Thorough but efficient. Great staff.

C.R. (For Norwood Medical Associates)


M.B. (For Norwood Medical Associates)

Very professional and Stephanie is great.

M.E. (For Norwood Medical Associates)

Excellent, friendly, quick and comforting.

T.P. (For Norwood Medical Associates)

I have been a patient now for almost 5 years and have been very pleased with the care provided. Stephanie has addressed every issue I have brought to her in a prompt and professional manner, always showing genuine kindness and concern. Also, the staff has always been helpful, kind, and professional. Love this office!

P.S. (For Norwood Medical Associates)

Exellant service, very freindly.

G.B (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

Everything went fine !

R.C. (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

The staff is excellent, as is the doctor.

M.B. (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

All is very good thank you.

D.K (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

Dr. Gowda and ALL of the staff are wonderful.

Janet Devine (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

The facility is good and the folks working at the facility are very friendly. The doctor is fairly understanding and reasonable. In terms of competence, she is pretty good. I would like a more personal treatment experience whereby my specific healths conditions and concerns are taken into account.

M.I (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

Dr. Goods was very helpful in trying to answer my many questions regarding my condition with my back. It's very complicated and confusing with so many drs I am seeing to get my back and foot. (My foot is dropping do to a disk hitting the nerve) aback to normal. She was very concerned and was gng to call one of the drs and try to get information. When I left the office I felt so much better.

Janet Maclaughlin (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

Iíve been a patient of Dr. Gowda for years. I am very confident that she will provide excellent care & good judgment. Very happy with my choice for my primary care physician. Janice Foscaldo.

J.F (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

Everyone is very helpful! :).

J.C. (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

Staff has always been pleasant and helpful. Enjoy coming when I have too. Would recommend others to come here.

C.K. (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

An excellent OV as usual ! :).

T.L. (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

I was seen very close to my scheduled appointment and waiting about 8-10 minutes for the doctor. My appointment was a pleasant, productive experience and was referred to a pain clinic. Hoping for a good outcome.

L.C. (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

Staff has always been pleasant and helpful. Enjoy coming when I have to. Would recommend others to come here.

C.K. (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

Always received good treatment and services. Very pleased.

G.F. (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

I always receive great treatment here.

S.K. (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

I feel blessed to have Dr.Gowda as my PcP. She listens to me and is very thorough with treatments and tests. The entire staff is professional, friendly, and patient. I would highly recommend Dr.Gowda.

J.S. (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

My experience has always been very good.

M.K. (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

She is so much concerned and treated so well. Her services provided wonderful. I am happy with her.

F.S. (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

Doctor visit was very good. Patricia was very nice and helpful.

J.S. (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

Wonderful practice! Doctors and Staff are attentive and courteous at all times.

Kishore Gowda (For Norwood Medical Associates)

Wait time was like most of the time, right on schedule.

W.P. (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

I was very happy to see Dr.Gowda! She got my blood pressure down and my cholesterol is good and feeling super for 85!

G.M. (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

I feel relaxed when talking to her. I feel that she is hearing my problems and is doing something about it. I was surprised how relaxed I was. She is a very nice doctor.

T.M. (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

My experience is always good with Dr.Gowda. I am happy and satisfied with all the staff. Thanks, Kemal.

K.K. (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

Everything was fine.

T.W. (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

Very good. Everyone was very helpful.

J.P. (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

As usual everyone was friendly and professional. My appointment time has always been on time. They are always there for me when I call which means a great deal to me.

B.B. (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

Always satisfied. Always well informed. No issues or complaints.

D.C. (For Norwood Medical Associates)

No issues!

C.C. (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

I am a patient of Dr.Gowda and it was by chance she became my primary care provider and I am so glad to have found her. She is a doctor who listens to you and your symptoms and gets to the route of the problem. She is so smart-no- nonsense professional and her patients are lucky to have her. My personal experience with Dr.Gowda got me feeling healthy and back to normal. Found the answers to my pain/issues.

V.M. (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

Great appointment. Dr.Gowda is excellent. She is a good listener and very thorough. The staff is efficient and pleasant. Excellent place to come.

M.R. (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

I have been with Dr.Gowda for several years. I have nothing to complain about.

R.C. (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)


B.F. (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

Informative, pleasant, good advice. Have been a patient for quite awhile. So experienced. Office visit not stressful. I am ease because of the familiarity. Not nervous. Discussed lab work and procedure performed.

P.H. (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

Nice and quick. Like how Dr.Gowda smiles and talk softly. Makes me feel better.

L.F. (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)


M.M. (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

Dr.Gowda continuous to be a most competent and professional doctor who has helped me and my husband for many, many years. We would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who wishes a warm caring and thorough medical visit. We thank you for everything.

G.A. (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

I was happy always get good help and feel free to ask any questions too.

G.B. (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

I liked and appreciated Dr.Gowda spending a little extra time to address my concerns and answer my questions. Thank you! The nurse was soft spoken and that was helpful in the anxiety situation. Thank you everyone. Take care and have a wonderful day!

S.S. (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

Everyone was pleasant, helpful and efficient. Was given quality time with visit.

K.B. (For Norwood Medical Associates)

Easy to make appointments. Staff very friendly. I feel the Doctor listens to me.

C.Z. (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

I saw my Dr at the appointment time. Dr Gowda was very thorough. My status is good.

K.M. (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

Everyone very courteous and helpful.

V.M. (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

As always feeling better than on arrival. Like the atmosphere of employees making it feel like family and not a rush out the door. Would recommend practice to friends.

R.S. (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

Office called day before with reminder, staff pleasant and patient; Tech explained what she was going to do before she did it; Dr.Gowda is pleasant, thorough, and listens to what my concerns are.

J.F. (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

All personnel are very friendly, professional and communicate very well. Dr.Gowda makes sure I understand the medical issues I have. I like Norwood medical associates very much.

G.F. (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

Very pleasant experience, very friendly staff and professional treatment.

A.S. (For Norwood Medical Associates)

Dr.Gowda and her staff are wonderful. Dr.Gowda always has time for any questions and never makes me feel rushed. So glad this is my Doctors office!! Thanks!

M.M. (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

I have had nothing but positive experiences with Dr. Gowda, and all the office staff. I would highly recommend Norwood Medical Associates to anyone. It is easy to tell that Dr. Gowda enjoys her profession. Very pleasant experience and would recommend her to others.

J.Sears (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

Long time patient. Consistent and excellent care.

K.R. (For Norwood Medical Associates)

Everyone so friendly,helpful. Place is great.

R.C. (For Norwood Medical Associates)

Stephanie was very good. My care here is excellent. All the staff are very pleasant, and efficient.

M.F. (For Norwood Medical Associates)

Very accommodating, answered all my questions, and did an immediate follow up.

E.C. (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

Been with this doctor and staff since 2001. Never had any problems at all.

D.C. (For Norwood Medical Associates)

Great visit. Appointments are on time. Dr.Gowda and staff are very professional.

J.R. (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

Wonderful!- short/no wait and wonderful friendly staff coupled with professionalism.

H.S. (For Norwood Medical Associates)

No complaints!

C.P. (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

Stephanie is great and always answers all of my questions.

C.O. (For Norwood Medical Associates)

Everything went well. Very Can't wait to come back.

R.C. (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

Very pleasant staff. Very accommodating. Very happy.

M.N. (For Norwood Medical Associates)

Dr.Gowda gave me a thorough check and gave me names of other doctors so I can go see them.

A.V. (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

Great job as usual!

A.D. (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

Staff has always been very accommodating to me. Stephanie is wonderful!

M.O. (For Norwood Medical Associates)

I love Dr.Gowda!

M.C. (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

Very professional and nice people.

V.V. (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

Was received right on time. Dr.Gowda is the best!!

M.O. (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

Very satisfied with visit today!

F.T. (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

Addressed my concerns and advised me how to get to my desired place(wgt. management).

K.B. (For Norwood Medical Associates)

Excellent service and very pleasant staff. They make you feel well cared for.

R.D. (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

I appreciate Dr.Gowda being so thorough and following up with problems. The staff is friendly helpful and personable.

A.F. (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

Dr.Gowda and her team are great people to work with, friendly and compassionate. Always have a great experience.

L.N. (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

Taken on time. Saw doctor shortly after entering exam room. Did not feel rushed. Had all questions answered.

J.W. (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

Always a pleasure to come to this office. Everyone is so accommodating and Dr.Gowda is the best doctor! Very thorough!

M.M. (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

I really "love" Dr.Gowda. She has a lot of empathy to my personal situation and praises you when you " try hard " and open to subjects of all kinds from nutrition to sexuality. She eases your fears and has "great" one on one teaching skills and very opinionated about the treatment she chooses for you. She factors a lot in. She wants you to succeed at being "your best health". Thank you, Dr.Gowda!!

D.P. (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

Excellent. Love her. Dr.Gowda has been my PCP for at least 15+ years!

A.D. (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

I did not experience any wait time today or any other appointments that I've had. The staff is very friendly and Dr.Gowda was very thorough.

J.N. (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

I love all the front desk staff! Jennifer is amazing!

A.D. (For Norwood Medical Associates)

Pleased that health aide walked me through each step. Dr.Gowda spent enough time and asked pertinent questions as always.

M.B. (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

Doctor and all staff are good. They all helpful to what I need.

H.K. (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

As someone that gets anxious leading up to heading to the doctors today made me realize I shouldn't be. Took me right away and I was totally comfortable and everyone was very nice!

J.F. (For Norwood Medical Associates)

Was seen right on time. Always helpful and friendly staff.

E.E. (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

I'm a lucky guy to have Dr.Gowda as my doctor. I'm fortunate to have my doctors communicate with each other in regards to my health.

R.S. (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

Very satisfying and relaxed.

G.C. (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

The staff was very welcoming and professional. dr.Gowda is very thorough and gives me a sense of confidence.

C.C. (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

Today's appointment went great. I did not have to wait at all to be seen. I feel that Stephanie listened to what I had to say and made suggestions that were appropriate. I also needed to schedule a physical which was also very convenient. I got the day and time I was looking for. Overall, today's visit was a success.

C.L. (For Norwood Medical Associates)

Lot of fun ! :).

R.M. (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

Fast and easy! Dr.Gowda is always on top of what is happening to my body.

F.L. (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

Dr.Gowda and team including office staff are great. You go above and beyond to make sure all of my needs and concerns are addressed. And just as importantly everyone is so welcoming and friendly! Thank you!

S.C. (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

It is always good here. Love Dr.Gowda, she has been our doctor ever since Dr.Karp was here.

M.G. (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

I was greeted in a friendly manner, seen right away on schedule, made to feel very comfortable when I asked questions or answered them. Stephanie explained the treatment and asked me to call back if I wasn't feeling any better. Linda and all staff are great with people. The.

C.G. (For Norwood Medical Associates)

I'm very appreciative of Dr.Gowda for finding my clogged artery. She saved my life. She is a wonderful doctor and so is The NP Stephanie. Everyone that works here is very nice. I just love it here. I really do!

T.T. (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

Very good. Dr.Gowda is a good and so is the staff.

M.R. (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

I always have a great experience here. Dr.Gowda is really good.

G.P. (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

Staff was proficient,courteous and pleasant. Dr.Gowda was thorough in examination and listening to my issues. I would highly recommend my friends and family to use Dr.Gowda.

D.K. (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

All staff- very pleasant, caring, and efficient. Stephanie is very thorough and I feel very comfortable with her. I don't know the medical assistants name but she is also very good and I feel very comfortable.

M.H. (For Norwood Medical Associates)

I was happy always get good help and feel free to ask questions too.

G.B. (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

I have always been impressed by how friendly and helpful the staff is always a good experience. Keep up the good work.

J.G. (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

Very good!

L.G. (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

I have no problems with the practice. Dr Gowda and her staff are pleasant. Have never had any complaints.

C.S. (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

Wonderful coming in. I have been a patient of Dr.Gowda for so many years. She is a wonderful doctor.

E.B. (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

Annual physical quick, easy and thorough!

J.M. (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

Great staff, ease of scheduling is unbelievable, there is hardly any wait time, never more than 5mins, facility is very clean and organized, very professional. My provider is highly recommended and Dr. Gowda and Dr.Gill are also amazing. Linda the secretary is very outgoing and friendly, the staff is 5 star.

P.G. (For Norwood Medical Associates)

Everyone is professional and extremely pleasant. Overall excellent experience.

A.G. (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

Just one word- " Excellent " !!

J.K. (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

Staff is pleasant and professional. respond to calls and questions in a timely manner.

A.W. (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

It went very well. I like her as a doctor. I feel good with her as my doctor.

J.Q. (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

On time for my appointment, staff with a smile took my INR, good results and Dr.Gowda check me out and was happy with my weight reduction and general health.

A.M. (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

Saw Dr.Gowda on time (which is usual) . Staff is very friendly and welcoming. Technician that does blood pressure is very good.

S.W. (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

My experience today was very pleasant. The staff is straight forward, kind, and respectful. I have not had an unpleasant experience here in a very long time. I feel very valued as a patient here and not just a medical record to deal with. Thank you!

A.G. (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

Overall a great experience here!

G.M. (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

Excellent. I have been coming to this practice forever and have no second thoughts.

S.B. (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

Experience was great as usual!

B.G. (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

The staff were really friendly and consistent and very knowledgeable about their professions.

K.D. (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

Excellent! Thank you so much to Dr.Gowda and the complete team! Everyone is extremely professional, kind, and very knowledgeable. It's always a pleasure to come here! Most sincerely,Anoush.

A.O. (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

Excellent- the staff were very friendly and helpful. The doctor is excellent.

B.R. (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

Great experience. Always friendly and easy to get an appointment within 48 hours! Super staff.

S.J. (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

Super service. Good Dr., Kind assistant.

Abraham.S (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

My office visit was very pleasant. The nurse was very nice and courteous and very caring. Girls at front office always pleasant to me and asking how I am. Dr.Gowda always gives me a good check over and is very concerned about my health and makes sure I am doing well. She is such a sweet and caring Doctor And is always so pleasant. I love my doctor and her staff.

M.G. (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

The staff is always very attentive. Can always see a doctor or P.A when needed. Dr.Gowda has been excellent in taking care of all my medical issues. Staff is always pleasant and understanding.

K.C. (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

Dr.Gowda takes the time to listen to the needs and symptoms of the patient. She is open to discussing any problem that you have objectively.

G.M. (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

Useful information, very satisfied.

Horace.H (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

Wonderful, prompt, attentive.

Claire.W (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

Everything was very efficient and staff was great.

Gloria.B (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

As always, Jennifer Kilkenny was thorough and extremely helpful and kind. I feel very fortunate to have Jennifer and off of you as my primary care physicians. I have been a patient here all the way back to my years with Dr. Karp.

Christian.G (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

Both Dr.Gowda and her assistant were very good in explaining procedures and helping me understand the process. Very good all around. Test results were understood, and future tests were needed and I will get those.

N.G. (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

Terrific, as always!

T.L. (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

Dr.Gowda was very thorough today. The staff was very courteous and knowledgeable.

S.R. (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

Excellent services. Great staff and very helpful.

F.B. (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

All staff and Dr.Gowda showed extreme curiousness, professionalism, and interest in the patients well being. We always feel welcome and comfort during our visits.

H.S. (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

I am always happy with the way Dr. Gowda responds to my questions. Love the office staff and their courteous behaviors.

S.B. (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

Very satisfied with the care provided by the doctor and her staff.

F.T. (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

Excellent doctor! She's kind, patient and understanding! Great staff!

P.F. (For Norwood Medical Associates)

Pleasant and informative.

Judith.G (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

Dr. Gowda is an exceptional physician. She cares deeply about her patients well being. Always attentive and on time. The staff in the office are also very helpful and attentive.

M.G. (For Norwood Medical Associates)

I have always had great experience with Dr. Gowda and her staff at Norwood Medical. My wife and I are patients of Dr. Gowda for many years, we both find her genuinely caring for your health, she listens to your medical issues without being rushed, carefully coordinates care with different specialists or tests, and she is available at all times. The office is clean and staff is friendly. My wife and I are very happy with the level of service provided by Dr. Gowda and her staff!

James.R (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

Linda was so helpful to me.

Suzanne.N (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

Review by SMS.

K.G (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

The best provider as for my experience. Gowda did a miracle for me to come out of this issue. Thank you very much.

S.Adabala (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

Thorough explanations of tests and determining what tests were necessary overall- pleased with the treatment.

C.P (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

Staff is very friendly! Dr. Gowda is very thorough and empathetic.

T.B (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

It's a pleasure coming here I get the best care possible 5 star in itself!

Raymond.R (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

I am very happy with my visit.

Deepti Kulkarni (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

Very satisfied.

Robert.G (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

Pleasant conversation. Questions answered by Dr. Gowda all ok.

V.F (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

A very personable and relaxing atmosphere displayed by Dr. Gowda and her assistant Lauren and also the rest of the staff!

Joseph.E (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

The office staff is very efficient. Dr. Gowda is a great listener.

Wilson.S (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

Have been coming to this office for 24 years and love the experience.

Srinivasan.B (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

I come to Dr. Gowda (and staff) from Cape Cod. Previously I lived in Dedham. I find the drive very worth it for the excellent medical care I receive here. Dr Gowda is thorough, and careful about her patients care. She is pleasant and I find her easy to talk to. Her complete staff are professional and at the same time friendly, as is Dr. Gowda. Best wishes for continued success - Kerry.

Kerry.B (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

I really enjoy my doctors and assistants. They take very good care of me. I have been coming here for about 20 years. They are the very best with personality.

Robert Parrish (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

As usual, all staff are courteous and very pleasant. Dr Gowda shows a high level of interest in my health status. She reviewed my lab results with me and was pleased with all the results. She recommended a small increase in my daily water intake. She is carefully monitoring my overall health and so far (81 years 5 months) I am doing extremely well. Sincerely, Jack.

J.Segal (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)

Very pleasant as always. Thankful for being taken care of.

Mary Ann.P (For Dr. Savitha Gowda)