The staff is very nice. All of my concerns were carefully heard by Dr Roberts. She gave me through information about my diagnosis mitigating my fear and feeling about that.

Yana Geer

I love the one on one experience. The fact that the doctor calls you with results is unheard of anymore. I just had an abdominal hysterectomy and very thankful she was my doctor. Highly highly recommended!

Lori Thompson

The office is quiet and quick. Star is friendly and helpful. I love that Dr. Roberts is a gyn only. She is extremely efficient and professional.

Judie Taylor

I have had nothing but excellent care with Dr Roberts. And even though my GP says I could just go to her for my yearly I PREFER Dr Roberts because I can get in quick to see her if I have any female issues. She's a great doc for any stage and age in a womans life.

Sarah Doodle

I have to say, I like Dr. Roberts. I don't like going to the gyn, but I find it bearable with her. Yes, she is not extremely chatty. I don't mind that. I find that she is kind, knowledgeable, and I've never had an ungentle examination (I've gone to her for several years). I find her office comfortable, her staff wonderful.

Heidi G.

Great experience! I will definitely be going back! I found her to be very personable and informative.

Katie H.

I have been going to Dr. Roberts for well over 20 years. I do not like having a pap smear, but I must say that Dr. Roberts is gentle compared to ones I have had in the past and the one I recently had. (The recent one was out of convenience). I like the procedure she uses during your visit. There is no wait time. She allows you to get dressed and then talks to you in her office as a professional. I have found her to be professional and detailed and do not want to go to anyone else. The breast exam may not be gentle, but if there is a lump I feel that she will find it.

Vee Johnson

Dr. Roberts has been my doctor for over 20 years and has been stellar. I have always been treated well at appointments, and my surgery was flawless, with recovery being quick and fairly painless. I highly recommend Dr. Roberts.

Julie Florin

Best experience I ever had. Dr. Roberts is very knowledgeable!!!! Her staff is outstanding.

Jennifer Ogden

I have been seeing Dr. Roberts for a number of years She has always had time for me and has answered questions, etc. I love her and her nurse. I have never had a negative experience with her.

Kay Bissette