My second spinal fusion was performed by Dr. Rajpal. The immediate recovery (first 6 weeks) was much superior to my first operation. support from the P.A.s and other staff was excellent. All appointments we completed on time with minimal waiting.


Excellent. Jen is great as Dr Rajpal.


Awesome, complete relief of all pains that I had before surgery. Not sure I could ask for more.

James Grieme

Received good guidance and input from Dr. Rajpal that enabled me to make an informed decision. My recovery lasted less time than I expected and I'm now a back to a normal activity level after only six months. The surgery resolved not only my acute issues by some of the issues I've been having for 20 years that I didn't know were associated with my cervical Spine. Thank you!


My Lumbar Spine Laminectomy and Spinal Fusion of L4-L5 with Dr.Rajpal could not have been a greater success. I am now pain-free and am not taking any prescriptions, or OTC medications for pain! I feel great! Vicky on Dr. Rajpal's team was a wealth of information both pre and post-surgery. Both Dr. Rajpal and Vicky could not have been nicer, or more supportive throughout my pre-surgery, surgery and post-surgery processes.


Everything went well. Preparing for the surgery, in the surgery room, after surgery. Although there was pain immediately after and from the surgery, mostly what seemed like neck muscle pain, the most striking thing was I no longer felt pain in my left shoulder, arm, or hand.

Mark Anderson

Everything has gone amazingly smooth. I am free a half a lifetime's worth of pain and I have never felt better!


I appreciate everyone's help and had a good experience. Thank you DR Rajpal and Vickie for helping me.




100% satisfied with the Dr and staff. Great results and excellent communication with Rajpal and staff Glad I had him do my surgery.


Doing much better after the surgery. I'm glad I chose Dr Rajpal as a surgeon for this critical surgery.


Dr Rajpal came highly recommended by numerous doctors, physical therapist, and nurses i talked to leading up to the surgery. I asked everyone I thought might have an opinion about Dr. Rajpal. Also, when at Avista hospital, seeing other doctors, I asked people in the lunchroom about him. Not one had anything but high regard for him, and interesting to me, they all seemed to know who he was.Dr Rajpal's Physician's Assistant Vickie and Nurse Practitioner Jen are informative, communicative and excellent to work with. All have excellent bedside manner. Wonderful team. I like his comment before surgery: I have never messed up one of these surgeries and don't plan on changing that this morning.This was my second back surgery in January. First surgery 20 years ago. My back can be described as a war zone and all of results have be very good. Still healing. Support through first 12 weeks has been excellent both from follow-up visits and communication via patient portal. I was interested to find out before surgery and the day of surgery from the tech, that it is routine that BNA to use a third party to do spinal cord and nerve monitoring. This service checks the connectivity and electrical flow from brain to back to extremities. Likely done with most spine surgeries, but nice to know.I would recommend Dr. Rajpal and his team. Avista hospital team topshelf as well.


I am very pleased with the care and results of my 2 spinal surgeries. I would highly recommend Dr Rajpal for any spinal issues.


I'd had pain for 2-3 yrs every time I walked or ran & many other times as well. The surgery with Drs. Rajpal & Jones went smoothly. Starting right after surgery, I have had NO / ZERO pain since! I am walking regularly & will walk this Bolder Boulder for my 36th.consecutive race. Many blessing and gratitude to both docs; they were fabulous!!



Clyde Roy

Have had the pleasure of having Dr. Rajpal do "repairs" on both my spine and wrist. He has always been upbeat and amazingly competent. Along with his wonderful staff, I have had only positive experiences.

Diane Hoke

I was in severe pain and had limited use of my left leg prior to surgery. Post surgery I am pain free and have complete use of left leg. My experience with Dr Rajpal and the staff has been a wonderful experience. Thank you.


I am 81 and had serious neck surgery. Dr. Rajpal was excellent with explaining all the details how long I would be in pain and he was exactly on. The surgery was very frightening for me but he helped me feel at peace. He really cares and is excellent surgeon. Thank you so much. If you face spine surgery you can't find a more caring and excellent surgeon.


Experience through the whole process was great - from the appointments, the surgery, facility, etc.


I had a 2 level fusion in my neck. It was very successful. I received excellent care.


Excellent care from Dr. Rajpal and Vickie, PA. The experience at Adventist Hospital was amazing. The knowledge and care is professional and empathetic. The staff at Boulder clinic are kind and helpful. The outcome of my lumbar spinal fusion has resolved all issues prior to in my surgery. Resolution of post op pain was within one month. Three months post op with increased strength and mobility.I highly recommend Dr. Rajpal.


Dr.Rajpal and assistants did a wonderful job on my surgery. They are very professional and knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend him without hesitation. Thank you for helping me get through this difficult time.


Excellent care and attention to the patient. The PAs are also great!


great outcome, from complex surgery, three years ago. Results still great.


Fantastic through the entire process. All questions answered. Timely appointments. Felt everyone involved cared about me personally.


Excellent. Spent time with you answering questions without feeling you are rushed. The staff were equally helpful.

Marcia Murphy

Laminectomy with decompression went well. Recovery was great.


I'm very satisfied and very appreciate of kindness of skills of staff. I feel very confident and you made it very comfortable for me.


I was worried about getting surgery but I am so glad I did it, best choice I ever made.


My experience with Dr.Rajpal has been only positive!From first visit ,I felt comfortable with both his manner and explanations of my situation.Iamso glad I went through both cervical,thorasic and lumbar surgeries ,with his expertise.I am pain free and able to start resuming a great quality of life.Thank you Dr.Rajpal!


The experience was better than expected! Staff is great and I am back doing the activities some said I would not do again. Would definitely recommend Dr. Rajpal!


From my very first call and every subsequent contact with Dr. Rajpal and the staff at Boulder Neurological, I want to say how grateful I am. The entire experience has been both helpful and healing. The kind and experienced staff are a great asset and are true to the term.


Dr. Rajpal was wonderful! I could not have asked for a better surgeon. He always took time to listen to me and answer my questions. Now I know why he was so highly recommended. I experienced no pain after the surgery. Before the surgery, I was unable to stand upright because of the pain. Now I am standing upright and walking with no poles. Thank you Dr. Rajpal!

Linda Hackathorn

Had a 3 level spine surgery and since the day of surgery I have had none of my shooting pain down both legs. I am so grateful for the expertise of Dr Rajpal and all of his staff.


Everything has been well organized, courteous, professional, and friendly. Results have been as advertised with elimination of pain in my legs and partial restoration of function in my ankles. I will recommend Dr Rajpal to all my friends.


I am very pleased with the way my surgery went and my recovery. My pain was minimal after the first week., and all of my concerns were dealt with very quickly. Appreciated Dr Rajpal and his staff.


Doctor and pa were prompt,personable, and thorough. And I love the poppy picture in the waiting room.


I received excellent, competent care from the beginning all the way through surgery and post-op checkups. All of the professionals I worked with were caring and knowledgeable always taking the time to thoroughly answer questions and explain procedures. All of the pain and movement issues I experienced prior to surgery are now gone and I am happily able to return to my active lifestyle.


Awesome. Everyone was so friendly.


Follow up from surgery on Dec. 7 2018. I feel great. Shooting pain in right leg is GONE! Very happy about that. Back flips are still a little stiff, but improving. ??


Everyone here is amazing! Always thorough and professional.


No pain for the future.


This was absolutely the best outcome I could ever have imagined. My entire life has improved by 100 percent. I would recommend this to anyone that needs this procedure.


Very good, couldn't have asked for better results.


Grateful to Dr Rajpal for his surgical skills. I have my life back! My spinal fusion was successful,after 6 months I have no pain & have begun hiking & just enjoying a pain free life.He explained everything to me & I felt totally confident in his skills.


The surgery has been very successful and I am doing much better. I was fortunate to have Dr. Rajpal as my surgeon. Everyone along the way has been wonderful. Thank you very much.


We are so grateful to Dr Rajpal for relief from the pain caused by stenosis! From the first meeting to the follow up appointment after surgery, the care has been excellent! I would highly recommend Dr Rajpal and his staff. A special thank you to Jennifer. She's wonderful.

Lois Booth

I saw Dr. Rajpal to help decipher if the pain I was having was from the Spine or Hip. I had a 5 level fusion a number of years ago and he analysed the condition and confirmed that my problem at this time is from the hips. I was pleased to find a neurosurgeon as my Dr. had passed and I had no idea where to go. I am hoping not to need spinal help in the future but I am relieved to find a Dr. I have trust in who now has my records and I have confidence in his ability to help me in the future. I would definitively recommend Dr. Rajpal for concerns about the spine. Ellyn Meister.


Great. Dr. Rajpal is extremely positive and encourages getting back to normal life after an SCI. Still so thankful to have had him conduct my spinal surgery. THANK YOU!!!!


Dr Rajpal answered all of my questions before my neck surgery including if surgery was my best option for my cervical stenosis diagnosis. Post surgery the incision healed very quickly with no infection. I will recommend him to anyone contemplating cervical fusion surgery.Bring a list of questions with you for your office visit. He will address them all.


Dr Rajpal took time prior to the surgery to listen to and answer all my questions, even those I didnít think to ask. His team is professional and personable. Every physical therapist and xray technician I spoke to or worked with had nothing but high praise for the doctor and his team. I canít say enough good about my experience.


I really enjoyed my experience with the staff very thoughtful and friendly they make you comfortable. Dr. Rajpaul I want to thank him for not messing up my tattoo LOL . He did a great job on my surgery thank you so much and the after care was great as well. this is an excellent practice with great staff thank you all.


I had a 2-level decompression/fusion surgery to ease significant back and leg pain, numbness and weakness. The whole team was amazing both pre and post surgery. They answered all my questions and made sure I understood my instructions. And my surgery was 100% successful! Thank you!

M.Van Pelt

Everyone is so professional and nice and respectful.. I have never had to wait for my appt. m..


I came here after several years of leg and back pain. I was operated successfully in August. Have been working with a PT and am continuing to heal. It has been a good experience for me and am grateful for your outstanding care.

Irma Leake

I'm 1 year post op DLIF. The first 3 mos were extremely difficult due to severe pain but after that I started to improve steadily. Dr Rajpal was incredible in terms of doing a great job with my surgeries but also very kind and willing to spend time answering all my questions. I would highly recommend him to anyone. The entire staff in the office have been very professional in every way. Vicki and Erica are very knowledgeable anytime I have seen them at my appointments and able to handle my needs and answer questions. Thank you to everyone in this practice for a very positive experience.


My surgery went better than expected. I did not have any pain from the surgery and did not end up using any of the pain medication. I was sore after the surgery for about a week. Six months later the incision site is not even visible.


We are very happy with the service, surgery results are excellent . Thank you so much!


Excellent. The surgery took longer than expected. I was able to stand straight almost immediately. I would have liked one additional day in the hospital so that I felt a little stronger before I went to rehab. I have felt so much better, but recovery is taking longer than I expected.

Jane Rosendahl

Very pleased with my recovery and so happy to have relief from my back pain!Excellent experience with Dr. Rajpal and Vicky Beloy, P.A. They are both exceptional. I'm very grateful for their care. This is a top notch team of providers. Their office is well run and front desk and assistants are always friendly and helpful. Glad I found Dr. Rajpal!


Had been struggling with lower back issues for decades. I tried many modalities which worked for awhile until they didn't. Back fusion is a big deal and though not easy today I am pain free and have resumed an active lifestyle.


Since surgery have not had one bit of pain in my feet, leg, butt, back etc---none. The only discomfort I've had was in my stomach. Probably from the tight back brace- but that's been sporadic and now gone. Quality of care, and entire staff, were excellent. Feeling great!


I met Dr. Rajpal to discuss a 2-level fusion. I was given several other surgeons to meet with, but I felt so good with Rajpal, I went with him. I got a new MRI and ended up needing a 3-level fusion, between C-4,5,6, and 7. The surgery went great! I was amazed how I could get along after such a serious surgery. Rajpal came and visited me the day after surgery in the hospital and I already felt relief from the pain I had been experiencing. It's now been 6 weeks post surgery and I get to take my neck brace off... so excited to be getting back to normal but without the pain I had been experiencing over the past 6 years. Rajpal and his PA's Vickie and Emily are life-changers, and his staff is wonderful to work with. I highly recommend him with all my heart.


I had fusion of L4,L5 and S1. Dr Rajpal and his team were very professional and this has been a very good experience. I had very little pain after surgery and now have full function of my back. I have recommend Dr Rajpal to several of my friends. Thank you for the good care you gave me.

Connie Diehl

Pinched nerve relieved and L4/L5 fused. Leg pain relief was immediate, and muscles ached for a few months while nerves got back to doing their work properly. I am extremely pleased with the results. I had been using a cane more and more over the past 5 years and it is now put away.


I had a spinal fusion of L4 and L5 and a laminectomy. Before surgery I had been in pain for a few years. It hurt to stand up or walk. I quit most physical activity due to the pain. I was losing strength and feeling in my left leg. Now I'm feeling great and walking half a mile a day. I'm very happy and grateful.


T8-T9 discectomy and fusion. Everyone was super helpful and professional.


Pre operatively, I was in constant pain in my legs and low back, and was very limited in normal daily activities, and duties around the house and yard. I had a 3-level lumbar spinal fusion on July 12, 2018 by Dr. Rajpal. I anticipated much more pain and post op incapacity than I actually experienced. I was very pleasantly surprised. I did go to rehab for a week post hospitalization and began very mild exercise and therapy which was one of the keys to my success, in my opinion. I have been very faithful doing ALL my therapy - particularly leg and core strengthening , along with using the bone growth stimulator as prescribed daily. I no longer have any leg pain, no difficulty sitting for as long as needed, and other than a little stiffness in my low back - which I expected, I feel so much better. I am able to do more of my usual activities at the 3 month mark.I feel that Dr. Rajpal and his staff have been excellent to work with, always answering questions, and keeping me on track in my recovery. He and Vicki were very encouraging to me from the first visit and continue to be so. I would certainly recommend them to anyone considering a similar procedure.


I was in so much pain at my age I was so scared o f surgery. Dr Rajpal surgery has given me a new chance of life without pain at the age of 80. It has been six months and lots of therapy, my neck has healed beautiful and the bone is filling in. Thank you, you care so much and have given my sparkle back.


Best experience I've ever had they gave me my life back no more pain no more depression thank you so much.


My experience has been unbelievable! Everything from meeting with Dr. Sharad about diagnosis in the beginning to now. I am 6 weeks post surgery and he told me that today I can give up the collar! The office people and the whole experience went so smoothly and with a great outcome! I am very very happy today and I am thankful for such a great surgeon!


After having spine surgery with Dr. Rajpal, I would never let another surgeon touch me! My results are miraculous!


My experience with Boulder Neurosurgery has been great. I have always felt that I was in competent hands throughout the office visits, the surgery, and recovery. There were no surprises, and that gave me peace of mind and helped keep me stay calm and relaxed. Erika was always very patient in answering my questions and explained her answers completely. I hove never to have neurosurgery again, but if I need to I would not hesitate to ask for Rr. Rajpal and Erika again.


Had spine fusion at L3-L4,T-lift, and decompression for spinal stenosis. Dr Rajpal, Vicki, Erika, and staff have been great to work with. Before surgery was in pain to the point I couldn't even walk to the restroom. I spent all of my time on the couch because the pain was so intense. I am now eight weeks out from surgery and I'm in no pain. I am able to walk again and I am starting to be able to do normal everyday activities (such as walking) with no pain. I am incorporating other daily activities, that are normally taken for granted back into my daily activities. Very excited now for my future. I give Dr Rajpal and staff a 5 star rating and would recommend them to anyone needing this type of care. Thank you all for giving me my life back. So very grateful. Bill White.


My total experience was excellent with results beyond my expectations.


Amazing!!! I can walk again. Had back pain for almost 40 years. My problems have been resolved. Had wonderful care and amazing results..


It was awesome. Microdiskectomy and it went perfectly. I can walk and sit normally again. It was quick, I was out the same day. In a few days the tenderness from the incision went down and by 2 weeks I was at 90%.


Excellent service and attitude. Outcome of treatment has matched prior estimates, and exceeded them in some areas.


I had a cervical neck lamenctomy and fusion on May 11 2018 by Rajpal and his team...I am doing beautifully and so grateful for a successful out come I would Recommend Dr Rajpal to all who needed his care.

Virjean Butler

I had a fantastic experience from the day I met Dr Rajpal! That day he encouraged me to seek alternative treatments before jumping into surgery. I had a toddler at the time and surgery would have been extremely difficult to go through and still be a mom. I was able to buy 3 years with his suggested treatments and allow my son to become older and more independent. Eventually there was no more waiting, I was ready for my Spinal Fusion. Dr Rajpal's team is very professional, they all worked hard to help me understand every step of the process before and after surgery. The day of surgery went smooth and the aftercare has been wonderful, I couldn't ask for anything better!I would refer Boulder Neurosurgical and Spine to all my friends and family!!


Dr Rajpal identified a disc fragment that others had missed and successfully extracted it. I'm very grateful.




Dr. Rajpal came highly recommended and I understand why. I suffered with stenosis and sciatica to the point where I could barely stand or walk for more than 5-10 minutes. Immediately after surgery, when I first stood up and walked, the pain was gone. Three months post-surgery, I'm feeling better all the time.


The level of care and concern as been exceptional! Dr. Rajpal and Ericka have been very thorough in pre and post operation care and getting over all the humps and bumps of this surgery. I would highly recommend them to all who are looking for an totally exceptional care.


I checked the internet before having carpal tunnel surgery and found horrible stories about this surgery. After talking to Dr. Rajpal I decided to have surgery. Everything went very well and I am very pleased with the results.


Care. Was very good and answered questions when asked. Have very knowledgeable staff. Have had no problems since operation. I would recommend boulder neurosurgical to any persomn needing spine help.


L3/4 Fusion surgery recovery is 80 percent with minimal pain after almost 3months, thanks so much.

Michelle Wynkoop

My experience was very positive. Team Rajpal was wonderful and did great work both pre and post op. I was well informed about the entire process. my wife was so pleased and appreciative of the hourly updates during the 7hour surgery. Thank you so much!

Richard Schenderlein

It was great I would highly recommend Sharad Rajpal and all the staff at Boulder neurosurgical ????


I was unable to walk more than 3 blocks before surgery. Immediately after, I was able to walk mile(s). Leg numbness was gone and pain in buttocks was gone. Surgery was very successful in addressing my issues.


Overall I'm pleased with the outcome and level or care I have received from my surgeon and staff. I would gladly recommend this facility to anyone in need of help with their health issues.


Dr. Rajpal is awesome! I'm 67 years old with chronic arthritis/nerve damage, and very nervous about having back surgery, thought I would probably end up in a wheelchair. But, Dr. Raj and a little snip here and there and I feel like I'm 30 years younger and walking without pain for the first time in years!


Admitted to bch with subdural hematoma. Examined by dr Rajpal, who has monitored subsequent Ct scans. Excellent explanations of the scans and guidance about ongoing care and follow up. No surgery needed - best outcome possible.


Had a great experience. No complaints at all. I feel that everyone listened well and felt like communication was good.


Amazing successful chordoma surgery.


Neck surgery c5 and c6.


Post op pain was more then expected but after initial incision pain gone no back pain. Follow up questions always answered promptly. If I need more back surgery I know where to come back too. I've also recommended this office staff and Dr. Rajpal to others. Staff did a wonderful job in describing what would happen preop, during and after surgery and follow up during the full first year. The year went just as described.


I am so grateful to the medical professionals in your office! Comparing my situation now to where I was at when I fist came to your office is like day and night. I was unable to walk without extreme pain. And in most cases the only way I could move with limited pain was to literally crawl on the floor. I had not been able to walk without pain for over 2 weeks. By the time I came to see your Doctors I thought I'd never walk upright again! Your doctors immediately recognized the pain I was in. I was taken into surgery for a L4/5 herniated disk that evening!The severe pain was eliminated almost immediately after surgery. It has been almost three months post-surgery and I am up and walking without pain or assistance. My situation contains to improve greatly each week, and once the nerves have healed, I hope to be back to a normal walking stride. Once It was discovered that I required surgery, the nurse, doctors, etc. were all very helpful when answering my questions and encouraging me when I had concerns and fears. I am so thankful that I visited your office when I did!I cannot express my thankfulness to your office for guiding me thru the diagnosis, unexpected surgery, and recovery. I was so blessed and fortunate to visit your office when I did.


Left arm was painful. Arm is back to normal and neck is normal.

Chester Burgett

Excellent communications and follow up. The surgery was very successful. The healing process has been successful under their direction.


Excellent Care!


Great people,great relief.


Was in pain for two years. Prior to 2018 my insurance was with Kaiser. I was getting very little help from them. Took more than a year to even get a MRI with my issue. Once I got my MRI the neurosurgeon at kaiser told me surgery was not an option and that pain management was my answer to my problem. They did give me two shots in the back. First one gave relief for 3months the second did nothing for me. Felt alone as it got to where I couldn't even walk around the block without major pain. My feet were completely numb and I was ready to give up on everything. I was able change my insurance in 2018 where I set up an appointment with Dr Rajpal. He assured me that there was a fix for my issue. I had my surgery in April and only 6weeks after surgery I felt better than I had in two years. I'm so excited to make a full recovery as I know that will happen. Thank you Dr Rajpal for what you have done for me!


Great very helpf.


This was my fourth back surgery, first fusion which covered S1, L5, and L4. Dr. Rajpal and his entire staff were very knowledgeable and informative and did a wonderful job. The first surgeon I saw told me I needed a five level fusion, my initial reaction was that I wasn't going to do that and he sent me on my way with the contact information of a pain management specialist. Those steroid injections did nothing to help. Thanks to Dr Rajpal and his staff I am basically pain free and playing with my four year old and enjoying life again.


I should of had this done years ago. Dr, Rajpal and his team of doctors are great, after over40 years I am finally pain free, thank you so much, may god bless each and everyone of you.


Excellent! Really outstanding-everyone included.

Dean Mintling

Had a fantastic back surgery w dr Rajpal. Shorter surgery and recovery than expected. Very thorough description and follow up.


Dr Rajpal is a very skilled surgeon. I was so pleased with both the pre and post surgical treatment of both the staff and the doctor.My many questions were always answered and the outcome of the surgery to remove a growth within my skull was so much better than expected. I would strongly recommend Dr. Rajpal to anyone needing neurosurgery.

Nina Marcus

Very positive in all ways. Friendly, expert care. I'd highly recommend Boulder Neurosurgical Associates and Dr. Rajpal.


I had surgery to address a disc herniation that was causing ongoing pain. Surgery went well and Dr. Rajpal's staff was very helpful throughout the process.


I had 13 years of pain including not being able to sleep at night. From the day of surgery I had no more pain.. i am very pleased with the result.

Richard ODay

My experience with Dr Rajpal and his staff was excellent. He is a great surgeon and a really nice guy!!


Everything is going very well with my back and I could not be happier.thank you very much.


My entire experience was excellent. I was treated with compassion as well as expertise care before, during and after surgery. Office staff was always professional and courteous and phone calls were returned promptly. Special thanks to Dr Rajpal and Erica.

Cynthia Kinyon

I cannot overstate how impressed I am with everyone at Boulder Neurosurgical and Spine Associates. Dr. Rajpal, Erika Freiberg (Dr. Rajpal's PA), the front desk staff, the surgical team - all contributed to an experience that far exceeded my expectations.I was in severe pain for close to three months, on multiple medications, unable at times even to stand up. But after three hours in Dr. Rajpal's and the surgical team's skilled, accomplished hands - and a few hours of rest - my wife and I took the dog for a walk. I had only minor residual surgical pain and now, six weeks later, in absolutely no pain, I am still in disbelief at the transformation.I honestly cannot think of a single thing, from my first office visit, through surgery and my post-op visits, that could have been done to have made even one step of the process any easier or better. Thank you to everyone!


These people saved my life! The way I was headed was an existence in a wheelchair with constant pain. At 67 I wasn't ready to give up, I had to take a chance. Their confidence, exceptional skill and knowledge encourage me to go for it!! I really had no choice. One year later, unbelievable! No pain! I am moving like I was 30. I feel so good! I am upright moving freely without any apparatus to help!Now I can truly enjoy my twilight years! As we get older there is a choice, don't believe you have to live with pain. I don't!!Thank you all so very much!!


Excellent care every step of the way in treatment, well- informed and feeling terrific!Thanks so much for everything!!


I was very pleased with Dr. Rajpal and his staff was wonderful.

Loraine Linn

I am back where I was before my back issue began.


It's been nothing but great I feel better then I could have ever asked. I feel like my old self and that wonderful, I am only eight weeks out and feeling right. Thank you to everyone that's helped me here at boulder neurosurgica.


I was treated for a broken C1 and along with the repair of C1, Dr Rajpal reconstructed my C-Spine making corrections to a badly mis-aligned arthritic neck. I now have my neck "Screwed on Straight" for the first time in decades! I could not be more pleased with the results- Kudos to Dr. Rajpal and his team.


Everyone was amazing. I felt cared for and definitely not just another number. Both before and after surgery, these folks were warm, efficient, and caring.


I came to see Dr. Rajpal with chronic pain in my lumbar spine. After opting for surgery I'm so glad I did! Now 3 months post-op I feel amazing!BNA staff was there for me whenever I had concerns or questions. I never felt like I was "bothering" them even when I a million questions!


My spinal fusion was very successful. Placement of hardware was excellent. My sciatic pain is entirely gone.


Had surgery on 12/27/17 on brain cancer removal. I loved the communication to myself and family before and after surgery! Also with two follow up visits on the healing of my incision. Communication has been clear and professional any questions answered when asked. Thank you!


Phenomenal - 16 weeks or rehab didn't work well. As soon as I woke from surgery I could feel my left foot for the first time in months. Have already recommended Dr. Rajpal to anyone and everyone I detail the experience to.


Dr Rajpal is an excellent neurosurgeon . The staff has been more than helpful. They took the time I needed and answered all my questions. I woukd recomend Dr Rajpal and staff with no hesitation. Thank you so much and i am happy to be walking. 😊 I.


Very good experience, starting with all the office personnel , meetings with the doctor and nurses at Boulder Community. Then the surgery Dr. Rajpal performed with excellent results and followup appointments with Vicki and Erica have been very pleasant and informative. We are totally happy with all the results and will refer to anyone. Thank you very much.


A wonderful and talented surgeon. Awesome and helpful staff. Extremely pleased with our results.


The healing and surgery all went very well. No troubling concerns and feeling better everyday. PAs are all professional and knowledgeable. Every visit in all of your offices are all wonderful experiences. Staff is always courteous, polite and professional. Cellia(sp) is a great asset to your staff.


I have never been to such a caring, understanding doctor before!! I was hurting very badly and he told me he could help me which no one had told me that before and I was thrilled that he said he could help me and his staff is excellent as well!!


L5-S1 fusion -- slow but steady improvement, just as advertised. Care was great, and questions answered with thoughtfulness and adequate time. Really appreciated the level of expertise and attention.

Ken Curtis

L-4-5 fusion. Great experience and results.


Excellent care! I appreciate the attentiveness of every staff member. Thank you!


So grateful for your care, honored to be your patient.


I had a microdiscectomy. The next day I walked 2.5 miles with no leg or nerve pain! The recovery process has been better than I could have expected!


Dr. Rajpal is a miracle worker. There is no other way to say it. I am at 6.months and everything has gone so well. I have had many back surgeries and had all kinds of complications. With Dr. Rajpal it all worked out perfectly. I left the hospital in 5 days which I felt was a major accomplishment. It is hard to put into words how wonderful it is to not have that excruciating pain I had whenI met him. Thank you.


I am so pleased with the results of the C-Spine Surgery that Dr. Rajpal performed. The severe concentrated pain is gone and since the surgery on September 19th, I have only had a few days of moderate to severe pain (likely from weather/barometric pressure changes and computer work). Thank you for giving me the freedom of returning to a more normal lifestyle!


Dr. Rajpal and his team were amazing! It is a very scary process to consider a back fusion. It's a big deal and the decision should not be taken lightly. His expertise shows in the success of his work. It's been 1 year and I am extremely happy I did the surgery. With lifestyle modifications and core body work, I am active again.


Went in for post op check up after having Lubar fusion. Everything that done was explained to me in detail. I'm pleased with Doctor Rajpal and his staff and would recommend him to anyone.


Three months after surgery I am pain free and feeling much better. Everybody we have worked with has been very helpful and informative.


Completely positive! Surgery went very smoothly, everything was explained thoroughly before and after the procedure, staff was helpful at the office and surgery center, and appointments were easy to make and I was seen on time every time.


Excellent surgeon and team. My results are fantastic and I'm delighted with my mobility. Thanks so much for all of your good work!

Connie Groves

Dr. Rajpal changed my life! Actually, he gave me BACK my life. To paraphrase Caesar, he saw me, he diagnosed me, and he fixed me! The surgery was successful and I'm pain-free now.


No pain in neck from time I came out of surgery. Took no pain meds! Totally happy with this surgery. No neck pain to date.great job.


My experience was great from pre-op to post-op! The staff at the front desk were very helpful, friendly and professional. Dr. Rajpal and and his medical staff have great "bedside manners" and treated me very well, I have a great deal of respect for them and I thank them whole heartedly! Mike Rangel.


S I joint fusion could not have gone better! Pain is now at most a discomfort!


I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Rajpal! The initial appointment was very well. He's very personable and honest. He's knows what he's doing. I had 3 docs I interviewed for my procedure and I am very pleased I chose Dr. Rajpal!! Call, email, whatever, talk to him about your pain!! 5 STARS! Thank you sir!

Lisa Hamlin

Best surgery I have experienced. Professional from start Dr Rajpal is wonderful. Highly recommend him and his staff. Thanks. Feel great.


The medical assistant and Dr Rajpal are very thorough. They always have a game plan for the next three months and always tell me how I'm doing.


Dr Rajpal is gifted in his surgeries was very lucky to be a patient of his.


Had a herniated disc. Service was professional and very quick, the doctor was knowledgeable and did a great job of explaining the procedure.


Had spinal fusion in march of this year. Surgery was a complete success with no issues. Very happy wit the results.


Good overall experience. Surgery, hospital and all office visits were smooth. All personnel have been exceptional the entire time.

Alex Duran

Dr. Rajpal has repaired my spine twice. (Two different surgeries). I am more pain free than I have been in the last thirty-five years. Dr. Rajpal has proven himself worthy of my trust. Give him the opportunity to help you too. My Best Regards, Greg Adam.


Excellent outcome to lumbar pain surgery!w.


I had severe sciatic pain in my right leg. Had an X-ray and an MRI. Then I had a microdiscectomy that went smoothly and was taken in within 2 weeks. Follow up appointments went smoothly as well and have had great post op care with clear instruction. Thank you!


I don't think I could have chosen a better surgeon than Dr. Rajpal. Everyone from his office staff on up to his PA's Vicky and Erica are the very best. I have to give everyone a ten, with ten being the very best there can be!My experience from the start up until today could not have been any better. I love each and every one of you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you have done for me. .....Edward Greenup.


Had a microdiscetomy. After 2 rears of pain my back no longer feels like a knife is sticking in it. I feel much better and want to thank entire staff. It is life changing.


I was very pleased with the care I received. I appreciated the respect that was shown by all staff members.

Margaret Johnson

My experience was amazing. I am so glad I came here and had this surgery because i feel better than I have in over a year. The staff is wonderful to deal with, very pleasant, understanding, and knowledgeable. Thank you all for this experience, I will refer your clinic to anyone who asks!


Great experience, helped me with any questions or problems.


I am so glad to have had the surgery, and so happy it went well. My hospital stay was pleasant and so grateful to have had Dr. Rajpal do my surgery. I have been told from several people, he is the best! I will highly recommend him to anyone I know that may have back problems. Thank you so much Dr. Rajpal and your wonderful staff.


Four back surgeries over two year period and all have gone very well.


Dr. Rajpal performed a right S.I. Joint fusion on me on May 11, 2017. My experience has been entirely positive, the staff has been wonderful to deal with and I enjoy my interactions in the clinic. My post op period has been good and and I truly feel like this surgery helped my issues immensely. I know I still have improvements and healing but I feel better than before the surgery. Thank you for the great work Dr. Rajpal I am very very pleased with the results!


Dr. Rajpal is a fantastic neurosurgeon. I would highly recommend him (and I do) to anyone needing surgery.


Had emergency back fusion. Couldn't walk when entered office. Had surgery two days later and back on my feet.


Dr Rajpal performed an emergency procedure on a Saturday to treat an acute issue. He and his staff were great and the surgery provided immediate relief.


I had a fantastic experience with my treatment and surgery. The staff is friendly and competent. The physicians assistants are knowledgeable and give you great care. Dr Rajpal is the best surgeon ever. He is patient and teaches you about your condition and surgery.


Dr Rajpal was great! Took time to listen and explain in detail!! All other staff was great to work with as well!


For 17 years I lived in debilitating pain from a neck injury. I saw many doctor's in three different states and no one offered a solution for my pain. I was told again and again my only option was to learn to cope with the pain. In August 2016 I saw Dr. Shadad Rajpal who was not intimidated by my case and he offered a solution. In November I had ACDF surgery on my neck. I woke up from surgery in less pain than I had been living with for so long. Dr. Rajpal's skill and expertise in surgery has given me my life back and I am so grateful! I faithfully do physical therapy and walk daily. After 17 years I am completely off pain medication and I am able to do the things I enjoy again. Not very many doctor's are trained as both an Orthopedic Surgeon as well as a Neurosurgeon, but Dr. Rajpal has another quality that makes him stand out over other Surgeons': he knows how to listen and communicate with his patients. Rare to find all three in one doctor. I am so very grateful!


Great experience with all of the medical team.


I feel good with very little pain.


Great team from beginning through surgery to follow up.


Dr Rajpal is a fantastic and talented surgeon. He is patient and caring. He teaches and explains all aspects of your medical condition. He takes the time for you to have all your questions answered. His staff is friendly and competent. His physician assistants are friendly and knowledgeable. They take the time to answer all questions you may have and take great care of you. I am extremely impressed and would recommend them highly.


I have had 4 back surgeries. 2 lamenectomies, L4-5 fusion and this last surgery was a L3-4, 4-5 and L5-S1 fusion with Dr. Rajpal. I am extremely happy with my results! I have not felt this good in over 10 years (and I am only 39). I was a former gymnast and had a stress fracture of one vertebrae when I was 9 years old. Then I had a bad car accident in 2004 that started the issues with my discs. I had had years of therapy, shots and surgeries since then. I am so grateful and blessed to have found Dr. Rajpal and finally got the surgery to fix everything that needed to be fixed. I just had my one year anniversary... I am feeling great! Thank you so much Dr. Rajpal!


I am very happy with the results of the surgery Dr Rajpal performed on my back. It's been over a year now and I'm doing very well. I feel that he is an excellent surgeon. I'm also very pleased with his staff.


Amazing! This whole experience has been very professional. I feel better than I have in 16 years. This was the easiest fusion I've gone through. Thanks for giving me my life back!


Very pleased with overall results, from pre to post surgery. Erika was always easy to talk with and her knowledge and understanding of my questions were very helpful. Dr. Rajpal did an excellent job identifying theproblems of a old complex back. Many thanks to all.


My surgery went very well. I left the hospital in two days and never had any pain. Never took any pain medication. Great job.


Everything went well! Good recovery! Minimal pain!


Dr. Rajpal and his PA staff are professional, supremely knowledgeable and highly motivated to getting patients back to a higher quality of life. I have been impressed - from day one - with Dr. Rajpal and his surgical team on their patience, time, thoroughness and ability to answer any and all questions. Additionally, they offered comfort to my family during the entire process of my recovery. I highly recommend Dr. Rajpal, Vikki and Erica - keep up the great work and never loose sight of the incredible advocacy you offer your patients.


Terrific!!! Wonderful doctor, his entire team is absolutely great, friendly and helpful, could not be in better hands.


I had a great experience with Dr Rajpal! I am 7 weeks post-op c4/5,5/6 fusion and am able to get back in the water and swim. I have no tingling or weakness any more.


Friendly and skilled staff.


The staff is very professional. Dr Rajpal has been very thorough as well as Vicky and Erica.


It went very well I was pleased with discussing options. Dr Rajpal was fantastic.


No nonsense. I came in a year ago. The problem and solution were explained to me. All my questions were answered thoroughly. I had neck surgery a year ago today and it was the best decision I could have made. The before during and after care were great.


Real good experience with doctors and staff. Back feels real was real good as well.