and recovery period was as communicated prior to the procedure. Follow up visits have been informative. I believe I made I god set of choices with the doctor and the surgical course of action.

T.K (07/21/2020)

I am extremely happy with the results of my surgery and would not hesitate to recommend Dr. V and his team.

Jane Carlough Meline (07/21/2020)

I am SO grateful and appreciative of BNSís care for many years. I wrote a letter to detail my experiences and my grateful thoughts a few years ago. Please feel free to share this letter with anyone you chose. I will always remember the professionalism and attention/advice I received specific to my life style and my medical issues.

Christie Dudley (07/14/2020)

Very professional all my concerns were addressed and the issue that required consultation has been resolved.

R.H (07/14/2020)

Disc replacement of C7/8. Went perfectly and could not have been a better experience.

R.D (07/14/2020)

Dr Villavicencio has operated on me twice for cervical fusions and both times he did a marvelous job. I had a fusion previously with another surgeon and it was not a great experience so I know the difference. I highly recommend him to all of my friends and several have had good experiences with him as well.

M.C (07/13/2020)

Entered Dr. V office with major back and leg pain. After surgery all back and leg pain is gone. Thanks Dr.V and everyone else.

D.M (06/23/2020)

Doing great.

L.M (06/22/2020)

Fusion of vertebrate 5&6 in neck.

W.T (06/21/2020)

I have had a great experience as a patient for Dr V. My quality of life has been returned to me as a result of Dr Vís expertise. Also his nurse practitioner (Leah ) is so professional and patient friendly,.

K.H (06/02/2020)

Had a herniated disc which caused severe pain at times. After minimally invasive partial discectomy most pain is gone and I can sit, stand, and lie down comfortably which I couldnít before. Operation went smoothly and I was impressed with the results I got from dr V. I felt significantly better immediately after surgery and wished i had done the surgery sooner.

G.G (06/02/2020)

I had the back surgery about one year ago and I have been pain free. The next morning after surgery I had no pain except the surgery pain. With in a week no pain at all.

T.T (06/02/2020)

A GREAT surgical experience and I couldnít be more pleased with the result. THANKS to Dr. V and the entire team. I had two spinal stenosis areas trapping my Sciatic nerve opened up three weeks ago. Surgery was outpatient, checked in at 6:30 and Dr. V himself called my wife at 9:30 to tell her it all went fine and pick me up at 11. Yesterday, 3 weeks after surgery I did a telemedicine follow up with Dr. V and got permission to play golf: ďswing easy and use my headĒ. .the pain is gone and I took zero pain killers. You can tell they care and they are very good at what they do. Sincere thanks from, Dr. Warren Graboyes.

w.g (06/01/2020)

I feel great. All the pain I had before the surgery is gone. Right now I feel good. Thanks for doing a great job.

G.C (06/01/2020)

I suffered from low lumbar pain which was disabling and significantly interfered with the quality of my life. I had put off back surgery until the pain simply got the better of me. My great fortune was in finding such an exceptional neurosurgeon in Dr. V. The application of his surgical skills have made all the difference. I feel indebted to him for eliminating completely the lumbar pain I suffered from for so long a period of time and, of course, for returning my life back to normalcy. From a grateful patient- J.R. Gama.

Richard game (05/13/2020)


Douglas Land (05/12/2020)

I am so pleased that I had the surgery , I feel so much better & my life is better pain free. Before surgery I was taking 3 -500mg three times a day of Tylenol = 4500 mg just to get through the day. Now I take none. I hope that puts it into perspective. I would say the first 2weeks after surgery were the hardest ,not because of pain but just learning how to move correctly as to let the healing begin. Once I had that down I was on my way, recovery was so much better than what I expected. Thank you Dr. V & Dr. Eric you both are amazing & did such a great job. I canít express enough how thankful I am to have my life back. Before I came to Boulder Neurosurgical & spine I thought I would have to live the rest of my life in pain, you gave me hope & took away all of my lower back and leg pain. I will be forever grateful , Thank you Mary Wagner.

M.Wagner (05/12/2020)

Quick, friendly staff. Adapted well to current public health orders. Entire experience 5 star start to finish. Back pain is 100 gone.

W.a (05/12/2020)

I was extremely satisfied by the high level of professionalism and ethic. I cannot wish better outcome that I had because of Dr. Villavicencio skills.

A.B (05/07/2020)

The procedure was one of the most positive experiences of my life. I anticipated a painful and slow recovery period. In stead I was able to walk the day after the operation and took the last pain medicine 10 days after the procedure. It is now 14 days after the operation and I walk around 2 miles daily and have no pain or any other symptoms that lead to the lower back fusion in the first place. A miracle!

P.D (05/07/2020)

I was able to do an online visit instead of driving 30 minutes there and back. It actually seemed more personal and prompt because the device there was carried from person to person and everyone was very nice. I feel that I received the same care that I would have in the office other than Dr V being able to do a general physical exam. This is an excellent alternative to visiting a top physician without losing half a day of work.Dr V is an exceptional surgeon and my surgery was a complete success. Everything went exactly as he explained that it would.

r.w (04/27/2020)

Dr. Villavicencio saw me in the ER for a spinal headache from another surgeonís work. I was ready to undergo another surgery to repair but Dr. V talked about a less invasive procedure and gave me the confidence through evidence supporting his recommendation. It worked saving me the risks and recovery associated with surgery. He is my hero! Only go to these docs for any spine surgery!

B.H (04/27/2020)

Had a surgery to remove a mass from my brain. Dr. V was amazing and professional did such a great job removing all of the mass and making recovery time minimal.

N.N (04/14/2020)

Top notch doctor.

Bradley McIntyre (04/13/2020)

Dr. V.did surgery on me for a pinched nerve I had that was causing me terrible pain. I had been a nurse for 45years. He came to see me in the hospital and is just so kind and wonderful. He and his staff are all wonderful.

A.D (04/12/2020)

I experienced excellent care.

Deanna Robinson (04/12/2020)

It has been a great experience. Dr. V was attentive to my problem and scheduled me for surgery promptly. The aftercare has been thorough and professional. Eric and the staff have quite impressive I recommend Dr. V to everyone.

J.Oster (03/24/2020)

Very positive incremental, minimally invasive approach - informative and professional office visits - candid discussions, direct & to the point - eventual fusion surgery successful - no issues over three plus years post surgery.

T.S (03/24/2020)

Dr. V was professional, comforting and highly skilled. Procedure went as described. Following his directions had an uneventful post operative course. Highly recommend Dr. V and his entire staff.

R.Myers (03/24/2020)

Surgery went well and he is regaining his strength in his arms and working on his legs.

D.G (03/23/2020)

My personal experience with not only Dr. Villavicencio was not only off the charts fantastic they were nothing shy of the very best from the receptionist the nurses and the surgeons . Every time I had an appointment or needed to call in everyone was very carrying and extremely helpful and understanding. My back surgery was excellent and very successful I attribute this to the extremely high professionalism of Dr. Villavicencio and his team . His extreme knowledge and personal care for his patients are by far better than any other surgeon I have ever had in the past. I cannot say enough about how great my personnel experience has been with the entire team at Dr. Villavicencioís office .

L.H (03/23/2020)

Back pain for twenty years. Fixed with surgery . Unbelievable relief.

Mark Jenkins (03/16/2020)

I ask Dr. V. & his term to stabilize my lumber spline, plus remove scare tissue from spinal cord. They did a tremendous job. My back is secure and I have no back pain. I rode my bicycle to this appt. first time in 15 years. I thank all of you.

B.W (03/16/2020)

Lumbar fusion well done. Prep and follow up exams great explanation of procedure, excersize plan via physical therapy. Results were better than expected.

P.West (03/16/2020)

In January, I was trail running, fell on ice, and ruptured a disc between my S1 L5 vertebra, my hip and leg began getting tight, and then I began to lose sensation in my foot and calf, I developed a condition known as drop foot. and was referred to Dr.. V. He performed surgery to remove the rupture on the outside of the disc that was pressing against a nerve and causing the loss of sensation and function in my foot, it was a pretty frightening experience to lose this function since Iím a very active person. After the surgery the pain in my hip and leg was gone. It has been three weeks since the surgery and Iím beginning to regain function in my left foot. Also the numbness is beginning to diminish. I canít thank Dr. V and this clinic enough for restoring the function of my foot which is so critical to my active lifestyle and quality of life.

G.J (03/16/2020)

Dr V was very clear with me on my progress after fusion surgery and what I need to focus on as I move forward. Eric, the PA was very helpful and patient with me showing me the X-ray and asking questions on how I am doing with suggestions on developing core strength and taking the time to answer all my questions and concerns.

Dan Macy (03/09/2020)

Surgery was great, day after surgery all leg pains were gone. The soreness from back incision were minimal and no drugs required.

Grant Greene (03/09/2020)

Awesome start to finish! I have always felt very confident in Dr. V. Besides his experience and skills as a surgeon...which are monumental...his bedside manner is warm, caring and personal. He gets straight to the point but, in addition, he has a subtle and nice sparkle. Dr. Vís PA, Eric Busch gets 5 stars. He is very efficient, knowledgeable, and personable. He has complete and understandable answers to all my questions. He also has had good advice like telling me not to shovel snow! How did he know I would try to sneak that in?Aly Schwab is also wonderful person to work with. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you all!

Meg Bentley (02/26/2020)

I have had very good experience with Eric and Dr V. Both surgeries helped me rejoin an active lifestyle whereas before surgery I truly wanted a wheelchair, I would park my 4 Wheeler by the back door so I wouldnít have to walk 100í to the barn. I can walk now and take care of myself. I had one s/I joint all the lumbar and 1 thoracic fused. The skill and care given by this team is great, I would not let anyone else touch my back-I do hope I donít need too. I think they are the best and then thereís the rest, thank you Dr. V and Eric!! .

K.S (02/26/2020)

After two years recovering, I am thrilled with the results of my back surgery. I am pain free and back golfing, among other activities. So glad I had my surgery.

M.F (02/25/2020)

Very professional and caring staff. I would highly recommend Dr.

J.G (02/25/2020)

Had a spinal fusion on L4,5,S1 that went flawlessly. Stopped all pain medication after a few days. Recovery is going quickly. Fantastic Outcome.

C.H (02/18/2020)

Great results!

M.L (02/18/2020)

I was in constant mean pain and was close to accepting a life of painkiller addiction but doctor Villavicencio cleared out my bulging discs with minimal intrusion and today I am Pain Free ó so, thank you doctor V and company. You deserve the great reviews.

J.S (02/18/2020)

Today was my 3 month followup with Dr V for a C6-7 discetomy and fusion. I couldn't be happier with Dr. V and the staff. On my initial visit last October 30th, Dr V was very confident of the diagnosis and recommended procedure. I was suffering badly at the time, and he was able to get me in quickly for the procedure on November 11th. The terrible nerve pain I was dealing with was completely gone within 24 hours of the surgery. The hard collar I had to wear post surgery was cumbersome at times, but outside of some neck stiffness and some initial pain on swallowing, the recovery was pretty easy. I am back to XC skiing, cycling, and my regular strength routine, and the neck/nerve pain I had dealt with for years is completely gone. Dr. V came highly recommended from a colleague (Chiropractor) of mine and the entire experience has been 5 stars.

W.H (02/18/2020)

Had pain radiating down leg. Had microdiscectomy l4 to l5. Could barely walk when I arrived for surgery. After surgery I walked to the parking lot with problem completely resolved. That is the case as of today 3 1/2 months later.

D.W (02/17/2020)

10 level fusion. 3 weeks out of surgery back feels great, almost no pain.

M.P (02/03/2020)

Multi level lower back fusion. 3 month checkup and all is well. Excellent doctors and staff. I am fixed - no more pain!,.

J.K (02/03/2020)

Dr. V and Eric took me from constant headaches and pain to living pain free. In need of an artificial disc, but knowing my active lifestyle, Dr. V researched the perfect solution so I could continue activities important to me... hiking, telemark skiing, backpacking, and climbing. They are amazing, and extremely caring. Thanks to the whole crew.

M.H (01/13/2020)

I have gotten 3 surgeries from Dr V. A quadruple neck fusion, micro discectomy and lower back fusion. My neck and back feel fantastic! I canít tell you how much of a life changer theses surgeries were. I literally trust Dr V with my life. All the pain I was experiencing is gone and I can do things like hike again. Iím still in the healing process but I expect to be back to my old self at some point in time. Before I came to see him I thought I would have to be in pain the rest of my life. The pain being gone is like a giant weight lifted off my shoulders. If you are told you need surgery donít be afraid to get it. You will be in the best hands.

Jason Kuehl (01/13/2020)

Ended up in the Emergency room and Dr. Villavicencio diagnosed my back pain and left leg weakness, and admitted me to the hospital for surgery.He came in on his day off and performed L4/L5/S1 fusion. When I woke up from surgery, I had no pain in my left leg. I spent a few days in the hospital, and went home to recover. I followed all his post op directions, and 2 months later I was hiking in Italy on my honeymoon pain free. Iím currently, three months out from surgery and I can hike, bike and do all my activities without the horrific back pain. Dr V and Eric have given back my quality of life back.

K.G (01/12/2020)

Received excellent treatment and care. All of the team members at this practice made sure that I was informed about my procedures and what to expect during recovery and what to expect long term. I feel that I have made a great recovery and look forward to having many more active years. Thank you all for the excellent care both medically and office efficiency.

Chris Rollinson (01/09/2020)

I was injured 13 years ago where a stair came down on my head and shoulder while moving it in disassembly on a const project, I went through pt and recovered with the caveat that stenosis existed. 8 years ago I rode a motocross bike off a ledge and injured my shoulder, broke my rt. side ribs and punctured the lung. I completed pt and rehabbed well regaining strength and range of motion. 6 years ago after the flood, I began to have pain in the neck, shoulders and occasional sclaratoginous pain in my left leg and rt glute. I saw my primary care doctor and was referred to my rheumatologist, I experienced pain relief was placed on small dose steroidal prednisone. After 6 months I stopped the medication and 3 weeks later my arm dropped and the doctor referred me to Boulder Neurosurgery. Stating it was not indicated by my treatment. The MRI revealed extreme stenosis, bone spurs, and bulging discs. Surgery was scheduled and a 4 level anterior fusion was performed August 7 2017. I had outpatient surgery and had difficulty swallowing my pain medicine and was admitted to Boulder Community For recovery for 2 days. I wore a restrictive collar for 3 months, Underwent evaluation and began physical therapy with Altitude PT. the next 3 months I returned to light carpentry work, wore a soft collar and was driven , not able to drive. Progress came with active stretching, light weight bearing and training. The surgery team managed my quarterly evaluation, after a year I was released from physical therapy. I am a active and still working construction. I turned 65 in January and this month is 2 years in. I have experienced some muscle atrophy and am continuing to rebuild. I am able to do most of my sports and higher level physical work. I feel lucky, and am thankful for the skilled care and expert treatment. Thank you, Ray.

Raymond.K (01/09/2020)

I am extremely pleased with the outcome of my surgery. From not being able to walk for more than 15 minutes, stand more than 5 minutes and barely sleeping, I can walk, hike the mountains, bike, swim, run (if I wanted to) and sleep like a marmot. Thanks very much to the whole team for your excellent work and professional guidance!

Y.D (01/08/2020)

Dr. V is simply the best. You are in excellent hands with this neurosurgeon. I would not trust my spine to anyone else.

K.B (01/01/2020)

I had an L5/S1 fusion in June 2019 by Dr V. Prior to this I had terrible left leg pain that made all activity and sleep very difficult. This type of condition takes a toll mentally as well. This had been going on for almost 2 years with other low back pain years before that. Six months later I am so happy to say that I canít remember when I felt this great! Dr V and Eric were amazing as well as the rest of the staff. I wasnít very hopeful going in to this as I had a back surgery the year before that helped but did not fix the problem. Dr V and his staff listened to me and I feel very fortunate to have found them. I would highly recommend Dr V for any back problems.

Peggy.L (01/01/2020)

Very good doctor answered all my questions and explained everything I would recommend him to all my friends personal great respect answered all my questions.

S.M (01/01/2020)

I had spinal fusion L2-5 one year ago this week and feel that the surgery was very successful. Dr. V was great, not only in the OR but pre and post-op in all of my visits.

D.W (12/16/2019)

Extreamly good results from my cervical fusion surgery. All of my pain has resolved. I would highly recommend Dr. Villavicencio and his staff.

A.F (12/11/2019)

Before surgery I had lost strength to my right tricep and right side of my chest. After just 4 months I can already see positive results. Very impressed and happy with the surgery performed. I highly recommend Dr Villavicencio and staff!!

T.L (12/10/2019)

Excellent and highly professional staff. I suffered from severe pain in my right leg for7months and took all the conservative measures to alleviate the pain. This entailed physical therapy to injections. I felt ready for surgery and am delighted to have found Dr. V. My pain was immediately gone and has been for 2weeks. Prior to surgery I could not stand for longer than 1mlnute. I have my life back!

E.S (12/10/2019)

Iíve had a remarkable recovery/experience from my major back surgery from Dr. Villavicencio and surgical team. At the age of 75 and moving to CO, I was suffering from scoliosis and stenosis in my lumbar & thoracic spine. I couldnít stand up straight and was severely bent over. The entire staff are very helpful and concerned about your health issues.

Sandra.O (12/10/2019)

Before my surgery I was experiencing headaches, numbness in both arms, neck spasms and a severe popping in my neck, Since my surgery all those symptoms have bee relieved, I followed Dr, Villavicencioís post op instructions and did my physical therapy with great results. I fully appreciate how I feel now. Thank you Dr.

P.Meinerz (12/04/2019)

I was experiencing a lot of back pain for 10 months. Having had 2 previous lumbar fusions (& my neck fused) I was familiar with the pain. After consulting with Eric Busch & Dr. V, having x-rays and an MRI, we decided I needed a 3rd lumbar fusion. Dr. V is an incredible surgeon and Eric an amazing P.A. I had some physical issues after the surgery and a difficult recovery but now, just under 4 months since the date of surgery, Iím doing great! Iím back to hiking and walking a lot & am very happy with the final outcome!!! Dr. V is the best and I always recommend him to friends who are having back issues.

L.Ott (11/26/2019)

Excellent service , super professional staff, results are far better than l expected considering the shape I was in before the operation. All the pain is gone in both legs and lower back. I was able to walk down the hall 5 hours after the operation. Could not have picked a more competent surgeon.

J.S (11/26/2019)

Experience was wonderful, I had no residual pain and was up and walking the next day. Pain was completely gone after procedure.

G.G (11/26/2019)

Came to Dr. V this summer (2019) as my back was causing high amounts of pain. After having another MRI we could see that my back was continuing to get worse and not heal (herniated L4/L5 disc) Dr. V recommended surgery to relieve the pain but between him and his PA I felt comfortable moving forward with surgery. After surgery I was up and ,ovine within 2 days and feeling 99% better than prior to surgery. I feel like I have become a surgery advocate since then for others having similar issues that I had. Dr. V was great about calling me at home after my surgery and answered all of my questions. Might seemed small but meant a lot to me. Been 3 months since my surgery and feel like I got my life back.

Cody.S (11/26/2019)

June 2019 TLIF at L5 to s1. Corrected drop foot and recovery went smoothly. To date progress seems good and I have great confidence in Dr. V..

J.Schafer (11/26/2019)

Significant pain in shoulders and down arm, inability to sleep or look up without pain, and had horrible headaches. Three months after surgery, all of those symptoms were completely alleviated.

R.H (11/12/2019)

I had neck hardware removal from a previous neck fusion and disc removal with a second cervical fusion. Given this was my second fusion, I felt apprehensive. Eric Busch PA and Dr V offered me reassurance and empathized with my fears. Dr V honored my spiritual needs by being with me as I prayed with the nurses and my husband pre-op. I had no complications post surgery other than the normal difficulty swallowing for a week or so. I am now ready to get back into my exercise routine without the arm pain. I am very grateful to have found such wonderful neurosurgical care. I also appreciated the kindness of office staff, especially Aly who never disappointed with her organizational skills! Thank you Boulder Neurosurgical!

K.B (11/12/2019)

Dr. V did such great work on me. I had the mother of back surgery. L1- L5 s1-s2. Iím feeling much better! I also had fluid on my spine after surgery and Eric and Dr V found it immediately and sent me to get a drain. Dr V is awesome and so is Eric and Ellie. Ellie is Dr. Vís office manager and any time I needed anything she was on top of it. Eric always took time and explained everything to me. I would recommend this practice to everyone!!

Barbara Neville (11/12/2019)

I had an exceptional experience with as hoped for results regarding my L5-S1 spinal fusion. The entire process was clear and all involved were professional, promptly responsive, and very skilled in their work. Iím so grateful for being placed in such capable and compassionate hands. Dr. V is a world class surgeon supported by a stellar team. I feel blessed beyond measure. THANK YOU!

R.O (10/17/2019)

Came in with back pain and numbness in left leg. Surgery was recommended. I was on the fence about having the surgery and came close to canceling it. Fortunately I decided to have the procedure. The outcome was better than I had hoped for. Iím 100% back to normal, with no pain and no numbness. Iím back to hiking, cycling, and riding my horse. Great doctor and staff.

B.West (10/15/2019)

I havenít had surgery before this, so I donít know where the bar is. But I can definitely say I am satisfiesd with my care. Very nice staff.

G.V (10/15/2019)

I am 77 years old and had lumbar fusion surgery a year ago. Dr. V did my surgery and I was very pleased. I have spent this pass year regaining strength and concentrating on exercises, walking, swimming and getting back to my normal activities. Today at my one year check-up Dr V. has given his ok for not needing to return, but to continue my regular activities.

M.R (10/15/2019)

Dr. VĎs office did a great job pre-surgically and post surgically. Dr. V explained all the details of my condition and what he would do in surgery. The work he did in the two back fusions has settled in nicely, and other than the usual senior citizen back problems, my recovery has been excellent.

Randall Cain (10/11/2019)

I had a back procedure preformed and the sharp pain I had was immediately relieved. The entire process went exactly as the Doctor described. I probably put the procedure off longer than I should have. I would highly recommend Doctor Villavicencio and staff.

D.B (10/11/2019)

Exceeded my expectations. After 3 months walking well two miles and will increase as my progress is excellent I meet people on my walks that have less of a back surgery(mine was L1 -2-3-4-5) and before my surgery date that are in much worse shape I also volunteer at the VA and see many patients that have had back surgery and are still struggling after a year I feel very blessed that I had Doctor Villavicencio and his team take such good care of me. Being 80 years old this surgery will allow me to keep active and have a good lifestyle. I am so thankful Ben Prieb.

Ben Prieb (10/11/2019)

Love Dr V and Erick Busch they helped me so much, just wish I would have done my back surgery sooner. My surgery was May 16th 2019 and this is Sept and I feel great!! I recommend Dr V strongly. I am happy,happy,happy!!!

E.S (10/08/2019)

Spinal surgery, Dr V fused C34-56. Everyone was very caring and informative!

L.R (10/08/2019)

My experience was excellent. Dr V is very good and I am very pleased.

E.R (10/08/2019)

We, after surgery and a sustained period of care, recommend this office in the strongest terms. They are first rate in training, attention to detail, sensitive in personal care and supportive in every stage of the process.

b.s (10/08/2019)

He is an excellent dr with a great sense of humor. He and his staff are personable and courteous. The surgery that I had was explained totally to me.

Jeannie Gotta (10/08/2019)

Dr. V saw me for an L4-L5 disk herniation. I had surgery which fixed the problem, and made it so I can sit down again (before sitting was supremely painful). Everybody was super helpful, and addressed my problems and concerns throughout this whole process.

C.E (09/09/2019)

Had L3/4 fusion on 4/11/91.operation went well recovery seems to be going well.

G.A (09/09/2019)

Very happy with surgery and the professionalism of the staff.

Amanda Michael (09/06/2019)

I had the surgery On may 20th. I went home the same day of surgery. Got home woke up the next morning and I had no pain except from the surgery. Every one here at this facility have been very pleasant to me and my wife.

T.T (09/06/2019)

Came in with severe pain in right neck, shoulder, upper arm, forearm, and index finger a& thumb. Diagnosed with degenerative discs in cervical spine. Prescribed a month of Physical Therapy and rest to avoid surgery. Wasnít successful so had two level artificial disc replacement. Pain immediately gone post-op and have been steadily improving over last 3 months. Have some twinges of very minor pain, but I attribute that to my musculature recovering to normal posture and movement. I am as pleased as I can be with the treatment and outcome. I canít recommend this team highly enough!

S.M (09/03/2019)

Dr. V was highly recommended and the surgery was successful. I was not expecting such a long recovery, and dealing with some physical anomalies Like swallowing, couldnít sing, raising right arm, shaving, and lifting weights. But after much physical therapy l have experienced improvement in every area. I feel normal again, after a seven month rehabilitation program.

D.W (09/03/2019)

Great experience start to finish. Efficient, friendly, caring staff. Prepared me well for what to expect: surgical procedure, pain management, recovery phases. Inspired confidence and trust during a frightening time.

William Almond (08/05/2019)

Had a neck fracture with bacterial infection in 6th and 7th cervical disc. Dr V operated in April followed by antibiotic infusions and oral. The surgery and treatment following was excellent. I highly recommend him.

Charles.S (08/01/2019)

It has been one year today that Dr.V did a fusion on L4/L5. Having a back surgery and the recovery associated with it is not suppose to be a fun experience but crazy as it sounds mine was a very positive experience. I am literally a new person as a result of Dr. Vís expertise. I was in severe debilitating pain for several years prior to Dr. Vís help. There is an art and science to everything and Dr.V has them both nailed. I am very tuned into customer service and the lack of it in todayís world. Dr. V and staff should write a book and how itís done. We were treated like family by a very polite and concerned staff. We canít name every staff member but Eric B was a staff person that we had a lot of interaction with and he is stellar. Dr. V is like the Michelangelo of surgeons. He is truly a gifted surgeon. If we hear anyone talking about their back problems we strongly recommend they make an appointment with Dr. V. When the best Surgeon and supporting staff in the country is available why would one go anywhere else for help. We are indebted to Dr.V and staff for giving me back my quality of life. Thank you! .....Debbie and Gary.

G.C (07/29/2019)

A huge surgery and a necessary one. I had interviewed 3 neurosurgeons and chose Dr. V. A good choice. He, Eric and Alex were a great team for me. I had a previous c spine surgery that lacked followUp, so I was pleased with the followUp visits. Thanks to everyone, especially Eric .

S.T (07/29/2019)

They were a wonderful safety net in a crisis. Having the surgery done almost immediately was a godsend and having Dr. V doing it on a Sunday was really unexpected and went above and beyond my expectations.

J.R (07/10/2019)

Doctor V and staff have tremendous knowledge and skills. I researched many professionals before deciding to see Dr. Villavicencio. I lived out of town where medical care for my serious spinal problems was not available, Spinal cord compression required emergency surgery and massive metal implants. Dr. V. also does follow up on a previous brain surgery done by another physician many years before. I am delighted to speak tremendous praise for Dr. V and his staff.

B.K (07/07/2019)

4month follow up visit with doctor V was very good. All my questions were answered, and he discussed next steps in my recovery.

L.A (07/07/2019)

I am very happy with Dr. V medical training and his work on my C-spine October 2018 my lumbar in June 2019 he his a superior neurosurgeon as well as it orthopedic surgeon I .have search this man out for over two years on the Internet . I personally visited other people that he operated on and they said he was exceptional itís been my experience that is true ,I would recommend him to anyone for C-Spire and L spine surgery in the Boulder ,Denver metro area.I also visited two other neurosurgeons and said they would not work on my C-spine and I would not get any relief I find that to be false statements I am recovering better and better each and every day ,I think Dr. V did an exceptional job on my c spine, and have lived with pain for over 40 years and no other doctor could correct this.

F.P (07/04/2019)

Informative, detailed with explanations compassionate.

Marie Mathis (07/01/2019)

As a result of a car accident, I had injuries to my cervical spine that caused a significant amount of pain, numbness and dexterity problems I was very fortunate to have been treated by Dr. V. The injury repair required two surgeries in which my c5-7 were plated in the front and two rods in the back. Dr. V has brought me back to a baseline of functioning well and little to no pain. I truly feel very lucky to have been treated by him. He is the best.

L.B (06/30/2019)

I was very happy with my visit. Allen and Alex were very happy with my progress from my surgery. They carefully thought out my personal details.

D.P (06/14/2019)

My entire experience with the staff from pre-surgery to post-op was great. Everything was clearly explained and the surgery experience was exactly as described. My chronic back pain is gone and my only regret was that I waited so long to have the surgery.

A.L (06/11/2019)

Very professional staff. Staff was good at answering all questions and informing of what to anticipate for surgery and billing.

C.E (06/11/2019)

Amazing results from a 5-level fusion L2-S1. Totally eliminated debilitating leg pain. Has restored my life. No residual symptoms.

R.M (06/10/2019)

This is my second lumbar fusion since 2013. The second surgery was due to being rear ended twice. I had fabulous results from the first surgery with Dr Villavicencio. I am 2 weeks out from the second surgery with Dr Villavicencio and already my pre surgery symptoms are much better.

Suzanne Kuolt (06/03/2019)

Have had multiple surgeries with doctor Villavicencio with great success and would rate him as one of top neurosurgeons in USA. '.

Billy Rugg (05/24/2019)

Everyone is always so helpful at this office, the staff take time to listen and seem to always ask the right questions. If I ever need to have surgery again I would come back in a heartbeat.

S.Cruthers (05/24/2019)

I had a fusion of my lower back. I had a fist sitting on my static nerve and Dr V removed the cost and fused my back in that area. The surgery was very successful my pain which was severe was gone As soon as the surgery was over. The doctor and his team took really good care of me. I am 9 months after the surgery and everything is doing well. I would recommend this Dr and his team highly.

J.Stevenson (05/22/2019)

I feel that my back fusion will get better as time heals, doctor Villavicencio is both professional an kind, I liked him and his staff.

R.P (05/21/2019)

Well Alan letís start with Megan. First you saved her life and then you were involved with her rehab! You let her rebuild your bike as an exercise that she really enjoyed and it was very good for her.Then you had several swim races with her and then she finally beat you (she was a state champion swimmer before the accident). You had to do 4 surgeries on her headóyour not just good your great and my family will always be in your debt.I then crushed my vertebrae and you were my first and only choice!Thanks,!,!!

P.H (05/21/2019)

I have now had 3 spinal surgeries with Dr. V, two multi-joint lumbar fusions and a more recent cervical fusion. I have had multiple previous surgeries on other joints, but remain able to be active largely because my spine, despite now 7 joint fusions, seems to be in as good a condition as could be hoped for. I am immensely impressed with the skill of Dr. V, very lucky to have had him for my recent spinal surgeries, and will be forever grateful for his efforts on my behalf.

Dave Fritts (05/20/2019)

My experience was great.

N.W (05/07/2019)

I came into this office with neck pain that was intolerable. Dr Villavicencio team did a neck fusion from c3-c6.. then a year later a back fusion on my l3-l5. I am out a year later. I canít express my gratitude. The team at Boulder neurosurgeon are amazing. I am now back to everything that I love in life. I was becoming very depressed with pain and limitations due to my neck and pain. They have made a life changing experience for me and my family. They are top notch, best team ever. Once again, thank you for a new improved life. That.

Y.R (04/29/2019)

They were great. They all explained everything very well and the surgery went great. Now working on recovery which is going great. Thank you all for being great.

J.G (04/24/2019)

I came to Dr. V on the recommendation of a friend who had had a back operation performed by him and was very pleased with the results. Dr. V. examined my MRI and told me that surgery was all that was left as a choice for me. We met a couple of times, discussed what what would be involved, approximate amount of time I would be in surgery, length of time in hospital an rehab afterwards. He stressed the potential difficulties I might face during a lengthy recovery period because of my age and the amount of work he would be doing to fuse the disks and put in rods,etc. I had the surgery on January 7, 2019 and, today, 3.5 months later, I am driving, taking care of myself, walking, and exercising with PT instructor. I noticed, as soon as I recovered from the anesthesia, that the severe pain I had been experiencing was gone and I just had the surgery pain. I was on pain meds, small doses, for about three weeks and Tylenol only since then. I canít thank Dr. V enough for giving me back a much better quality of life. He is a wonderful surgeon and I have been and will continue to tell my friends about him and his great staff. His PA, Eric Bush, is also to be thanked for taking time to talk with me and answer my many questions.

Mary Jane.C (04/24/2019)

L4/5 fusion April 2018. It is April 2019 and Iíve skied 15 ski days (so far, more to come) No pain. Skied all terrain levels. Skiing full days.Completely happy with results.

Jerry.O (04/22/2019)

Excellent service every visit. Extremely satisfied with surgery results. My back feels like it did 25 years ago.

M.J (04/22/2019)

I had a great experience working with Dr. Villavicencio. I had a disc replacement in January. My symptoms have resolved and I am back to doing everything without restriction.

Mary Walker (04/22/2019)

I had severe degeneration of my low back and received a fusion of L4-S1. Dr. V and Alex were great in answering all my questions and making sure the surgery and recovery were successful. 2 years out from surgery and Iím better than I was before surgery.

M.S (04/22/2019)

I came to Dr V with severe pain in my back and weakness in my legs. Since my surgery in March 2018, l am doing much better, getting stronger in my legs and only have aches in my back when I over exert.

Ernest Moon (04/08/2019)

I had a spinal fusion done in Dec, the procedure went well I had a very easy recovery,very little pain.

C.Z (04/08/2019)

Dr V and team did an L5/S1 fusion in December. The procedure went very well. The hospital staff was awesome. My wife and I did feel that the expectations around the surgery were set a little low; we both thought Iíd be back to it in about 6 weeks. We could have heard what we wanted, but it took until the first follow up appointment until it was clear to us that this would be a much lengthier recovery. Post surgery, when I had concerns I called the office and spoke to the on call without any issues or delays. The office staff has been wonderful, especially in dealing with insurance paperwork.

B.H (04/08/2019)

I had back surgery removal of old hardware and new hardware on new levels Iíve had an amazing experience with Dr. V and his team they have been very straight forward with me and have done everything they told me they would do Iím 3 months out in recovery and doing well. I would and will recommend Dr. V to everyone looking for a wonderful surgeon. Thank you Dr. V and staff for taking such good care of me!

D.H (03/22/2019)

Dr V did a 2 level fusion in my lower neck to stabilize vertebra that were impinging on my spinal cord. Pain in my neck was immediately reduced, and even increasing lower back pain was significantly relieved. Dr V and assistant Alex were outstanding. They spent a lot of time with me to thoroughly explain my issues and why fusion was the only real solution. They were pleasant and personable but, most importantly, highly experienced and competent. I highly recommend Dr V and staff.

T.Pariseau (03/22/2019)

I have been dealing with R radial nerve pain for 4 years, which restricted my piano playing. The piano is my retirement hobby, and I am advanced player. We scheduled surgery for the radial nerve. Eric thought we could do a disc replacement C6-C7. Five days before the scheduled surgery I met with Alex, who said I needed a double fusion of C5-C6 and C6-C7. V agreed. So thatís what we did. This change in strategy went from minor to major surgery and so I got my daughter to come home for the surgery. It was clear very after surgery that it had worked. Then suddenly my left pinkie lost strength. Alex thought it would resolve and it did in January. I did see a hand specialist but Iím not sure how valuable it was. I have numbness in my right hand, which may be due to carpal tunnel. The surgery went well. The office is very responsive to questions. I will continue to take my flawed body to this practice. Thank you.

L.S (03/22/2019)

Very pleased with the results and the staff.

Steve Maras (03/10/2019)

A very positive experience. Needed a long difficult fusion. The entire staff readily answered questions , to prepare me for a major back surgery. I experienced several setbacks post operative. The surgical team was always available when I needed them .I trusted the team. After many years of chronic pain, I am finding relief. I would highly recommend Dr. V and his team for their honesty, integrity, and professional ethics.I owe them for my new lease on a pain free life.

G.M (03/10/2019)

I had two cervical surgeries with Dr. V. Although the second one was a lot more challenging, I had confidence in Dr. V and his staff. I would return to him if I ever needed additional care.

K.G (03/10/2019)

Severe back pain before surgery interfering with my usual activities especially hiking. I wanted to consult the best doctor. After doing some research I chose Dr. V. I had cervical spine surgery for pinched nerves and then three months later had surgery to correct my scoliosis. Three months later I now have mild discomfort relievedWith Tylenol. Excellent experience with his staff and with hospital and rehabilitation care. Iím glad I had surgery and know I will be hiking again soon.

Lynn.E (03/06/2019)

On 4 feb 2019 had a microdiscectomy (L4-L5 & L5-S1) at Exempla surgery center. Staff and prep experience leading up to it was wonderful, esp given short time window. Day of surgery: admission very smooth by Emma, very good care by Darla before and after surgery. Immediate pain relief in recovery- no more muscle spasms and cramping. That has continued to be the case since. Excellent followup by Dr V, Darla, Eric. I am so thankful to all of you for giving me back my mobility and resumption of my daily life. You are a top notch provider. And Iím telling everyone who asks what a great thing did for me, both in 2013 and now. Thank you!

Randy Bender (02/27/2019)

Today was my three month follow up to decompression surgery of C6/C7 vertebrae. I saw Alex and Dr V. Today and we thoroughly reviewed my status, and X-rays. Dr. V. Determined I needed to use a bone stimulator to further assist with my healing process. A second follow up was scheduled for three months. The entire process of pre surgery work up, surgery and follow up has been handled exceptionally well. I am profoundly grateful.

M.Hendry (02/26/2019)

I was in constant pain in my neck and shoulders for years following a bicycling accident. My shoulders, neck and mid back went into spasm with almost all activity. Even sleep could set off pain that radiated down my shoulder and thoracic spine, making even breathing hurt. I had seen pain doctors and tried injections and radio frequency to get some relief. I finally decided that no matter how much I wanted to avoid surgery, I needed to see a neurosurgeon in hopes that something could be done. I researched extensively and found that Dr. Villavicencio was voted #1 in the nation neurosurgeon that year! I knew that, surgery or not, Dr. V was the doctor I wanted to talk to. Dr Villavicencio looked at my MRI and was concise in his diagnosis. I donít know how to put it, but as he looked at my films I could almost see him analyzing. He didnít waste time, and I donít see that as a negative; I appreciated his direct explanation of my problem. The rest of the story is summed up with ďRelief!Ē. I had surgery as soon as I could get on his schedule, and my whole life-style changed. With very little caution, my life is not dictated by whether or not I can take a deep breath anymore. There is no other surgeon I would trust with my spine and I recommend Dr V to anyone with back or neck pain.

A.L (02/21/2019)

I had back fusion surgery on L4/L5. The surgery went very well and I have had a speedy recovery. The doctors were all wonderful to work with and gave me quick reliable and immediate information. I would recommend this doctors office to others.

T.S (02/20/2019)

I am very encouraged and pleased with the outcome of my surgery and I am excited to get back to my life.

Mary Kay Engel (02/18/2019)

Dr V and Eric performed my surgery. Followed up with personal phone call to check on my recovery at home. Pain free and happy with my experience with the Boulder office and staff.

B.E (02/18/2019)

I am very satisfied with care I received. The presurgical meetings properly predicted what would happen. Surgery was performed at a high level. Followup visits were scheduled at appropriate intervals and were informative and helpful. The overall level of care and attention to my personal questions was very high.

Blair.S (02/18/2019)

The experience has been great. 2 years out from surgery and feeling great. The doctors and staff at BNA have been wonderful. I would highly recommend BNA to anyone suffering from severe back pain like I had.

Roger Tanna (02/12/2019)

Excellent experience! I went from experiencing a great deal of pain and a very limited walking ability to virtually no pain and the ability to walk miles. Am very pleased with the results of my surgery!

D.H (02/12/2019)

My experience was nothing but great! The staff are very nice and outgoing,and the service was amazing.

N.W (02/05/2019)

Cervical spine fusion,from the first time I came to the office and thruout the surgery and all thruout the post ssurgical care I have had the best care,no problems. I am so pleased that all my pain and symptoms,before the surgery,are now gone. Your staff in the office,your surgical team and of course Dr v has been wonderful,and I cannot say enough positive things about this experience!

Fay.S (02/05/2019)

Had a fall resulting in concussion and fluid on the brain. Four days in ICU, with intermittent weakness on right side. Dr. V was involved in my care.

Gordon Ward (01/30/2019)

The best of everything, there is no one better!

M.H (01/28/2019)

Spinal fusion. Done out patient. Dr., staff and surgery location was excellent. Follow up care is thorough. Gladly recommend to others and have.

T.T (01/28/2019)

Past failed surgeries from others in lumbar region prevented me from my active lifestyle due to pain and frustration for several years including opioid addictions etc After months of soul searching and meeting with specialists to see my options I was very fortunate to have found the Staff here at Boulder Neurosurgical and Dr Villviencio. After detailed consultation we decided to repair prior failures and resolve potential risks for the future I honestly feel like I now have my life back! Minimal pain and clear of any pain medications and returning to being active again after years of frustration and incredible pain The Staff is incredible and I would recommend for anyone seeking to regain themselves and their families with enthusiasm!,, Thank you Dr V and BNS!,.

C.D (01/28/2019)

Great followup visit. Alex is so knowledgeable, professional and polite. Always a pleasure working with him.

Paul Towlen (01/24/2019)

The staff and Dr V made me feel like I was the only patient.. My surgery went well, I never experienced any pain and it has been three months. I highly recommend Dr V and staff. First class operation..

J.B (01/24/2019)

Had a good result from my surgery to correct my spinal stenosis. This surgery corrected the discomfort I had from headaches, shoulder pain, numbness in arms and hands and inability to lift my arms over my head. Range of motion was improved also. The process was explained and I had no surprises. Although the neck brace is cumbersome it is necessary evil. I was pleased to feel immediate relief right a after the surgery. I am looking forward to a healthy and active retirement.

P.M (01/24/2019)

Everything went well at the surgery and the recovery seems to be going very well. Pain is minimal and I am excited to get back to doing all the things I used to do!

S.Kohuth (01/14/2019)

I am very pleased with the results of the surgery. I have had very little pain from the surgery & the-original pain is pretty much gone.

C.Z (01/08/2019)

Could not be more pleased with the experience and most importantly the outcome. Many thanks to Dr. Villavicencio, Alex, Eric and the entire staff. Absolute top notch professional organization that I recommend wholeheartedly for anyone seeking the best possible outcome for their surgery.

P.K (01/08/2019)

Dr. V listened understood what I was saying and really didn't waste anytime getting me in to surgery and the care that I have received since then has been very good.

Joann Stevenson (12/28/2018)

I had successful disc surgery on c four little pain went well am complexly satisfied.

C.Chandler (12/24/2018)

Received microdiscectomy per recommendation of Dr. V. The surgery went great. Staff at his office was friendly and helpful.

N.S (12/24/2018)

It has been four years of different surgery and each one has been great the pain I had is gone and life is good .

Anthony Smith (12/18/2018)

My surgery with Dr V went so well. I am 100% more than pleased with my outcome. We are so lucky to have his level of expertise in our area. I am back to walking with no numbness. His staff and office team are highly organized.

S.T (12/18/2018)

Back surgery with Dr. V Experience was excellent.

W.Harris (12/14/2018)

Dr. V performed my L5/S1 fusion surgery in Dec. 2016. It was an outpatient surgery with me in and out in about 23 hours. For 5 years I dealt with excruciating back pain from spondylolisthesis. I tried every option available to help my symptoms but ultimately decided to have surgery. Dr. V and Alex were very patient explaining the process to me and even the ladies that worked in the front office were available to help when I had questions. Before surgery I was only walking about 2000 steps a day. 11 months after surgery I was walking 10 miles a day through India & Europe! The quality of life I have been given back is 100 times better than before. I knew going in that I had to maintain a healthy lifestyle and continue strength training or else no amount of surgery would fix poor habits. Both Dr. V and Alex stress maintaining a healthy lifestyle and you can tell they care about their patients. I would 100% do this surgery again (good thing I donít need to) and would highly recommend them and this clinic. This was the absolute best decision, to have Dr V perform my surgery and I canít thank him enough for saving my quality of life.

T.E (12/14/2018)

Generally good. Recovery time longer than expected.

Anthony Garrett (12/12/2018)

One year ago Dr. V did a spinal fusion on three vertebrae in my neck to correct a stenosis. As a result, there is no pain, no tingling, and no weakness. I have minor range of motion issues, but have no major difficulty moving. I am confident l am on my way to a complete recovery. A job very well done. Thanks to all!!!m.

Tom Lyons (12/10/2018)

Happy with the experience, was given a lot of information so I knew what to expect. For the most part symptoms have gotten way better.

S.B (12/10/2018)

The physician and hospital staff were very professional. I called twice complaining of pain and the calls were answered very promptly.

C.B (12/10/2018)

I have been seeing team V for about 3 years. Prior to coming here I had seen 3 other surgeons for opinions. I had some one recommend that I bring my son to Dr V with a neck problem. Based on my sons experience I knew Dr V was the Doc for my back issue as well. What a great choice, when it got time for surgery I fit into the Limiflex study. Surgery was a total success at this point which is the 3 month mark and I couldnít be happier. Without a doubt I highly recommend team V. Dr. Villavicencio is an excellent surgeon and my back doc for life.

K.M (12/06/2018)

Dr. V and every one here are awesome! Thank you so much.

Gordon Dewart (12/06/2018)

I have been very pleased with the treatment I have received, not only today, but throughout my care. The surgery and treatment I received have enabled me to regain physical wellness.

L.L (12/03/2018)

Very good,best doctors. Ian happy with them.

R.D (11/30/2018)

Very professional and high quality of care. Every team member was extremely helpful.

E.F (11/30/2018)

Clear and detailed understandable explanation of my condition. I am grateful.

G.C (11/30/2018)

Alex is very thorough in his explanations,using models of the spine to show me what is going on. He has helped me understand the scoliosis in my back and what is happening with my discs.

A.D (11/30/2018)

Fusion of lower spine November 2016.

D.G (11/19/2018)

I originally broke my back at 8 years old falling out of a tree and it never fully healed. After 45 years it had shifted to 13 mm at L5 -S1. Even with this, I still lived a very active life. Rock climbing, skiing, cycling and driving race cars. The biggest turning point was a foot drag in the beginning of 2017 and the unbearable pain that had built over the years. It is still difficult to talk about. I did another round of physical therapy and the therapist said, ďif you had a broken arm, you would fix it. You have a broken back, if you are looking for me to tell you to not do the procedure, I canít ď.In November of 2017 Dr V and his team did an L5-S1 decompression and fusion. The difference was unbelievable. The very next day. I slept for the first time in years. For me the feeling in my legs alone was like going from black and white TV to Color. It has now been a year and things are looking ever better. I still have some symptoms from waiting so long, though that was my choice! Dr V and his team are extraordinary. I am truly thankful for being given a second chance with a much higher quality of life .

Todd Peterson (11/19/2018)

Very pleased, team was GREAT,had neck pain, came in for evaluation had neck surgery 10/31/16. From beginning to my two year follow up never had a bad experience. Everyone was professional,confident and very caring. I was never nervous or had anxiety about my care.

G.S (11/14/2018)

I am 2 years out from my L4/L5 lumbar fusion surgery. Other than a minor problem with my right toes feeling funky vs. my left ones which feel normal, my back feels good and I am able to do everything I want to (bike, walk, yard work, etc.). Compared to where I was before the surgery, I am much better now.

J.K (11/14/2018)

Operation went perfect, I woke up pain free. The entire staff was very professional. I canít say enough about Dr V and his team! I would highly recommend them!

R.Boone (11/12/2018)

Had surgery at lumbar 3 due to infection. Had severe pain that was unbearable. Infection was cleaned out, disc removed and screws and plates installed to stabilize and fuse. Have had no pain at all and everything is healing up nicely.

S.S (11/12/2018)

Dr. V, Eric and Alex are the very best there is! Professional, very caring and thorough. I look forward to my visits with them because my quality of life has improved so much. Dr. V has taken such good care of my back, he is a genius and I trust him wholeheartedly. I highly recommend him, his skill and talents are amazing and I think he has probably made a lot of peoples lives better, definitely mine.Thank you and I feel blessed and lucky to have him in my life.

Denise Schuck (11/12/2018)

I was suffering from back pain and leg pain before my surgery and was very limited in my activities. I am in my 4th month post surgery and feel great. Dr.Villavicencio did a awesome job repairing my back. I had 3 fusion, 2 rods and about 8 screws put in my back to fix it. I feel great and am looking forward to getting back to my favorite activities like biking, hiking, kayaking and gardening. Dr. V gave me my life back. Heís my hero.

D.V (11/01/2018)

My experience was excellent,I came to Dr. V with severe pain in my right arm and neck and today the pain is gone. Dr. V was able to work with my schedule and get me in quickly, and that was beneficial because my wife and I were living out of the USA and needed to return soon to Africa.The staff here has also been very accommodating and helpful throughout the process. I would recommend Boulder Neurosurgical and Spine Associates to anyone with similar health problems.

Danny McCollor (11/01/2018)

It has been a wonderful experience with Dr. V, Eric and team. The surgery appears to be a great success. I am delighted to be able to take decent walks with wife & dog again....0 pain in leg now,.

V.M (11/01/2018)

I had a disc replacement in my neck. From beginning to end, everyone was amazing. Iím very active and Dr. V did the research to get an artificial disc that would hold up to my lifestyle. Eric and Alex were always easy to talk to and exchange information with.

M.H (10/29/2018)

Excellent, pain in legs is gone. Good care by all involved.

A.E (10/29/2018)

I have been very pleased with the total experience with Dr. V, Eric, Alex, and the office staff. Whenever I called with a question I received a return call very promptly, usually within an hour, and had any questions adequately answered. As of the first post-op visit my symptoms have been 100% alleviated. I went from extremely disabled to fully functional in the space of two weeks. I wholly recommend Boulder Neurological Associates and will return for any future problems.

M.M (10/29/2018)

L4/5 fusion Results excellent 6 months into rehab. Virtually back to all activities. Planning to ski this season. All of care provided by Dr. V and Alex was exceptional. Office staff always able to answer any and all questions promptly. I would recommend that anyone having back issues utilize this practices.

Jerry.O (10/29/2018)

Today is roughly 2 years since I had my neck surgery that was required because of intense pain in my left arm. The procedure was a complete success...I could not be happier...Dr. ďVĒ performed his magic and I am living the good life. The staff from top to bottom was awesome!! Alex the PA was great in his explanations when I had questions. I would and have recommend Boulder Neurosurgicial & Spine with full confidence that my refusal would have the best results possible. Thanks, j.w. ďBuckĒ Buchanan.

John W Buchanan (10/29/2018)

Dr V and Eric have helped me through my back surgery and also kept close watch on my recovery. Itís been two years and I feel great. Everyone in the office has been helpful and so nice. Iím so glad they were here to help me!

M.W (10/23/2018)

Dr. V did lumber fusion L3, L4L5. He and PAs were very professional and knew exactly what was causing my pain and how to correct it.

Marian.R (10/23/2018)

I had severe sciatic pain and was recommended for an epidural that was not effective. I then came here for an evaluation and surgery.

J.P (10/23/2018)

Dr. V performed a successful lumbar fusion in 2012 T12-L5 and remained mostly pain free until May 2017 when I torqued my back when I was on a bowling league. Physical therapy did not reduce the pain. Dr. V performed another successful fusion surgery L5-S1 in August 2017 . Recovery went well and now fourteen months later my back has healed and free of any pain. I have regained my strength and able to move about freely without fear of pain. I am smarter now when it comes to bending and twisting.Thank you Dr. V and staff for making me whole again!

Dennis.E (10/23/2018)

My experience was exceptional. They were very thorough and helpful. The doctors explained my necessary surgery and the risks of not doing the fusion . So thankful!!

J.M (10/17/2018)

I felt that my issues were addressed and I was always listening to my concerns. The staff is very friendly and we were treated well.

S.R (10/17/2018)

Scheduled appointment based on reference from another patient. Lower back pain, numbness, and muscle weakness in left leg. From the very first visit, the front staff, PAs, and Dr. V have been outstanding. Clear explanations of issues and options, sought my input and opinions on options, agreed on conservative approach which worked for me in this case. Had 3-4 visits in which the professionals were friendly, informative and helpful. Would definitely recommend to others,.

T.E (10/15/2018)

It was brief but complete. Eric did a thorough physical evaluation, and was aware of earlier issues. We also went over the X-rays and he explained what he could see. Overall it was Avery satisfactory follow up.

J.W (10/15/2018)

I am SO fortunate to have been appointed w/BNS in early 2000s for removal of tumor on my spinal cord. Then fusion to L 3-4 in 2017 then fusion to L2-5 in 2018. My pain prior to these surgeries was intense and difficult to explain to my primary physician; fortunately I was referred to BNS! My entire experience with BNS was exceptional- the receptionists, the PA and ofcourse the surgeon were pleasant, professional and helpful In every matter and circumstance. I write this note as I sit in BNS office with a cup of coffee remembering the days that I could hardly walk to the exam room. I AM TRULY GRATEFUL FOR THE SPECIFIC CARE TO MY PAIN AND MY LIFE STYLE...I AM A BSN, RN SINCE 1973. My nursing career has included working in neurotrauma units, urgent care, internal medicine office, home care and long term care; I am exposed to medical care, patients and personalities constantly. Today is my 3 month post-op check...I have personal and professional experiences which emphasize my compliments to the BNS team-thank you.

C.D (10/15/2018)

We found Dr.V by googling ďbest neural surgeon in ColoradoĒ. Everything we have experienced with Dr.V and his office has convinced us that ďthe best surgeon Ē statement is totally accurate. It has been 10 weeks since Dr. V did surgery for a fusion at L4 & L5. Every aspect of our interaction with Dr.V and his staff has been wonderful. One doesnít think of a surgery as being a positive experience but mine definitely has. It is not only the relief from the debilitating pain that I have had for several years that is wonderful, but it is also working with professional and caring people. Dr.V is not only an extraordinarily talented surgeon he is also a truly nice guy. His staff also reflects the incredibly high professional standards set by Dr.V. We canít mention everyone by name but Eric and Alex the two PAís we spent a lot of time with are totally awesome. The office staff from surgery scheduling to front office support has been been very responsive in every situation. I have met multiple people that have had the same or similar surgeries by Dr.V and without exception they were as pleased with their experience as I have been by mine. We tell everyone we know and care about to contact Dr.Vís office if the are experiencing a problem that may benefit from surgery.

G.C (10/08/2018)

My spinal fusion surgery over a decade ago was a life altering miracle. It eliminated almost constant pain. In fact, the first sensation I noticed within seconds of regaining consciousness in recovery was the pain was gone. I have not had the same pain since.

R.O (10/08/2018)

Surgery went well and follow up even better. Thank you so much everyone for my excellent care.

V.B (10/01/2018)

Not that surgery is ever great, but was looking forward to it and am extremely pleased with the results. All of the staff at both office locations and at the surgery center were excellent and very professional and helpful.

J.K (09/27/2018)

When I originally came to Dr V and staff some years ago, I had some serious arthritis in my cervical spine which had previously been fused 10-12 yrs earlier. Now I was having recurring issues with much more arthritis and great discomfort in my cervical spine. Dr V, along with his stellar team of very human (never condescending, never ego driven, patient, never ďholier than thouĒ) PAs, Alex & Eric, LOVE what they do and it shows each and every time I meet with them. Providing clear and detailed explanations for my information and comfort level is their standard. Dr V and his team performed multiple levels of fusions on my aging and arthritic cervical spine with very little to no angst on my part. Finally, I had relief! I felt so respected and cared for before, during and after, what could have been a traumatic event and had a great recovery with their guiding care. Each and every time I have had an appt with Dr V, Alex or Eric, I leave feeling that I have a new outlook on my bodyís health and longevity, and knowing that I have had the absolute best care possible. I so appreciate their (all staff from front desk to scheduling, researching, PAs and Dr V) incredible and usual sense ofcaring, patience and humor-not to mention life changing skills, as they were in my lifeline- YA! Thank you Dr V and staff, you so rock and I am ever grateful for you!!

C.M (09/25/2018)

Iíve been a patient of doctor V. For just over 2 years and never had a bad experience. His staff is amazing and they all have taken part in changing my life and getting me back on my feet.

Christopher.I (09/25/2018)

I met with Dr Villavicencio who prescribed MRI & X-ray of my back & PT. I have been doing pt 2x / wk,Pilates 2x / wk & my pain is MUCH improved. I walk most days & play golf with little to no discomfort.I met with Alex to review my images & understand whatís happening.

C.C (09/20/2018)

Everything was good.

D.S (09/20/2018)

Was great!! We are so happy with BNA!! They are honest and very forthcoming with there service and expectations. The staff is very friendly and helpful, putting the patients first.

J.H (09/20/2018)

Experience has been great. Dr.V & Alex have been the best, helped me through my difficult time and fixed my problem. Canít thank you both enough.

Larry Maurer (09/20/2018)

My experience here has restored my life! From the Initial Appointments to the surgery to the checkups my health has been the foremost concern. And I could not be happier with the results and the attention to detail. Wonderful!!

C.G (09/17/2018)

Everything has been excellent. Everyone has been friendly and professional.

J.P (09/17/2018)

Excellent care! Very professional Caring staff, extremely professional.The best team I have seen in my 35 years of filming surgeries.

L.A (09/17/2018)

I came to see Dr. V for lower sine issues and sciatica. He recommended lower spine fusion. In May the procedure was performed. Since the surgery the pain in my legs is gone, and although I have some stiffness in my lower back, everything seems to be returning to normal as it can from the surgery. Pain in lower back is gone. I sleep without issues. Am back to some of my regular routine. This is all after 13weeks after surgery. So glad I had surgery done, and Dr. V and the staff at the clinic have been wonderful.

H.W (09/10/2018)

I had my level c4-c5 fused. It was considered an emergency surgery as my hands had suddenly weakened to the point that I could not squeeze my hands. The surgery went well and I immediately regained full use of my hands. My recovery went well and I couldnít be more pleased.

M.C (09/10/2018)

I A m very happy with my procedure. I no longer have any pain. I have been released. I am very Plsase with Dr, V. and Eric for a job well done.

D.W (09/06/2018)

I spent most of last summer in bed due to back pain and sciatica. This summer I biked, boated, hiked, gardened, and climbed rock. No pain anywhere. My family and I are thrilled.

A.K (09/06/2018)

Each appointment has been quick, professional and easy. The surgery was successful immediately. My recovery was easy. Your directions were exactly correct. I would recommend BNA to anyone. Thank you.

T.F (09/06/2018)

My back is pain free now. I have no headaches from the nicked dura. I walk at least 2 miles daily now whereas before surgery I couldnít walk to the mail box without pain. The doctors here the best.

Bruce Cromar (08/27/2018)

Excellent! Lumbar fusion surgery by Dr V 2 years ago and going strong. 68 y.o. And on feet 10 hour shift at Longmont Humane Society w/no back pain at all. Dr. V excels in spinal surgery (L4&5) and Eric& Alex P.A.s are pleasant and knowledgeable and perfect additions to Dr Vs expertise. Front desk also pleasant and helpful. Highly recommend. CB.

Cheryl Brown (08/27/2018)

3.5 months post op L5/S1 Fusion and have not felt this good in over 5yrs. Dr. V is the man!

J.F (08/27/2018)

I have had a wonderful experience with Dr V and staff. From the front desk staff, to the PAís and doctors has been fantastic. My neck fusion is healing great and I feel like a new man. The customer service has been unbelievable. I highly recommend this place.

J.K (08/24/2018)

Quick meetings with adequate time to discuss my problem and the solution. I felt comfortable with the solution and the surgeon and staff.

W.F (08/24/2018)

Best decision I ever made for neck fusion with Dr V. I am so pleased with its outcome after two years and have resumed normal activities after 2 years including dancing.

Marian Clark (08/22/2018)

I came here to get relief from low back pain, my pain was very severe and was untreatable with other pain relief methods. I needed a fusion in the lumbar area at 3 levels. This was a very intensive procedure for me but I was treated very good and so far the surgery was very successful and would like to thank everybody on Dr. Vís team for taking care of me. I will not go anywhere else to have any back procedure performed.

A.H (08/22/2018)

I had a herniated L5 / S1 disk and was treated with a steroid injection prior to meeting with Dr. V. The injection helped for a couple of weeks and I started physical therapy. The leg and buttocks pain returned and I asked my primary care provider, Dr. Camarata for a spine surgeon reference. In April Dr. recommended and completed a micro disectomy which provided immediate relief of the leg pain. Unfortunately I re-herniated while sleeping and went through the steroid injection again with the same short relief result. I consulted again with Dr. V and chose to have a lower L5 / S1 lumbar infusion and lift. Prior to the procedure I could no longer walk or sit for more then a few minutes. After the fusion procedure I can now walk and sit as long as I like and have zero leg and buttocks pain.

J.U (08/22/2018)

Informative, friendly,detailed all good.

Robin.M (08/13/2018)

Endured 1 year of extreme sciatic pain before finding Dr Vís group.Needed an L4 - L5 fusion. Have had no pain since the moment I woke from surgery.Very skilled team, treated wonderfully from the 1st appointment to the last.I have my life back.

D.L (08/08/2018)

2 years post op and no pain.

J.M (08/08/2018)

I had disc replacement surgery. The surgery went well with minimal discomfort or pain. Everyone was supportive and were there when I had questions. This is my second surgery with Dr. V and his team and I would never go anywhere else.

Stacie Sniff (08/07/2018)

Was treated and taken care of very professionally.

R.W (08/06/2018)

My experience has been great. Since I started being treated here, all Dr. V and his staff have been wonderful and very attentive to my health care.

J.S (08/06/2018)

Exceptional caring, courteous and knowledgeable staff support. We believed that this significantly adds to the healing process. We tell everyone we talk to regarding the surgery experience how awesome Boulder Neurosurgical and Spine Associates has been to work with and would highly recommend them to others. Thank you.

G.C (08/03/2018)

Dr V and his staff are professional, kind and knowledgeable. My surgery was successful as I am walking and sitting with no nerve pain 12 days post op for the first time in 7 months!

S.M (08/03/2018)

The surgery was very very successful.This was my second surgery and I am very happy with the results.

D.C (08/03/2018)

From pain to pain free.

R.T (08/03/2018)

I had cervical spine surgery in July of 2016. Dr. Villavicencio and his staff were amazing. From my first visit to my release I was treated with respect and everything was clearly explained to me. My surgery went very well, there wasnít much pain and recovery was easy and quick. My pain, weakness and tingling in my arms and hands are no longer an issue. I would and have recommended Dr. V to anyone who is having neck or back issues. He is the best!!

P.L (08/02/2018)

At 2 weeks post surgery things seem to be going well. Very little sciatic pain and no real pain in the surgery area. Staff and Boulder community Hospital were excellent.

D.OConnell (08/02/2018)

Without symptoms I was shocked to find that I had a meningioma the size of a chicken egg on the left side of my head behind my ear and was advised to have it removed as soon as possible by Dr V. Extreme summer heat seemed to increase inflammation and apparently my choice of words was being affected. I had the most incredible directness, follow up and neuro surgery with Dr V and his team. I give them my highest recommendation to any person dealing with meningioma issues and will thank them forever for their ability and caring. Maureen.

Maureen Heeter (08/02/2018)

Great experience, answered all questions and concerns. Have already recommended boulder neurological.

L.W (08/02/2018)

The staff and Dr were very nice and helpful.

K.M (08/02/2018)

I have been under the care of Eric Busch, PA-C and Dr. Villavicencio, MD for 5 years (pre-surgery & post surgery). I had back issues starting in my early 20's up until the July 2016 surgery. It progressed over many years to the point that I was receiving surgical injections in my L4/L5 region in order to relieve the severe pain that I was enduring. I was to the point that I could not walk, sit, stand, or even lay in bed comfortably. I was in constant severe pain 24/7. It got to a point that the surgical injections were not working. It was decided that the next step would entail a fusion back surgery which I received in July 2016. Post surgery was the beginning of my journey back to a happy fulfilling life once again. Since surgery; I have been able to enjoy my life with my family and friends all pain-free. If I suffer another back issue I will not hesitate to reach out to Dr. Villavicencio. Him and his staff at Boulder Neurosurgical & Spine Associates are the best! I totally recommend Dr. V for anyone that has back issues.

Jeffrey.S (07/25/2018)

Dr. Villavicencio and his amazing team of specialists used their comprehensive skills and talents to bring my degrading spine into a state of stability and health. The billing and office staff are total professionals as well. If you choose these people to perform the most crucial and difficult surgery, you can be assured youíve selected the best!

N.Horianopulos (07/03/2018)

I had bad pain along with weakness in arms, legs,and some bladder bowel issues. After the surgery all of the symptoms resolved. Everything about this procedure was amazing. Pain control after surgery was excellent.It is impossible to describe how much better I feel,it is Ike night and day. Once againDr. V has performed his magic.

J.F (07/03/2018)

Dr. V and the entire staff has been absolutely amazing from explaining my needs to postoperative care. I interviewed many Doctors and locations prior to choosing BNC and no others compared! Thank you!

T.L (07/02/2018)

Eric and Dr. V have been excellent in taking care of all my problems related to my back. I have been a patient of theirs for two years. I am pleased with their care.

R.S (06/25/2018)

Great experience as always. Appreciate all Dr V and Eric have done for me. I have been in good hands. I am glad they keep up periodically with x rays. C. Parsons.

C.P (06/25/2018)

I have had ongoing disc problems in my neck and lower back. It is a condition that runs in my family. I had extreme pain, trouble walking, trouble gripping or picking up or holding on to anything with weight to it. The first time I saw Dr. V and his staff he repaired some problems in my neck. About ten years later I saw him again for repair of more neck problems and disc problems in my lower back. Before surgery I was talking anywhere from to to four Vicodin a day to make my pain levels manageable. They didnít eliminate it but made it possible to function. Dr. V and his team, everyone I encountered were fantastic. They were kind, helpful, professional and very knowledgeable. I was well informed about what would be done and any potential risks. I had no qualms about surgery, I have complete faith in Dr. V and his team. The results for me were more than I even dared hope for. I am no longer in pain. I took my last pain killer within days of surgery and have not needed them since (itís been over three years now). I can climb steps again, Iím so much less afraid of falling and Iím just moving around and doing things again. Basically I have my life back. These people know what they are doing and do it well.

M.O (06/25/2018)

Limiflex device implant surgery in early Dec ... 6 mo later and I could not be happier with the results! Walking,hiking and starting to bike in the next few days. Great results ... thanks Dr. V and staff!

Terry Parker (06/25/2018)

Excellent surgical care. Good communication. Have great faith in this team and feel they genuinely care aabout me..

Aileen Sedman (06/11/2018)

I am now pain free after 18 months of extreme back and leg pain. I am very glad to experience such relief. My experience has been excellent in every facet of surgery and recovery. I am very impressed with the quality of the doctor and staff. They are personable and professional. Thank you for improving my quality of life.

M.Fitzgerald (06/11/2018)

My experience was top rate. Everyone before and after my surgery were extremely knowledgeable and comforting. Both Dr V and Alex are great people and extremely knowledgeable. In my mind the surgery was a complete success. Pain relief is a relief! Iíd also like to thank the nurses at the Minimally Invasive Spine Institute. These gals were the best nurses Iíve ever had the pleasure to experience. My recovery nurse was comforting and extraordinary. After my surgery I had almost no pain, a little post oops in for a few days, but after that I was off the narcotics and back to work. I was seriously amazed. If I had to go through this again, I would choose Dr V and Alex over and over. Thank you all!!!

E.C (06/11/2018)

In July of 2017, I began to experience numbness in my legs from my waist down, sometimes falling to the floor. I experienced major headaches, loss of hearing, and pain in my left eye with diminished vision. After seeing many doctors who searched for a reason with MRIís from my legs, hips, spine, carotid artery and upon seeing a tiny aneurysm, Dr. V ordered a scan of my whole head from which a tumor the size being between a lime to lemon was discovered. On December 7, 2017, Dr. V and his team removed most of it surgically, and the rest, which was wrapped around a blood vessel, was treated by some radiation treatments in February 2018. I am happy to report that at six months out from the surgery and radiation, all is good.

Colette McDonald (06/08/2018)

I have had many surgeries since being hit by a car. What I an tell you about Dr V is that he is hands down the best surgeon I know. He cares about his patients. Dr Vís PAís are as dedicated to patients as he is. Definitely 5 stars.

Donna Pease (06/08/2018)

I had an L4-L5 microdiscectomy and decompression with another surgeon on October 26, 2016. By early December I was back in pain. I saw Dr. V in January, 2017, and we agreed on a second surgery. Dr. V mentioned fusion but I was adamantly against it. So, the pain returned within 6 weeks of that second surgery. After months of back and forth, and more injections that didnít work, I had to agree a fusion was necessary. Iím now 3 months out from my L4-L5 fusion and I feel pretty normal for the first time in almost 2 years. Iím not 100% pain free, but Iím not limping with every step and I donít feel hopeless. I actually feel hopeful for the first time in years and can envision my old life returning. The scrunched up painful face is returning to a laughing, smiling face. My friends and family are happy to have me back. I am so very grateful to have found Dr. V and Alex and Eric ????????????

A.C (06/08/2018)

Had back surgery to fuse V4 and V5 and to remove a cyst after suffering from lower back pain and sciatica. Surgery was a great success and I am feeling great now. Can do all the activities that I had been unable to do leading up to surgery again and am feeling no pain.

M.S (06/08/2018)

Timely, professional and friendly.

K.F (06/08/2018)

I was in constant pain with a more than 40 year old spinal fracture. What Dr V and his team do is quite extraordinary. I have my life back. I can sleep and feel. It is like going from black and white to Color TV in my legs. Cycling gets stronger each day.

T.P (06/04/2018)

The Pain I had before surgery was excruciating. After surgery in my L 1/2 , region there was zero pain. The surgeons Installed half the hardware they intended to use, and I was up and walking the next day, zero pain from my lumber region. Just stiffness and weak muscles because I waited to long to get this surgery. Recovery went pretty fast, I am very aware of my body telling me what not to do and I listened. I walked a lot, and up and down the stairs constantly. A couple of naps a day and eating a lot to build up muscle strength. By the fourth week my back and legs wanted to stretch more so I went to physical therapy. She was shocked that I was wanting to move more. We discussed the eight week timeline of bones fusing together, and gave me a few exercises to do without moving,bending and twisting my spine. I have been very active my whole life, so not moving and just resting was new to me. Some how I made it through four months without bending and twisting my spine while strengthening and stretching my legs. Now I have the approval to start twisting (with in reason). Iím so excited that my life is returning to normal for me. No one can believe that Iím doing so well with metal parts in my back and a smooth perfectly straight thin scar. They say the scar looks like a scratch. This team of Doctors prove how knowledgeable and proficient they are in their Neurological and Spine Surgeries.

L.Campbell (06/04/2018)

Very happy with results of surgery and responsive staff. Have enjoyed service and care for all surgeries.

T.S (05/28/2018)

Positive and informative staff. Nice working with the PAís, they are great understanding a personís needs. Provide a good sense of what to expect in the upcoming rehabilitation process.

R.M (05/24/2018)

Dr. V and Alex have been amazing throughout this very major surgery. The office staff and assistants are as well. Recovery was horrible, but a year has passed, and it was worth it. Thanks to all of you for giving me a better life. I still have some pain, but I still have another year to fully recover so Iím excited to see how good I feel a year from now.

S.H (05/23/2018)

Came to your practice for a three level lumbar fusion. The whole experience was good from start to finish I would definitely recommend your practice in the future.

A.W (05/22/2018)

Very professional and caring staff. Excellent care.

C.P (05/22/2018)

L5 S1 microdisectomy fusion and lifts.

John Unger (05/22/2018)

I felt very well taken care of by the entire staff, through the entire process. I highly recommend Dr V and appreciate everything he did to fix my back. I feel like a new man!

P.D (05/21/2018)

I am grateful to all the help I was given. I will recommend Dr. V and the facilities he works at to those who need those services.

A.H (05/21/2018)

VERY serious spinal surgery with unmentionable complications. Recovery went as expected with all the proper prompting from the staff and outside help. It has surprised all the people I know in this field of medicine. Dr. V wanted to do the job which impressed me because he felt he not only could be a success but I knew there were nuggets he would pick up along the way that may be helpful n another occasion.

C.J (05/21/2018)

Good well don happy with how things turn out.

J.C (05/21/2018)

I have experienced neck and back pain for 15 yrs and finally met Dr. Villavicencio and his wonderful staff . The root of my problem and diagnosis is degenerate bone disease and spinal stenosis in cervical and lumbar area. I went ahead and did both surgeries in a 3 month period . Best decision ever 6 months later I am a new person No more Pain I only lost 8% mobility and It doesnít even compare to the chronic pain I had before. Dr V and his staff are amazing I trust him completely highly recommend him as your surgeon . I am feeling wonderful god bless and thank you for taking such good care of me !!

V.T (05/15/2018)

2 year post-op follow-up. Awesome - surgery was a success! No pain for over a year.

C.P (05/14/2018)

I had debilitating back pain and leg pain to the point I couldnít sit down. These guys did a great job getting me diagnosed, and scheduled for surgery. The surgery was so smooth and so quick. The level of communication was excellent. The staff really empathized with my situation and never got aggravated with all of my questions. Great overall quality of care. I highly recommend DR V and his staff for your spinal problems.

R.F (05/14/2018)

I had an injury from over stressing my back that started causing pain down my right leg which went away after about 8 months. Later I lifted something heavy again and that made my left leg and right leg hurt down the back side into calf and foot. MRI showed disc bulging into the spinal canal at L3-L4 and disc between L4-L5 also bulging into sciatic nerve. Dr. V fused L3-L4 and that fixed my right leg completely but left leg still had the same symptoms. After about 6months it got worse. MRI showed sciatic nerve getting pinched between L4-L5. Had that fused. After about a month the pain in left back and buttock went away. I do have DDD which will be an ongoing problem but for now my lower back is doing good. I had no infection at surgery site on either occasion and the healing process went well also. Dr. V does great work and the staff also great to work with.

Eric.W (05/14/2018)

Great, lose the back brace, feels good.

D.T (05/14/2018)

I am extremely grateful to Dr. V and his staff. I was having great difficulty and was in constant lower back pain.Dr. V was able to get me into surgery within five days. The surgery resolved my issues and changed my life for the better, much much better. The competence, professionalism and efficiency of the entire staff is more than impressive. I can not recommend this practice highly enough.

H.B (05/10/2018)

I had micro depression surgery in 2006, L2345; right. In 2018, micro depression L2345; left. Both times I have recovered in good shape with no lasting pains or difficulties, back to normal activities. Thanks to Dr Villavicencio and his team.

E.C (05/08/2018)

Dr Villavicencio operated on my back in July 2014 (3 level fusion) surgery and recovery have gone very well. In November 2016 I had a disc replacement and fusion that have also gone very well. I have no pain or problems from either surgery and am feeling very well! Dr V and all the staff have very been very kind and consider not to mention the wonderful care I have received!

A.C (05/08/2018)

Early last year I was told by another Dr. that I needed surgery but Iím a bad surgical risk. When alternative therapies didnít work, a good friend told me about Dr. V. Dr. V. did the surgery and it went very well. The terrible pain was gone right away. Physical therapy got me back to normal functioning within several months. Everyone at this practice has been easy to work with and very helpful. Everything has gone quite smoothly. In my opinion Dr. V is an artist and he has the two best P.A.s Iíve ever met.

Barbara.M (05/07/2018)

Excellent experience all around! Dr V, PAs, and office staff are all top notch. Two years post surgery and my results are still excellent. Highly recommended!

M.M (05/07/2018)

Pain in neck from a motor vehicle accident, numbness in arms, hard time sleeping. Tried neck injections and physical therapy with no relief. Saw Dr V on a Tuesday and had surgery the following Monday and the numbness gone immediately after surgery. Would recommend him to everyone!!!!!

Ronald Scott Laird (05/07/2018)

Surgery with excellent results to date.

D.Z (05/07/2018)

I had a quadruple fusion done in my neck by Dr. Villavicencio. He and his entire staff are amazing! They are all very nice and truly want you to be healthy. From the the first visit the entire team really tryís their best to be as efficient as possible. The surgery Dr V. performed took longer than he expected but I personally appreciate that he took his time. My neck feels great I donít have any pain. I just canít thank him and his staff enough! I tell everyone I meet to tell anyone who needs a Neurosurgeon to see Dr.

J.K (05/04/2018)

Dr. Villavicencio replaced c5/c6 in 2006 and c6/c7 in 2018. Both times he eliminated all pain after surgery!

Elizabeth Ryterski (05/04/2018)

Wonderful results great post op care-like all the staff so helpful and kind.

Edwin Bowen (05/02/2018)

Very positive feedback and direction from Alex. His encouragement and through explanations are very helpful and reassuring.

D.B (05/02/2018)

Professionally completed process. I was able to be prepared for events as they came up. Surgical procedure was explained in detail prior to surgery. Surgery Center in Lafayette staff were also very competent and very friendly. Office staff also great. Alex answered all questions at meetings and on phone calls when questions arose post surgery.This was second fusion with Dr. V. Cervical done in 2009.

Jerry.O (05/02/2018)

C spine and lumbar surgeries in 2017 both pretty major, overall experience was very positive. Dr V and the PAs were thorough. My questions were addressed, radiographs explained and interface with PT and pharmacist were seamless. The office staff were pleasant at the desk and my phone calls were replied to if I had to leave a message. Thanks for taking care of me!

C.S (05/01/2018)

Amazing results, best doctors in Denver and Colorado.

Y.R (05/01/2018)

After two years of having dibs Tati get pain in my legs, I was referred to Dr. V for an assessment. After review of my MRI Dr. V. knew exactly what I needed. Either live with the pain or have surgery. Three months after a successful surgery I am doing great and the pain in my legs is 100% gone. Dr. V and His PA Eric have been there for me throughout the entire process and continue to provide me with the same excellent care that theyíve provided me for the last six months. Thank you Boulder Neurosurgical and Spine Associates.

D.H (05/01/2018)

Dr.V and his staff did an amazing job! I had lumbar fusion surgery and he delivered everything he promised from control of the pain to getting me active again! I would highly recommend Dr.V! Thank you dr v for everything,.

Lisa Masters (05/01/2018)

Love Eric. Very professional and personable.

Kyle.M (05/01/2018)

Dr V, Eric and staff were great as usual. I have had 4 surgeries over the last 10 years and all went very well.

B.D (04/24/2018)

Prior to surgery I had a lot of back pain, leg pain, and numbness in the legs and feet. It prevented me from doing the things I wanted to do. Now a year after surgery, the leg pain is gone, Iím no longer taking narcotics or pain medicine, and Iím generally pain free. Iím able to go back to the active lifestyle I had before.

M.S (04/23/2018)

Dr. V and staff fused my Lumbar and sciatic spine which took away all my leg pain. Amazing! The entire staff has been great and kept us advised with the recovery.

D.T (04/23/2018)

Very timely & professional In fact I asked to see him again He operated on my neck in 05.

Warren Colon (04/23/2018)

Dr. Villavecencio and staff have been excellent. They are readily available for any questions or concerns. Very patient,sensitive and caring.

R.T (04/20/2018)

My experience has been Wonderful, I received excellent care and treatment. The improvement I have had is great. The quality of my life was given back to me. I have had multiple surgery and all have been excellent. My last surgery was 8 1/2 hours long and there was no one else I would have trusted for this. I always tell everyone Dr. Villavicencio is the very best. Everyone I know and meet only have great things to say about him.

J.E (04/19/2018)

I am now 1 year out of back surgery (T.L.I.F) and all of my previous issues; back pain, leg numbing sciatica are gone. I am back to teaching high impact aerobics at full strength and flexibility. This has honestly been a wonderful (life changing) experience with the result being better than I could have imagined. Doctor V. and all of his staff have been fabulous and I canít recommend them enough!

T.R (04/18/2018)

Today was the one year follow up for my L2ĖL3 fusion. My spine and hardware are doing great. Iíve been Dr. Vís patient since 2002, four surgeries.I find it difficult to express what this practice has done for me. Thank you.

Linda West (04/17/2018)

Very satisfy with the service, no complaints what so ever, very Professional Staff including the Doctors.

P.B (04/16/2018)

Dr. V and his staff are amazing! They always make me feel comfortable, they listen to my needs & questions, and are very attentive. I would never look for another spine surgeon, this team goes above and beyond!

Damon Fields (04/16/2018)

I had an ACDF 2 1/2 Yearís ago by Dr V. He fused 3 vertebrae in my neck. My outcome was excellent. Absolutely pain free, excellent range of motion, and have all my energy back. I have no restrictions or limitations. I am 66 Yearís old and have minimal health issues, mild pain in general. I had a thoracic surgery with him as well about 4 Yearís ago as well, and in general both surgeries were successful. I am very pleased with Dr. V, Eric and Alex as my providers. They gave me the information I needed to make my decision to have both surgeries. My follow-up care was very helpful and if any issues arose they were promptly address. I appreciate BNA for helping me get a new lease on life. The staff is just awesome, and I wouldnít hesitate to use them again if I ever have the need.

Debra Shockley (04/16/2018)

I came in for multiple corrections. It was a very difficult surgery but I couldnot have asked for better treatment or results. Dr Vís team is the best, when I was recommended to him the person said ďall neurosurgeons are created equalĒ and I have found that to be absolutely true! I wouldnít trust anyone else to work on me or any family member!

Mary K McKee Haynes (04/12/2018)

The pre surgery was informative and set my expectations well. Surgery went well without complications. Post op instructions were clear and there was no reason to contact the office until post op visit. Started PT 6weeks out, progressing well. I visited my office within 1 week of surgery, and was back full time within 3weeks. My other surgeon told me that I would be in the hospital for 5 to 7 days and home for at least a month. This was my third spinal fusion with Dr V and went according to plan with excellent results. I have recommended him to many people including my own clients.

M.J (04/11/2018)

I am a 39 year old healthy and athletic mama once again! After 7 months of trying everything to alleviate chronic sciatic nerve pain, numbness and tingling, I heard about Dr. V and his team. In the end I opted for surgery. My experience working with Dr. V was direct and I found the definitive solution I was seeking. Thank you!!! Many times over!

K.B (04/11/2018)

Very straight forward on cause and correction. Surgery quick painless. Office visits very good loved Stephanie.

R.W (04/10/2018)

Excellent. Would do it again. I would recommend staff highly.

D.B (04/09/2018)

The staff. Were very friendly and helpful.

R.M (04/09/2018)

I was having horrible pain and could not move without pain. The source was identified as two cysts in my lower spine. After trying to relieve the pain through other means, I opted for surgery, with Dr V. I especially appreciated Dr. V calling my neurologist and conferring with her on other chronic health issues that could be effected by the surgery. While in recovery in the hospital, I had some heart (a fib) issues. Everyone was very responsive, caring, and took extra effort to understand my unique situation. Other than a horrible night my first 24 hours in the rehab center, I had a great experience at all facilities, with all doctors, staff, and personnel. After one year, I am without pain and have resumed all my activity from before. (Although activity is very limited due to generalized Myasthenia Graves.). Overall, I am very happy that I came here for help.

Donlyn.W (04/09/2018)

Surgery by Dr ďVĒ was 100% successful. I have no lower back pain, and am able to participate in all the activities that caused me pain before surgery. I am one very happy patient!

David.J (04/06/2018)

I came to BNA a year ago after a terrible accident. The event, overall, was very disruptive to my life and very frightening. Once I consulted with Dr. Villavicencio and his staff, things really improved. My procedure and recovery have been flawless and I very much appreciate the expertise of Dr. V and his clinical and administrative staff. I came here with the expectation of top notch care and that is exactly what I have experienced.

B.S (04/06/2018)

Saw Dr. V for a second opinion regarding a herniated disc (C6/C7). He identified the need for timely surgical repair and was able to get me into surgery the following week for ACDF. Symptoms (pain/weakness) were alleviated immediately by surgery. At 3 months out, weakened muscles continue to strengthen, pain remains absent, and fusion is healing well. Iíve had an excellent experience with my treatment and all members of the staff.

C.H (04/06/2018)

Before the operation I was in terrible back pain. I was unable to do even simple things. Since the operation, I have absolutely no pain. I feel like Dr Villavicencio has given my life back. Now I can walk totally without any pain. Dr Villavicencio and his team have been absolutely wonderful. The office staff has been very accommodating, helpful, and friendly.

P.N (04/06/2018)

I had C-7 T-1 fusion in my spine was having nerve problems in right arm and numbness. Couldnít work couldnít sleep etc. went through a year and a half of drís and therapy with no results !! The end result is just this,Awesome!!!! Dr.V and crew are amazing!I have no pain and living life again !Itís as simple as that.

C.L (03/26/2018)

I was referred by my doctor with a critical disc failure that caused a lot of pain and nerve damage in my left leg and foot. Dr. V got me into surgery in less than 48 hours. The entire experience at the surgical center was good. Everyone made me comfortable and treated me with respect. Itís only been two weeks since surgery and my pain is gone and Iím making good progress getting back my leg functioning.

Christina.V (03/26/2018)

My visit was very informative and pleasant. Lack of information on my part to get images was the only set back. Dr. V was very helpful and friendly. Staff was extremely kind made my visit comfortable.

Aaron Hagen (03/23/2018)

Always a pleasant experience. Dr Vís team is great. Eric is very personable. Appreciate their expertise.

L.C (03/23/2018)

Excellent results, quality care and genuine concern for the patient.

D.W (03/21/2018)

Dr V,Alex, and staff have more than exceeded our needs! We could not be more pleased with out come of an extensive surgery.

P.A (03/19/2018)

I came in for a second opinion for an mri review. I was provided with thorough information and answers to my questions. I will only come here from this point forward from Fort Collins for neurosurgery appts and consult.

Dianne Flynn (03/19/2018)

Iím three months in by now. I am pain free and making great progress on my physical therapy. Thatís a bonus. Dr. V exceeded my expectations. Not only did he probably save my life with the surgery, but he has been instrumental in improving my mobility.The staff is extremely supportive. Theyíre a great crew!

T.L (03/19/2018)

I am extremely grateful to the entire BNA staff for their patience, compassion and understanding during my treatment. I first saw Dr V in 2018 for my pain, after seeing 2 other surgeons. I was scheduled for a fusion surgery right away to alleviate the pain {L4-L5 spondylolisthesis} and was hesitant to have that surgery (even with my pain levels) due to ďstoriesĒ Iíd heard. I postponed my surgery and took some time to think ... and during that time I was called by the office to bring me in the office for a consult. To my surprise I met with Dr V and Alex/Eric (PAs) within 48 hours to inform me about an FDA clinical trial to treat my symptoms. They remembered my hesitation regarding fusion and brought another procedure to my attention that could work for me, while being less invasive than fusion. They were beyond thorough in determining if this procedure was right for me and after I met with them on a Wednesday (and after confirming I met the qualifications) I was scheduled for surgery the following Tuesday!My experience was phenomenal! after surgery to implant the clinical trial device, I have experienced no back pain since I came out of anesthesia. I was off any prescribed pain meds within 36 hours and although slow to move around, my mobility and flexibility were SO MUCH BETTER than before surgery (I was out of work for about 6 months before surgery, and spending a lot of time sitting/lying down due to the pain). I was inactive and felt very down due to my symptoms and this surgery was a turning point in my life.Itís been 3 months since my surgery and my activity level has greatly increased during that time - and I just got the go ahead today to ride my bike again (itís been over 18 months!) and Iím SO (!!) excited to get my life back and start normal activities!I truly canít say enough about the level of expertise and professionalism I encountered while working with the staff (Dr. V, Alex, Eric, Sigita, Vinod, StephAnn, Anna, Sarah) ... they are truly a ďteamĒ that does an extraordinary job in giving you all the options, making sure you clearly understand all aspects of the surgery, following through and having a sense of compassion and understanding throughout the process. I feel extremely fortunate in having discovered this practice and ultimately to be treated by this ďfamilyĒ of professionals ... I could NOT be happier with my results! Thank you BNA (esp Dr. Villavicencio) for your support and my outcome. ????

Teresa Parker (03/16/2018)

Excellent outcome.. no more neck or shoulder plain on right side. So happy!!!! Have so much confidence in Dr. V and his team! They are the best ever and am so grateful for them and to be out of pain. Thanks to all the team and Dr. V!!!!

Karen Friedman (03/16/2018)

Wonderful everyone is super. Dr. V is the best Dr I have ever gone to: Alex and staff are the ultimate in service.

C.S (03/15/2018)

I had a very fine experience with Dr V.My family and I appreciated his flexibility and ability to address our questions and concerns with respect and expertise.He assessed and addressed my condition in a bigger picture way than previous physicians had done which I am forever grateful for.Plus Steph is amazing! What a gem she is in making me and others feel special.She manages the office beautifully.

M.C (03/14/2018)

Excellent. Very thorough at explaining things and very organized. Like written explanation of what was discussed at office visit.

P.W (03/14/2018)

Exemplary care and extremely knowledgeable staff. I would recommend Dr. Villavicencio to anyone.

L.B (03/14/2018)

Fantastic. Better results than I imagined. The minute I walked after surgery, I knew Dr. V fixed my back. No pain in back and legs since surgery. Started walking at least one mile a day three weeks after surgery. Iím very pleased to have my life back.

A.K (03/05/2018)

Does this provider ever overbook appointments here?Never! They have lots of business, but they do such a great job of never overbooking.Did this provider wear an obnoxious cologne?No, they didn't wear any cologneAre you confident that this provider will continue working with you until a solution is reached?Yes, I know I can count on them to find a solutionDid they follow up with you after your appointment?Yes, they made sure I had everything I needed!Did you leave the office feeling satisfied with your visit?Completely!

Anonymous (02/09/2018)