The different location was a little hard to keep track of at times overall it was a good experience Dr. Neal was very professional and the office staff was helpful. One very small detail that always bothered me was the lack of the clock in the reception desk area. But great job.

D.B (For James Neal) (05/07/2018)

This is my second pregnancy seeing Dr. Neal never had any complaints. the staff at the office are always very nice and all the appointments are stress-free.

M.W (For James Neal) (05/04/2018)

Dr. Neal & his staff at the office are always extremely helpful & always makes me feel comfortable & welcomed when I come in. Thank you for all the help & support.

J.B (For James Neal) (03/27/2018)

Dr. Neal & Staff are very welcoming and were able to help & answer all my questions. Overall great experience with my both pregnancies.

G.M (For James Neal) (03/27/2018)

Dr. Neal and the staff are amazing. I truly care about your body and wellbeing. Their office is so clean and well maintained. So glad I was referred to this office.

K.W (For James Neal) (03/26/2018)

Excellent Doctor always answers all my questions and concern. she is very easy to talk to talk to and very knowledgeable. I am very happy to have her as my OB doctor & hopefully she will be there when I deliver. I know my baby and I will be in good hands.

A.f (For James Neal) (03/26/2018)

The staff at Platinum Women Health & Wellness in Mumeta have been extremely helpful and caring throughout my pregnancy. They make you feel welcome & important. Never rush things and always their best to answer your questions. It has been an amazing experience for me being a first-time mom and getting all of the help from the staff and the doctors.

B.C (For James Neal) (03/26/2018)

Dr. Neal has been my doctor. Seems 2011 I really recommend him & his staff.

G.L (For James Neal) (03/26/2018)

Staff and doctors are great. Always get a call back when I leave a message. Staff and doctors take their time and explains things and make me feel at ease.

D.C (For James Neal) (03/20/2018)

Staff and doctors are great.

Debbie Curbelo (For James Neal) (03/19/2018)

This was my second surgical procedure with Dr. Valdivia. I have grown to trust him like no other. I came out of surgery feeling "fixed." He always sends me in the right direction when making decisions on my health. I recommend him to anyone with similar symptoms.

Cynthia Watkins (For Platinum Womens Health) (03/08/2018)

This is my second pregnancy, and the entire time I dreaded encountering another terrible experience since my first pregnancy was not a good one. I regret not meeting Dr. Valdivia until my third trimester. He was by far the best OBGYN I have ever encountered. He assured me from my first appointment with him. All my questions were answered, and he not only made my third trimester feel like a breeze, but also my labor and delivery. Along with his professionalism his charisma followed through. He was always straight to the point in every conversation. Dr. Valdivia is my go to Dr. from here on out. I recommend him and Platinum Women's Health & Wellness to new parents to be, and any parent that Is willing to have a very beautiful, amazing, and trustworthy experience.

Isamar Perez (For Leopoldo Valdivia) (03/08/2018)

Very nice and helpful. Hope to be pregnant and back to see her soon.

B.R (For Platinum Womens Health) (03/07/2018)

Had a great experience with Dr. Neal and Maria! They were super sweet and made me feel at home. I can't wait to be pregnant again to see them more. Totally recommending them to everyone I know.

Lauren Feeley (For Platinum Womens Health) (03/05/2018)

Friendly staff and easy to talk to. Dr. Neal has really impressed me with his knowledge and wants to figure out how to help with the issues I am having.

Candace Gallaher (For James Neal) (03/05/2018)

My experience has been awesome. I am always greeted by name when I arrive and the date is never very long. Dr. Valdivia is awesome! I refer him to everyone I can. Dr. V is smart and explains everything and always makes the time. Thank You Dr.!!!

D.H (For Leopoldo Valdivia) (04/01/2016)

It has been going really well. I feel like they really help me here, I understand more.

Christina Babbitt (For Leopoldo Valdivia) (02/12/2016)